Daily Check In - November 17/19

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Re: Daily Check In - November 17/19

Post by Dgflorida »

Hi all,

Hubs is buying. Hubs says we are not even spending our social security and has been bugging me about the grow light I am considering. So he is buying it today. The weather is ugly here in Florida. A cold night has dropped the house to 71F and I am not about to go outside on the porch to cook yet. Made him some food in the microwave. Even the birds are quiet

Today, my goal is to finish up my bedroom. It seems to be the room that gets all the get around to it stuff.

Today, I am grateful for simply everything. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check In - November 17/19

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

Woke up to my “church alarm” going off at 7am. I do not feel rested. My throat hurts and I actually have a headache rolling in too.

Dh says he's going to make eggs & sausages for breakfast before church in 1-1/4 hours, but we’ll see.

Dd6 has a cold that she has diligently been trying to share with me. *cough cough cough* And she wants to snuggle with me. I have a hard time denying my baby a snuggle.

Another sunny day is arriving. High of 50*F. Currently is 25*F (-3.88889 C), with realfeel of 18*F (-7.77778C).

We are to have two more days in 50’s, beyond today, then we have two days of 50% chance rain/snow, and all days then snd afterwards drop to the low 30’s. Brrr!!

I hear my sick baby has awakened. I’m going to go brew some herbal cold-fighting tea for her.

I need to make elderberry syrup too. Will have to enlist dh or ds15’s assistance for the stirring, but I should be able to get the rosehips & elderberries soaking on my own.

Friends from church (they are both ministering people for us) are bringing us dinner this afternoon.

I’ll be knitting away on dishcloths, I made 1-3/4 yesterday. My goal is 1 made each day, then I can package & pair them with Christmas cards the week after Thanksgiving.

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Re: Daily Check In - November 17/19

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...

It's mid 30s here and sunny, supposed to warm up a bit this week.

We took a small road trip yesterday, hit a couple of the area wineries and had dinner out. Skipped one stop — we were told there would be a 1½ hour wait for a tasting. (Also fit in a trip to the hardware store and the farm store along the way.)

Today, a lot of puttering. Have a bunch of small chores to get out of the way. Having the turkey breast for dinner (It didn't get in the freezer in time. But got another one on sale ... that one is in the freezer.)

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Re: Daily Check In - November 17/19

Post by rinty »

Joining with the Putterers today.

I have done most is chat to family via phone /text and in person and its been nice.

DS not at his best, normally I take him out when he's with us but haven't this time and he doesn't seem to care, I've done thinsg with h at home.

Got the DGKs to commit to their pressies from us, ( well, got this info via their parenst intercepting Santa lists )

DD dropped by with decluttered toys readying her brood for the NEW STUFF. I will take it all into school, it will be handy for WeT Pland after school club.

I cooked 2 chickens as requested by DH but circumstances meant we have no guests .....so he and I will be eating a LOT of chicken all week. It is what it is, family emergency. I was ahead of DH so I only cooked the chickens not all the sides. I did make a large panful of gravy from the meat juices. And it is AMBROSIA.

Tomorrow once DH is home we' ll have chicken, sprousts and mashed potato with the gravy, then we'll play with leftovers all week ;)

DS is napping, he's not himself. DH will be going to the hospital this week to get the MRI results he will ask lots of questions .

I can sp ;) ell, truly its all the pop ups.

Look after yourselves

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Re: Daily Check In - November 17/19

Post by itspennyc »

I have washed my hair, stripped and put the Bottom sheet on my bed. The sheets are now in the dryer.

I made new ice packs last night. I don’t know yet if I put the right amount of water in them. This time I used the brand name sponges as they are a bit larger. I want to see how they work, compared to the store brand.

Yesterday, I baked a pumpkin pie, I shared some with my friend across the hall.

I have started the ribbing on my sweater.

I am also working on a rabbit not the pattern I won, this is a different rabbit.


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Re: Daily Check In - November 17/19

Post by MackerelCat »

Rinty, I am sorry Tom is not feeling well. And Gayle, I hope you do not catch your little one's cold.

We have been puttering this morning. DH helped me dust mop and vacuum the floors and furniture. Our robot vac was mailed off for repairs last week and I miss him! Without his daily patrol, we get pet fluff tumbleweeds in no time flat.

My DB is coming this afternoon to celebrate his birthday. He wants to go to a seafood restaurant, which will be spendy. This annoys me because he knows I am not working right now. DH and I can always drink water and get something inexpensive, I reckon. DS prefers not to go, as he does not like fish.

Need to go dig in my stash for a birthday card. The great thing about being a frugalista is you always have a stash! :-D

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