Daily Check in Nov 11, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 11, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

No school for me children today, while they have gone to school on other veteran days in the past. It just happened that their school trimester ended on Friday, and typically the very next school day there is no school for the children.

For us that just means their chores for the children to do, and hubby made sure everybody was awake this morning and laid it all out for them to do. I am locked in my bedroom while ds#1 & ds#2 number two are using hubby’s air compressor to blow dust out of the computer components, and do some other Dusty things. However I can still smell the dust coming in underneath my door.

I did not awake with nausea this morning hooray! However I did aWaken finding myself folded in half, and when I stretched out my belly hurt very much. I do not enjoy being awakened by pain, but I guess it lets me know I am still alive.

I am feeling a bit melancholy this morning, not really sad, just not really happy either.

It was sunny outside, but the north mountain showed dark clouds, and the wind is blowing outside. High temperature today to be 46°, with a low of 18°.

Supposed to be sunny all day though, which is good, as that means I can get out and have a short walk later today. I had equivalent of two short walks yesterday, or maybe even three. One from walking around my church, one from walking to my mailbox and back, and one going up and down the stairs two or three times.

I had DS 11 help me yesterday change the furnace filter, since my chemo smells, especially Dusty ones, really aggravate my nausea and made me feel yucky. I did not notice the same bitter/Dusty smell when the furnace kicked on this morning. I am hoping the new furnace filter helped out.

I need to call and make an appointment for DS17 to get his wisdom teeth pulled right before Christmas break. He will not be thrilled about missing school, but I think you’ve been more happy to miss it then then for us to try and get him healed up during Thanksgiving break, then him going back to wrestling practice. At least on Christmas break you will have almost 2 weeks off from school and wrestling practice, though knowing him he will push it as much as he can.

I also need to call around to find a podiatrist in this town, or Valley, I’m hoping there will be one that can come to Vernal, that would be able to see the S11 so that we can get his feet checked out. He walks kind of funny, kind of like he walks on the inside of his ankles. It could just be that also that he has been wearing not very good shoes. But if all it takes is getting him some inserts, and better shoes,I wonderful that would be in terms of getting his feet fixed. Coming from a long line of the problems of my own self, I don’t wish it on anybody else.

I need to pay bills online today too, which will necessitate some time at the desktop computer.

DS15 is growling at everybody, I suspect he may have gotten a bit of a scrap with DS17 over cleaning, now he's shouting at the little girls as well. I should go out and check on them, but still smell powerful dust in the air, and may know she is beginning to rise. Oh well, I will take one of my prescribe meds, and go see what I can do to alleviate the tension in the house.

I would like to knit a bit later too, my hands and wrists hurt so much from the chemo pain, that I am only able to net one or two rows on my on a dish cloth every two or three hours. So much for my plans to get lots of need a dish cloths done before December 5. I’m not giving up however, just going to work on those slower than hoped for.

I’m going to call my doctors office in a bit and see about gettingA more powerful prescription drug aid, to help the chemo pain. My friend also asked that I ask the chemo doctor about CBD oil, she swears is a wonderful thing to have, and while I didn’t previously want to think about using it, this pain is almost debilitating, and I do need some relief. I am willing to try anything!

I did not read on the forum any last night, I got distracted by Facebook, and also buy my desire to send out my email to all the people on my list. I will try to read through the form today, either on my iPhone, or after I pay my bills online.

Good wishes this day my friends to all of you with your infirmities and the other trails going on in your lives now.

Today I am thankful for sunshine, and for a warm house.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 11, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Tiny uodate:

Chemo Doctors nurse just called me. Wow, that was fast! So she read my emails from over the weekend, and talk to Chemo doctor. Then they called in a prescription for tramadol to my pharmacy. She is hopeful it will work to help squelched this pain that I’m feeling. She said no to the CBD oil, because there is a component in it that actually keeps the chemo in my body longer, and keeps the white blood cells from producing as well as they should. While I am sad I don’t get to try that out, I’m happy to know about The component. Imagine how my dismay would’ve been if I tried it anyhow, and had experienced continued symptoms from the chemo, or had gotten infections.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 11, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon all ... and thanks to all of you who have served.

It been raining and the temps have now dropped to freezing. Glad I don't have to be anywhere and DH works very close to home.

Spent part of my morning gathering info so I can renew my health insurance through the marketplace. (I'm grateful to have the insurance ... not happy to see the price hikes for next year.)

Right now I have a butternut squash baking in the oven. Decided to cook them before they went bad. I was a bit disappointed in my yellow sticker eggplant ... it was farther gone than it looked. But still got enough for yesterday's dinner and part of another meal.

Dinner tonight will be clean out the fridge, methinks ...

I should go check on the squash, then tend to kitty litter patrol ...

Gayle, (((Hugs))). Hope the new meds will do the trick ... (and I'm glad to hear your DH had the kids up and helping.)

Janet, hugs to you, too! I did miss the part about your gastritis.

Rinty ... hope you feel better.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 11, 2019

Post by rinty »

All I can say is hugs to Gayle, glad you got to church , and showed yourself there.

" You look so well " indeed.

I am also glad you vented, you had been pushed beyond endurance.

No a long post as the pop ups are playing up and playing havoc with spelling half a word then popping up again. ANNOYING.

Work had its moments and it irritated me, particularly the behaviour of older students to those of us who do Dinner Lady duties. SO GLAD my children and DGKs know not to back chat adults in that way. Decide to land several children in it and their behaviour have been passed to their parents.

DH is now claiming he has my cold ;)

Qucik dinner/prep for two groups tomorrow and washing bedlinen.

The End, then Bedtime.

Its a rich, full life x

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 11, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Thank You to all veterans,

My daddy was a WW2 vet, if he were still alive there would be flags waving and patriotic music playing at his house. I miss him so much.

Both DD's here at lunch time, we sit and gab while they eat lunch....it's fun.
Payed bills this AM, including property taxes... glad to have that done.
2 loaves of bread made, baked and now cooling, fiancé is on his way to check SUV and will be getting a loaf of bread.
I ate chex mix yesterday until I felt stuffed, I love that stuff so much.
Pork cutlets for supper, baked potatoes and salad...will top the potatoes with bacon, cheese and sour cream.
Has been snowing for quite some time, I have scraped the decks once already and will need to do it again soon. Looks pretty but after yesterdays lovely temps also seems way too cold.
Minor housework to do and then read for a while before supper prep.
Have a wonderful day all,

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 11, 2019

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning, frugals. I was on the phone this morning with my little single mom friend trying to sort out a problem with her old car. Her neighbor finally saw the hood up on the car and came over to check things out. It turned out she had tried to take off the radiator cap while the engine was hot from driving, which added a few to my gray hairs!

I need to take DH over to give her lessons in basic car maintenance.

Right now I am doing laundry and the dachshunds are all snoozing on the ottoman and sofa. It's supposed to turn off cold tonight -- the wind is getting up -- and be rainy, freezing and snowing tomorrow. Not the kind of weather the sunny South deals with well.

This afternoon I have to have a contrast MRI of my brain to see if the veins are smaller than normal, as the latest theory is that is what's causing me to have intracranial hypertension. The neuro ophthalmologist thinks this is possible because my optic nerves are unusually narrow and tiny blood vessels developed in places in my eyes where they should not have. So we'll see. I fell asleep during the last two MRIs I had, and hope this will be no different.

Hope everyone has a lovely frugal day. Thank you, Jackie, for writing so well about Veteran's Day.

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