Nov 6, 2019 Daily Check-in

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Nov 6, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Starting this on the night before with a wee update of our visit with our Bishop. Gist is that he’s going to talk to RS PRES Hulet about how she needs to temper her verbal deliveries, and work a bit harder on watching what she says. (Also that we peons really Do require explanations of the whys and why nots of your now limited help... well I paraphrased his words.)

Am trying to relax enough to sleep. Last night’s 3 hours ain't bearing up anymore.

Just curious, what kinds of ads are you seeing at the bottom of your typing box? I keep seeing Hidden Valley Ranch, which makes me want baby carrots in ranch; and Soreness vs. Pain, which I’m finding amusing with my current situations.
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Re: Nov 6, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by ownedbydogs »

Mine are Humana and us cellular. Mine are most times on the side. Just changed to a medicine one.

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Re: Nov 6, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by ownedbydogs »

Have been sick since Thursday with a sinus problem so maybe they are trying to tell me something. Have h b p so most I am not supposed to take, but this week, I took a chance. Feeling better today, now Ralph said he was feeling sick. Virus is going around here.

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Re: Nov 6, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Gayle and all,

Sorry to hear you are sick, owned. Hope your pain and soreness subsides, Gayle.

Day 3 without a kitchen. I think the fear was greater than the actual situation, although we are still adjusting. Monday the plumbing was disconnected. Tuesday the demolition of the counters. Nothing until Friday when the electricians come to bring the old kitchen up to code.

I got my old sink outside and on the free barrels. It will be my garden sink. I went over to Home Depot to try to convert the existing faucet to operate from the outside faucet, but so far, it leaks badly. I also wanted to put a new sink drain line on it, but the set sold to me doesn't seem to fit. Working on that. I can only spend a short time hunched over under the sink. So it is taking time. Educational, for sure.

I am already tired of microwave meals. Not enough vegetables. Cooking on my hot plate will happen soon.

Hunting for a new doctor. My current one billed me for services I did not request and rejected when offered. I think they are trying to pay for their new building. I have objected to my insurance company. I have a call into them for additional explanation and procedure.

We are on multiple lists of charities and constantly bombarded with requests. They send us all kinds of stuff. I have enough Christmas cards for several years, 10 new pads of note paper and more calendars than walls. I would like to donate to several charities, but I am afraid to get on more lists. What a shame.

I am grateful for the remodeling going so well. Have a good day all.

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Re: Nov 6, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

So Gayle, is there a resource issue that is forcing the RS ladies to stop helping you? I so wish I could help out. (And I got your package. That was not necessary, but I appreciate it.)

As soon as I am finished here I am going to venture out to get coffee and breakfast.

Have a great day,

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Re: Nov 6, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by itspennyc »

I swept and Swiffered my kitchen and bathroom floor, I did them before breakfast. I had put it off for far too long.

I heated oatmeal blueberry muffins for breakfast with a glass of milk.

I am knitting hamburgers, I found a roll of yarn at Jo-Anns that makes 2,It is a Red Heart Amigurumi, the free pattern is on the Red Heart Web site. Since I hate knitting flat I started my trial run of the hamburger pattern in the round. I am rewriting it to be knit in the round. I hate knitting flat and sewing things up. I promised to share my rewrite with one internet friend. I don’t know how many others will want it.

It looks like an easy pattern to convert. I am experimenting with worsted weight yarn. As I have lots of that yarn.


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