Daily Check In November 4, 2019

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Daily Check In November 4, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Starting us off, back when I get some coffee.

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Re: Daily Check In November 4, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I had a pretty good nights sleep so am ready to face the challenges that the day will bring. Since it rained last night any walking I do outside will take place this afternoon. That means treadmill time this morning.

My friend will be driving her dad to the capital of the province today as he has a medical appointment. I hope the highways are salted and safe, cause driving them on ice is not a great experience.

I hope to finish off the scanning of the photos today and perhaps even get those that have never been on the family facebook page up. Just have to wait and see how the day progresses.

Last night I finished the front of Hubby's sweater (sleeveless vest) so today I will sew the shoulder seam and hopefully get the V-neck stitches picked up and that ribbing completed. Perhaps if I am really lucky I will get the armholes done as well. That would mean one gift done for him for Christmas, and I would feel less worry about having something under the tree for him (I could also get the dress done with less guilt). Just pj bottoms and that BBQ apron to get done now.

Frugally speaking the usual Monday chores will be done in the usual frugal manner. Laundry washed in cold and rinsed in cold where possible, hanging what I can on the lines downstairs.

Meals will be made from scratch using what is on hand, and trying to use up all those leftovers (though I have been good about getting those out of the fridge post haste).

Still using up those gigantic bottles of cleaners, but some are getting down and I am looking forward to trying something homemade for cleaning.

I have already mentioned my walking for exercise (I kind of took Tuesday and yesterday off from walking the 11k steps).

I plan on searching out some coupons online at some point for groceries. They are getting few and far between up here.

Supper today will be some of the leftover pork roast. I am thinking Pork Supreme. Served with a salad.

Today I am grateful that I found this box of photos. The older ones are very interesting.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In November 4, 2019

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

Enjoying a leisurely morning as I am using up PTO this week. I'll head to DC tomorrow morning. I wanted to Vote first, but then I looked at the ballot. A township race, school board race and a school levy. I could have skipped. But hey.

Had lunch yesterday with DS1 and DGS5. DGS2 has a stomach bug Saturday night.

Saturday night I went to the memorial Mass where my Aunt B was honored. Aunt M, a cousin and Uncle R and Aunt D were there also. (For such a big family, we were the only ones who showed up). We went to dinner and uncle R picked up the tab. I wished I had had cash on me to contribute to the tip. Then while sitting in the restaurant, Ant D says "Theres a K. (last name of my Dad sister). Sure enough, my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin I went to Italy with came in. So I chatted with them a bit. Cousin N said she has PTO to burn before the end of the year. I told her I was already scheduled for Dec 9 So she was going to see if she could take that week. Not sure what we might do.

Off the see what sort of trouble I can cause.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In November 4, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Maggie and all,

Today is the first step in the kitchen remodeling project. Today they turn off the water to the kitchen. One of the requirements is to have a working bathroom for workers to use. We have a second bathroom. It is next to the kitchen and we don't use it. An excellent choice. This morning, hubs said you should clean it. I said no. I have as little as an hour to get everything from breakfast washed and the sink cleaned. I intend to re-use the sink outside as a gardening sink. So he decided to clean the toilet..... loudly. He also decided to sweep the bathroom floor and then deposited the "dust and dirt" in the recycle bin rather than the garbage. Loudly. Hey he was just going to throw it outside in the yard. He found a tiny piece of paper behind the toilet. Yeah, outside where I would have to pick it up later. I told him that we would be without water for a little while because they needed to unhook the plumbing. No there are turnoffs under the sink. Now it is generally accepted that turn offs work sort of. The water to the house needs to be turned off completely to ensure no water accidents. It is interesting that when I ask him to help me out with any cleaning, he just sits there. Interesting.

Tomorrow, the old cabinets, appliances and counter tops are removed. Exciting times.

Meanwhile, I have to contact a charity for an annual renewal of my assistance with the eye injections. They are very expensive and not covered. I will do it by phone. I also need to contact my insurance. I objected to a bill I got from the GP for services I did not ask for and declined. I got a letter from the insurance that doesn't make any sense, so I will see what I can do. Meanwhile, I need a doctor that doesn't pad the bills. So I will call one recommended and try to get in before I travel. I have several on my list.

Today, I am grateful for the excellent weather. The windows are open and the temperatures nice. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check In November 4, 2019

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all . . . bright and sunny here.

Fairly busy day; will be attending the new Brain Health program the hospital started last month, then rushing home for lunch and then off to my coloring session. Played around with a new technique, creating the gold color as the "gold" pencil doesn't do the trick. It came out really great. Now I'm trying to work on Santa's beard but not sure I have enough gray shades so I will practice on another sheet.

Dinner tonight will be scambled eggs with peppers and onions along with a couple slices of turkey bacon. I created a shopping list for tomorrow as one of the stores I shop at has a pretty decent sale this week so I take advantage of them when I see them.

Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check In November 4, 2019

Post by ownedbydogs »

Today is our 58 th wedding anniversary.

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