Daily Check in November 9, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

I did my grocery shopping this was a stock up trip. I needed a lot of things. I used one coupon and 2 in-store coupons.

I have a lot to put away, all the cold things are away.

I got free some Peanut M&Ms and a cake mix free with in-store coupon the items that I had to buy were already on my list.

Last night I started a second hamburger. This time with the yarn in the kit. But to me it really wasn’t a kit. I had to go on line to down load the pattern. I didn’t mind having to convert the pattern to to knit in the round. The only part I find difficult is the first couple of rounds of the top. The rest of the pattern is very easy knitting.

Since my grandson is scheduled to come on Monday to bake blueberry muffins. I made sure that I had everything I need to bake them. All I had to buy was the blueberries.


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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by icfrugal1 »

rinty wrote:
Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:31 am
Sneezing,snotty, ears blocked and sore throat :?

So I am still in a fluffy dressing gown having already gone back to bed once. I'd have stayed there if DH and the dog had not thought it was some kind of GROUP EXPERIENCE, so got up , did the hand washing and flung 2 loads in the washer.

The ironing is still in its basket looking reproachful........I don't care.

DH made breakfast, as he is a man it was something hearty, in this case bacon sandwiches. I made us both a hot drink at 1pm and that can hold us til dinner. NO idea what that will involve. Tomorrow its a huge roast dinner so if all I feel like doing is cranking open a tin of beans and serving it on toast, believe me I will.

Its pouring so DH can't go the allotment and he is behaving like a child with a cancelled birthday party and following me around. I love him dearly.

To distract him I got out everything we've bought for Christmas and we packaged it. Naturally he thought one DGK has less than the other 7. He used to do this to me on Christmas Eve with the 5 kids so I thought I would get it over with early. I have agreed that Child X needs 2 more small gifts to equal the others..............but am ignoring the request as on Christmas morning with ALL the presents being torn open simultaneously thereis NO CHANCE he will be able to tell and that child won't care as he will LOVE the thinsg he DOES have.

The weekend will be no spend not through any virtue on my part but just cause I am not leaving the house and I don't trust online shopping.

I have told my DDs that ARGOS is doing a 20% off ALL TOYS up til Tuesday if they can pin the DGKs down giftwise.

I am too snotty to bake , DH plans to make almond slice and a sponge cake with buttercream. He is VERY bored. When I feel under the weather I am no conversationalist.

If I can concentrate on a movie I will iron whilst watching it but otherwise NO PLANS. I fired off loads of calls and texts last week asking about Christmas Meet Up plans........some girls from work and I are going to Bath Christmas Market. it is worth a gooogle, as its in a LOVELY setting. I have done it before and have recommended ( we're a large group ) that we pre book somewhere to eat as it gets rammed. Also elderly DSF and Random Elderly Relative we keep an eye on and coordinating get togethers with friends.

Maybe a Christmas Movie is the way to go.

Have a good weekend , All.

Jackie, huge appreciation for all you do for us here.
LOL on the ironing. I do know how to iron , it did me well when I was in the Service, but , I do not iron now !!!

My cousin reminded me of a story about my mother from many years ago. My cousin lives across the state from us, and my mother drove to see her, the first words out of my mothers mouth when she got to my cousins, was asking her if she had any ironing. My mother loved to iron. LOL

My mother had an ironing room in the house that I grew up in. LOL


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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good morning,

I was not planning to go out today, but DH has a wish for some Chinese lunch, so we will go to lunch.

I'm baking bread today, but I do have a 2-3 hour window where it can just rest and proof. Otherwise for 5 hours I strech and fold once an hour, almost done with that.


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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon everyone,

Nothing much planned around our house today- a good day to catch up on any chores left undone. The last load of laundry is in the wash. Everything else folded and put away. No ironing done here either! Nothing much needed it unless Dh decides to wear his white t- shirts outside of the house. That’s unlikely this time of year without a sweater or sweatshirt over top.

I was considering going to the farmers market this morning but Dh talked me out of it and we went for a walk instead. We snipped off some branches to hang our Christmas lights on.

We awoke to a dusting of snow this morning so Dh cleared the driveway.Unlikely it will clear up again as only colder weather is predicted.

Have a great day everyone !

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by Jackielou »


Now we are getting snow. Things are going to be just lovely after it freezes tonight.

Cut out 4 patterns and plan on a couple more. Hopefully it will be bright and sunny so I can get in my favourite room and get some sewing done.

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by MackerelCat »

Quite chilly here today. There was snow in the Smoky Mountains, but it's still just cold this far south.

Sorry to hear you are sick, Rinty. Beans on toast sounds fine for when you don't feel up to cooking.

DH and I have done grocery shopping. The store has had a promotion in which spending at least $60 a week for five weeks earned a $20 coupon. We squeaked in under the wire today with $61 in purchases. ( We has some good coupons that knocked the cost down that close.) The $20 coupon will go toward things for our Christmas Eve meal.

Other than that, I've been kind of lazy today. Am curled up in a quilt on the sofa with various small dogs while reading in the sunshine.

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