More SEARS and KMART closings.....

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More SEARS and KMART closings.....

Post by ohjodi »

Sad. I always liked Kmart, even though the stores were a bit of a mess, LOL I haven't been to one in years... there are only two left in all of Illinois.

Together, Sears and Kmart have closed more than 3,500 stores and cut about 250,000 jobs in the past 15 years. After this latest round of closings concludes in February, the company will be left with just 182 stores.

Liquidation sales in these stores will start on December 2

Here's the list

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Re: More SEARS and KMART closings.....

Post by floridacatlover »

The last Kmart in my county is closing. I think there will only be four left in Florida. Sad.

A few years ago there was a local news story about the retirees from the local Sears (now closed) who continue to get together. Many worked together so many years that they are like family and know each other’s children and grandchildren.

When the Kmart closest to me closed years ago I said I wouldn’t miss it but I DID kind of miss it. I was just thinking today about birdseed which I used to buy there, much better quality than the birdseed at Big Lots which is horrible.

In recent years at the remaining Kmarts I thought their food was very overpriced even with the double coupons they offered for awhile. And many of their other coupons that would spit out of the cash register had so many exclusions.

I’ve said it before but I blame KMart/Sears current management almost totally for their problems. Changing times, yes, but they didn’t reinvest to reinvent themselves in a significant way.

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Re: More SEARS and KMART closings.....

Post by LWolfT »

Every time I see one of these announcements, I'm surprised because I didn't think there were any stores left. (None of either in my city ... a few in the state.)

Sad ... and Florida, I agree, though I suspect the problems stretch far beyond the current management ...

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Re: More SEARS and KMART closings.....

Post by Quilter51 »

None where I am. The last sears just closed. For one thing a quick look at their webpage will tell you they never made the transition well ....their pages a very poor. Also they could never decide what kind of store they were and who their competitors were When they tried to go upscale and compete with the Macys of the world I think that was the end.

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Re: More SEARS and KMART closings.....

Post by clemencia2us »

Haven't seen a KMart around in years

We do have small locally owned Sears stores that sell appliances and garden yard stuff.

They have great deals. I don't think those will close. Hope not.

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Re: More SEARS and KMART closings.....

Post by MackerelCat »

I miss Kmart. DH and DS bought all their jeans, shorts, and casual shirts there. Socks and underwear for the whole family. I bought some of my clothes there, and I loved their small appliances.

Sears is where we bought all our appliances and they had great winter coats.

Both suffer from having almost unusable websites, though, and the competing retail pressure of Walmart is tremendous. (This will sound like frugal blasphemy, but I despise Walmart and do everything possible to not shop there, and Walmart's website is also kind of horrible.)

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