Daily Check-in January 10, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-in January 10, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Gray and overcast. Getting windy - we are expecting a cold front today. Maybe some rain.

I was happy to hear that our cousin the priest, his brother and BIL went to go see older bro. He was happy to see them. So that was two priests to went out there yesterday!

The early risers are out there this morning - i may be out there this afternoon.

Hope all have a great day And thanks for all the prayers and kind thoughts.

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Re: Daily Check-in January 10, 2020

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alliesmama4 wrote:
Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:59 am
Dogs are so amazing in how they show their excitement and happiness. Has your pup passed over the rainbow bridge? Sounds like you wrote about him in the past tense.
Thank you for asking. The world's greatest Dog left on 10/27/2016

As I walk BB and Goldie I still have people ask about him 😀

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Re: Daily Check-in January 10, 2020

Post by icfrugal1 »

alliesmama4 wrote:
Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:01 am
Icfrugal. Sorry I must have missed the thread about your DH being in the hospital.. Hope he will continue to be ok and get better. Will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you so much

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Re: Daily Check-in January 10, 2020

Post by icfrugal1 »

MackerelCat wrote:
Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:01 am
Janet, my Goldie Dog spins in circles when she is excited. She will run to the car door and spin in place until I catch up and open it for her.

You and Teddi both had a big day! I hope the combo of the shot, at home PT, and a second opinion when the time comes gives you the best outcome. *hugs*

After a discussion with DH, I accepted the job that I interviewed with yesterday. Their office is closed on Friday, so I probably will not hear anything until Monday. I will also have to pick up a side gig of some kind to supplement the pay. So I am praying this works out and the economy does not go kablooey.

Late this afternoon, I have to take my homeless shelter buddy to do his big grocery shopping trip of the month. Otherwise, I need to make our grocery list and dust the furniture, clean the kitchen and do some productive puttering.

Maggie, I hope your grandson is not suffering too awfully from the flu. Did they get him Tamiflu in time? Clem, may there be peace and God's mercy for your brother. IC, big hugs, hon. Gayle, infection-free hugs going out to you too.
Is your Goldie dog a Golden?

My Goldie is part lab, she gets excited but no circles lol

I have to drag her on walks and into the car. Quick a sight, she is 78#


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Re: Daily Check-in January 10, 2020

Post by chocolite »

Hi guys, I've been AWOL awhile, but am jumping back in with both feet. I need accountability and a renewed emphasis on frugal living. I've read just a few posts -- but enough to know there is a LOT going on with you all. I hope and pray that your loved ones are safe and out of pain, and of course the same for all of you dear folks.

As for me, I retired back in mid-June - early and not as a first choice. I'd been working a reduced schedule for over a year, mainly due to my spinal issues, but it got to the point where I wasn't able to even keep to the reduced hours. So I pulled the plug. God willing, DH will keep working until he reaches full retirement age. So we are living on his income and it's a challenge. I've also stopped paying into my 401K, which makes me sad to think about, since I was the one doing the lion's share of contributing.

My sister has been ill as well and spent a majority of last year in hospital, nursing home, and shut in at home. Thankfully, she seems to have turned a corner (I'm almost afraid to say that, since I have thought the same several times over the past year). Anyway, she is able to get out now using a walker. I'm so grateful for that. Anyway, in that regard it's been a blessing that I was off work because I've been able to go be with her on several trips, and for several weeks.

We have rain coming in today and are expecting very severe weather overnight. I dread it for Audrey, since she can get really scared in storms. Bless her heart, she's so much better than when we first got her, but she still can get pretty freaked out. When there is a long period of storms I worry about her heart. She's a sweet pup, though, and is lying at my feet now. Hobbes is fat and sassy and I love him more than I can say. :-)

I play Words With Friends with Ellen Marie, and she asked that I say hello from her.

Today is a no spend day. I've been trying to do intermittent fasting, with varying success. But it does make our food last longer, lol. I've been cooking a lot and am glad to be able to do it. I usually enjoy cooking; it's the clean up I hate. Anyway, I'm making hamburgers (cheese on mine) for supper tonight, with homemade sweet potato fries. We've been craving a burger for a couple weeks now, so it's time.


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Re: Daily Check-in January 10, 2020

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Jackielou wrote:
Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:54 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

Man, I wish we had the temperatures of Janet here. I would even take the rain (provided there was no snow). Coldest morning so far of the winter here. It is -26 C and with the chill of the blowing wind feels like -38 C. I do believe that I will be staying inside today where it is nice and warm.

Oldest DS says things are calming down a bit, when we texted back and forth last night (congratulate me on not having to hear his voice, but I will need to today). He said yesterday was a good day. I am very glad about that. He needs some good days.

I got all the results of my various tests yesterday. Things seem to have gotten back to normal (or at least normal for moi). My thyroid readings are back up, and there was no blood in my urine this time (probably a slight infection). I did just have to mention that I have been having muscle pain in my thighs over the past while so it was off for another blood test, and the making of another appointment later this month. My doctor is nothing if not thorough.

Hubby and I will hopefully be heading out for our dinner date tonight (really keeping my fingers crossed that it warms up) in celebration of our 44th Wedding Anniversary. Can not believe it has been 44 years. Time does really pass by quickly. So this probably will not be the most frugal of days. I will however be able to use a coupon at the eating establishment I have chosen cutting the cost down slightly.

Other frugal happenings here on the old homestead will be the usual, and the dinner out will be the only real spending of the day. I have been working on the knit fabric and plan on pulling some more out to ready to make into the rug. I guess today it will be a work on getting the sewing/craft room tidied up. My extra cleaning job for today.

Decluttering will be taking place as well. Anything that I can not recycle into something useful or can not be donated is heading for the trash can. I am hoping to add to the articles already destined for the second hand store today.

Today I am grateful that unlike some people I am safe and warm inside, and really wish that all people had that.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Happy Anniversary!!! I am glad your DS is having a better day.

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