Poor Prince Harry

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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The fallout from this decision and the reactions are interesting. I think H and M made the right choice for them. They will always be extras in the Royal House. Harry has never settled down to the bit and saddle of Royal responsibility and Megan just wasn't prepared for it. An increasing number of Royals around the world are leaving the royal family for private life. Still the British royals are generally better role models than the American athletes that dominate the US.

Who pays for security is an interesting question. And their decision to market their royal brand sound out right American. I am glad they are going to Canada and not the US. Megan spent many years in Canada and will be happier there. Harry should feel more at home there too. The Queen has the perfect Royal grandchildren in Willian and Kate. All's well that ends well.

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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Well there are the followers here in the states that continue to try to create royalty in the White House. Every time a media celebrity decides to go into politics and get elected to an office the star struck majority votes him in. I think that all might have started with Ronald Regan.


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