Nov 1st 2019 Daily check in

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Nov 1st 2019 Daily check in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Good Morning friends!

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Re: Nov 1st 2019 Daily check in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

Just past 6am here, and 12*F with realfeel of 12F (-11.1111), so still cold just not as bad as rest of this week.

Going to do errands this morning with a friend.

Will write more later when brain is less fuzzy.

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Re: Nov 1st 2019 Daily check in

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

Boy did it get cold here in SW Ohio. It was blustery too! Hello late Fall, early Winter! I could smell my furnace burning off dust as it kicked on last night. Today I am going to go ahead and make arrangements to take a trip to DC next week when I am off. So many museums and nobody to negotiate which museums to go to. No Air and Space museum. I have been there several times, and while cool, we have the Museum of the Air Force here in town that has way more planes and space craft.

Have a great day,

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Re: Nov 1st 2019 Daily check in

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Another night of not sleeping at all well. I think I might be entering a phase of insomnia that is slightly different from my usual bouts. Oh well, I will soon be back to normal (or at least I hope so).

Only 4 little ghosts or goblins knocked on our door last night. Things are getting so that I may as well turn off the light and not bother handing out candy.

Cloudy with more snow on the way which will be okay. It is our last day of delivering Meals on Wheels for probably a year. However I am going to talk to the lady who schedules the drivers/delivery and tell her that spring or summer would be best for us from now on. I am so afraid of falling once winter hits, that things seem to take much longer than they should.

No more moving things until the furniture arrives, so today will be a catch up on household chore days, as well as entering budget numbers and filing paper work kind of day. Not that I really have that much to catch up on, still bits and pieces have been shoved aside in order to have a less chaotic home.

Frugally speaking starting the month off with a no spend day, cooking all meals from scratch (as is pretty much usual), using up bits and bobs of yarn on the temperature blanket, hunting a pattern down to make new oven mitts (desperately needed) and just plain getting the house in order for a new week.

I will be doing my walking on the treadmill this morning as the bit of melting that happened with the sun yesterday afternoon is now sheer ice from the dip in temperature overnight. I have a feeling that walks outside will be regulated to afternoon strolls to get the mail.

Supper this evening is going to be breakfast for supper. I plan on making pancakes and using up the last of the maple syrup in the fridge.

I just can not believe how fast the year is moving by. Only two months left of the year. Soon a new decade will begin bringing new challenges as well as new hope for the future.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my community delivering meals to shut-ins.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Nov 1st 2019 Daily check in

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...

The sun is out after a very wintery night. Last night's snow let up enough so that the trick-or-treaters showed up. We had 20, which was about average.

Got my exercise in ... we were moving stuff around upstairs in preparation for the window glass install, so when the doorbell rang, I had to run downstairs to pass out candy.

(I suppose having work done means the house gets cleaner ... we vaccumed several areas that we normally can't get to. Of course, once the glass is installed, I will need to wash windows and curtains ... and caulk around windows. Probably a good time to put plastic over one set of windows, too.)

Speaking of glass, waiting for the installers to show up. Got a call that everything was being pushed back an hour due to the cold.

As for the rest of the day, will hit the supermarket to get some of the sale items. Dinner ... it may or may not be leftovers ... depends on what time DH gets home.

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Re: Nov 1st 2019 Daily check in

Post by itspennyc »

I slept 6 hours straight then I was unable to fall asleep again.

I baked blueberry oatmeal muffins this morning. Very good, when I went into the dining area to eat my breakfast I opened the oven door to take advantage of the still hot oven. When I went back the oven was cool. I never do this when I will be in the kitchen.

I transferred my leftovers to the dishes I will heat them in. I then pitched all the containers with the garbage and trash. I put out a very full trash bag.

Last night I spent over an hour winding the last of a large skein of yarn. It was starting to tangle. I have about 3 inches of straight knitting except for buttonholes. Then I have 3 inches of ribbing before I finish my sweater. I bought the ribbon yesterday for the button bands. I will sew buttonholes onto one strip of ribbon and Just sew the other one onto the button band of my sweater. The buttons are sewn onto the ribbon.

I have a lot of yarn to put away.


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