Daily Check In January 13, 2020

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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2020

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

5F here this morning, and gray skies. Snow is predicted for us today, we got about 1” new snow yesterday in an unexpected storm.

Thank you everyone fore the Birthday wishes. I used to think that 45 was such a scary big number, but now I know there is so much more scary things in the world, plus 45 feels no different than 44 or even 42 did other than starting this birthday year with very little hair.

Hubby bought me new calf-height boots & socks, and I thought that was all; but he also gave me two pairs furry-lined slippers, 3 shirts, and a 10-foot charging cord for my phone. Dd6 wrapped my bath towel (😂) and gave it to me, I’d wondered what happened to it. She also made me a necklace.

I have kept ds11 from from school today, and dd6 may join him tomorrow. Lots of coughing.

I must make a fire in the wood-stove, then I shall scrub up my kitchen stovetop free of yesterday’s bacon grease. Then I’m going to wash one load of laundry.

Hopefully after that, the temps will be warm enough for me to go walking, I’d like to go at least .5 miles today.

Then I plan to knit more on my ribbed shawl. I added about 2 or 2-1/2 inches yesterday. I’m hoping to make it at least 20 inches long plus a stockinette-stitch collar.

Not sure yet what dinner will be.

Today I’m thankful for a full woodbox.

Edited to add: It is my oldest friend’s birthday, he is one day younger than I, and has Down Syndrome. He doesn't necessarily remember me right away when I see him, but he always remembers my Dad, oh how he loved “Pau Peel,” and going on rides with him. Dad loved John so much too.
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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2020

Post by itspennyc »

With the plastic tray standing up in front of the clock of my microwave, the kitchen was much darker and I was able to sleep better.

I didn’t feel up to washing my hair and changing the bed yesterday, so I did them this morning. I have the bottom sheet on my bed.

I want to go through the photos my daughter scanned and see if I can identify people. And label the photos.


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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2020

Post by MackerelCat »

ICFrugal, prayers and a hug for you and your DH.

I have not heard back from the new little job that I e-mailed my acceptance to. I hope this is not a sign of flakiness! I have had enough flakiness for a fully stocked pie case the past few years.

Slept poorly. The dachshund brigade just now heard something and they are barking their pretty heads off. The three of them together cause quite a cacophony.

Today I need to go to the bread outlet to restock the freezer with loaves of bread (Sara Lee Honey Wheat sandwich bread is $1.30 a loaf there, as opposed to $2.99 a loaf at the grocery) and do some laundry and cooking. Also need to call the neuro-opthalmologist to let him know I will need a refill on medication.

Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe.
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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2020

Post by alliesmama4 »

icfrugal1 wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:03 am
Good morning,

Today is the day, we don't know what time the procedure is yet, they are working him in.

We still have not told our families, I know that they will be upset. But oh well, I'm doing what dh wants. It is a lot to face.

Dh wants me here 24/7 right now so I took the dogs to the kennel, it's the kennel that we used for dog before he died so we trust them.

They are nice enough to take them on short notice, but they had me pay a week in advance in case I was abandoning them
Good grief!!!

Thank you again

IC sorry to hear your DH is having his surgery today. It is for the best I am sure. Will keep him and you in my thoughts and prayers. ((hug)).
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

It is overcast and drizzling. Lots of fog this morning.

Feeling better. Not affecting me today. I started taking my mood meds again. What a difference

It is laundry day so getting my things together. I don't go until noonish, so no rush. Fog should be gone by then and maybe rain will be over.

Hope all have a great day

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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

Jackie, praying for you and your family.

I have been up but just now feel like I am settling down for the morning. I slept okay , weird dreams and for some weird reason woke up feeling agitated. Probably from the watching of news...I need to stop watching but too much awful world news to just let it go.

I have run the floor duster and re-bedded the chicken coop. next up is kitchen work, like Jackie I need to go thru the fridge and see what needs used up.
My pizza last night was great but starting to wonder if those were "pizza dreams" last night LOL.

It is very grey and cold today, downright depressing. I love the fact that we have had a relatively easy winter so far but the greyness is just awful.

ICFrugal, I don't know what is going on with your hub (I must have missed it) but prayers going up.

This afternoon I hope to tear my bedroom apart and deep clean it. I defiantly need to clean fans also.
Tomorrow I go back to the eye doctor for pressure check and hopefully get a different med as I am allergic to so many things...he has assured me that something will work.
Wednesday I have an appointment with my bank....more estate stuff. When everything is said and done I can explain better, but right now because of the brother I can't say much. On Christmas eve he told me that he is "done with me". I feel the same.

Off to read and catch up.

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