Venturing out on my own

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Re: Venturing out on my own

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for those who may or may not be tips are to take a book to a restaurant for something to read. either sit at the bar (always others to converse with) if they serve food there, or get a seat near the front window-they are usually smaller and you have things to interest you. I also try and eat a bit earlier than I might normall to avoid the late night crowd. I have not been treated badly and its not like they put me in the back corner or anything.

In additon to dinnering out when traveling there are a couple nice local places I go to lumch by myself and many a breakfast restaurant. I also go to movies alone during the day ALL the time.

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Re: Venturing out on my own

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mbrudnic wrote:
Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:06 am
Ok gang, I did it.

I booked a vacation apartment in Arlington VA, close to a Metro stop for 3 nights next week. Not sure why I am so nervous. If I were going on Business, it would be no big deal. Now I am getting excited.

Then, while I had my credit card out, I decided I was going to take myself to the Philharmonic. Tonight they are doing songs of Roger's and Hammerstein. In college I went by myself to a Concert at an outdoor venue. (Chicago & Beach Boys). I am playing hermit too much. If I cannot find anyone to go with me, I'll go on my own.

Maggie, so dang PROUD of you - hope you have (or had) the time of your life!!

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