Please pray for me! I think I’m getting sick!

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Re: Please pray for me!

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Praying for you.

I agree with the others this is the time to call the Dr.

Lots of {{{{{Hugs}}}}}


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Re: Please pray for me!

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Gayle - GO TO THE ER OR URGENT CARE ASAP. Wear your masks!

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Re: Please pray for me!

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Are you ok???

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Re: Please pray for me!

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Please call your DR or go to the ER


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Re: Please pray for me!

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gaylejackson2 wrote:
Fri Jan 03, 2020 3:25 am
Dear friends,

If you are the praying sort, please pray 🙏🙏t
You are in my prayers.

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Re: Please pray for me!

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I was awake shiver most of the night, so slept on couch by roaring fire much of the morning. Abt noon, I msg’d my Oncologist’s office, they called me right back & said go get checked out!!!

Got to Urgent Care about 1:30pm, and here's the update I just posted on family group chat. :

I'm in ER in Roosevelt. Hurts to talk & breathe, i had such low oxygen in Urgent Care that they sent me straight to ER. High temp, 104.5; they put me on saline drip & oxygen, and waiting for my fever to drop. They have drawn blood for several blood tests, as well as strep & respiratory tests and others.

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