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Re: Daily Check-in November 13, 2019

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:43 pm
by rinty
Logics, you've done more than enough. I bet part reason neice isn't working is so she play over the holidays instead of actually earning her own cash.

Don't cave. We're proud of you.

Re: Daily Check-in November 13, 2019

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:26 pm
by LogicsHere
icfrugal1 wrote:
Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:47 pm
There is nothing to forgive. are you still helping your sister? the trouble is, is that someday you will be gone, then what????

You are rigth niece must take care of herself. Good for you for not offering.

if you are still helping your sister, then you are helping your niece.

Just two weeks ago my sister called regarding a letter from the IRS saying she still owed a total of $2100 in taxes and fines, etc from the years 2013 and 2015 I think. Could not let this continue to grow but did tell her this was the VERY last. She said she will pay me back, yep but now with the daughter out of work she doesn't get paid for her babysitting so well . . . My sister definitely knows now that it's OVER, no more free money. Like I said if there's money left over when I'm gone then fine; if not TOO BAD.

Re: Daily Check-in November 13, 2019

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:31 pm
by LogicsHere
rinty wrote:
Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:43 pm
Logics, you've done more than enough. I bet part reason neice isn't working is so she play over the holidays instead of actually earning her own cash.

Don't cave. We're proud of you.
No, I don't think my niece is playing a game so to speak. She's just not that friendly or motivated. If she's not busy at work, she was most probably on her cell phone instead of going to a supervisor and asking if there was anything else she could do in the mean time. I do feel sorry for her; don't get me wrong. She actually cried on the way home thinking that since she won't be able to pay that car loan judgment that was put on her earlier this year that they were going to put her in jail. She's very naive . . . what she doesn't know about life because she won't listen us would fill volumes. No, she's got to change and realize that the job market today is tough with a lot of competition and getting worse all the time and that if you want to stay in the game, you have to constantly strive to be better than everyone else.

Re: Daily Check-in November 13, 2019

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:09 pm
by ChristmasTrees
LogicsHere wrote:
Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:56 am
Good morning all.

It's bitter this morning, mid 20s and windy with a high of about 32 degrees. Guess I'd better start getting used to it.

My sister (and niece) really now how to ruin a day. I no sooner get home yesterday and the phone rings . . . my niece has lost her job yet again. Personally I think it's because she has absolutely NO motivation and she's on her cell phone all day long when she is not "busy" herself with the primary tasks she was hired to do, she doesn't even think to go around and ask if there's anything that she can help with. I think this is the 4th one she's lost in about 3 years now . . . it's getting ridiculous.

Well I blew up and said well I can't help her any more than I already am and my sister said I didn't call you to ask you to help, I just wanted to tell you. Sure she did . . . she just wanted to see how I would respond if she did ask. I was upset. I told her that I gave away more than enough of my money to people over the years and now its my turn to spend it on me; that I didn't work 50 years and save just to give it away. If anyone still wants some of it, they're just going to have to wait until I'm gone and if there's some left so be it. She then told me that she suggested Kris ask her brother. I immediately told her not to get her started with the brother. It's the fastest way to cause resentment and even hatred between the two of them. My sister doesn't know how badly I resent her (my sister's) constant need for money. I got to a point where I felt I had NO choice but to help because if I didn't everything I did give them previously was for naught. Start getting the daughter used to being bailed out and she'll never have any reason to do for herself . . . so my sister now knows not me, not any more. That's over.

I'll be here for about another hour and then I head off to the dinner theatre and meet my social group to see "An American in Paris". I'm looking forward to it . . . I just hope that the event of yesterday doesn't ruin today for me too. As it was I got about 2 hours worth of sleep.

Sorry I had to vent . . . please forgive me.
Vent apologies needed. I have been in the same situation and then one day just said...enough is enough. And did negate all thet I had helped with, never would have ended. And all would be negated in the end anyway.

Re: Daily Check-in November 13, 2019

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:12 pm
by ChristmasTrees
jckitty wrote:
Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:23 am
Good morning all,

I have been awake since 4:30 AM and out of bed since 5....should have waved at Janet LOL

I will probably have to nap this afternoon since I was up so early, but I have accomplished a good part of my list. Had to repair the chicken waterer, it sprung a leak...JB Weld to the rescue! I put a pan of water on the heater for them, until this cures...
I have already been in the attic, pulling Christmas décor, I wanted to get the tartan fabric out and get it starched and ironed for "my idea". I have decided to put out ALL of the décor when I decorate for Christmas, have the girls over for girls night and let them pick and take anything they want! My house is going to look like an overblown Christmas market until they take stuff but it has got to go!

Laundry going, will be racked to dry and need to clean and cut fruit, salad bar of sorts for supper tonight, with loaded baked potatoes as the hot dish.

I am going to run the vacuum here in a bit and then clean mirrors and hanging stuff.
I need to tear into the library closet and find the tote with my cobalt blue glass collection as I want to have it handy for January décor... I know it is a long way off but if I don't get it prepped now I might never get it done.

Kitty, your "girl's night take decorations" is BRILLIANT!

Re: Daily Check-in November 13, 2019

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:04 pm
by rinty
Yes, I like your idea re the décor as well, JcKitty.

When I ran the womens auxillary I used to have a Take It Or leave it table each month, people loved it. Leftovers wetn straight to a charity shop .

SO TIRED , having spent the evening preparing kits for the scandi hearts for Craft Club. Now, it may well be that I am a moron, but I watched a gazillion YOUTUBE videos on how to make the dratted things and I can only describthe experience as PURGATORY.

SO what my group are going to make of it, heaven only knows. Hence the kits as they wouldn't stand a chance making them from scratch.

Note to self, never again think " oh, THAT looks cute and easy" and commit myself :shock:

Knackered re work. All the kids wearing FITBITS were at pains to tell us how far we had made them walk for a school " trip". It was a long walk , granted. Lots of quibbling and whittering as everyone is tired.

EG. I was castigated for arranging to have the wrong child sent home ill ???? I was rightly annoyed by that............yes, I had brought child x to the office/spoken o the head and had it agreed she went home but the office rang the wrong parent. :shock: Said parent rocked up to collect her sick child ............." Heres Lilly ( not her name of course ) and Mum responds that she does indeed have a child call Lilly but NOT THAT CHILD.

I have just told DH I'm too tired to go to bed ;) Not a late night tomorrow at least. I do have Craft Club .....which promises to be Hell on Wheels making these things " you can use them as a gift basket !" ( IN YOUR DREAMS !!!!) Probably soup for dinner.

Need to check arrangements for DS and keep up with housework so the weekend is free and clear.

Its been No Spend all week as I hoped, yay, a WIN.

Mackie, I loved your little Christmas spending plan. Utterly no stress, good for you but fun buying some kiddie pressies AND charity giving too. Well done you !