Daily Check-In January 18, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-In January 18, 2020

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HappyDaze wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 6:12 pm
Trees, they are something else and what one of them can't think of the other one can! They are so adorable at night though - one on each side of me and they get under the blankets. Hope (yellow lab about 85 lbs.) goes to the bottom of the bed (great foot warmer). Lucy sleeps next to me with her head on the other pillow - like a person.

When the alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m., Hope gets up with me (if she hasn't gotten me up already) and goes right outside. Then we get a cup of coffee and get back into bed until after the 6:00 news has played on the radio. I LOVE this morning routine with my girls. Lucy sleeps in and gets up about 7:00 - Hope has been out at least a couple of times by then.
I LOVE THIS! They are such great companions...:)

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