Daily Check In January 22, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In January 22, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello Friends,

I’ve not read the check-in, yet. Will work on that later.

Yesterday it snowed all day, tiny fine bits of snow, some of you are experiencing that today too likely. Snow not expected here until next Sunday or Monday.

Today is 30F, hazy in morning, gradually brightening to dun this afternoon. Very tired of the haze.

Yesterday, I was a bit snuffly— today I’m certain, that I’ve caught a cold from one of my children. Congestion & sneezy; hopefully I’ve got enough stored tissue boxes. Hopefully I can fight off the cold w/o needing to go to ER.

Yesterday I worked a purl row on my ribbed shawl so I can knit today in decrease—hasn't happened yet. I’m determined to do it by day’s end tho.

Got a appt with plastic surgeon to discuss 2nd phase breast reconstruction—DID luck out with getting it day after the other appts, so can get them all done in one trip. More to come on that later in cancer update thread.

Dd9’s teacher called, then emailed, to say dd was feeling ill at school. ☹️ Took me 2 hours before I saw that message, but I did get her home. Ds15 drove me-he is home with headaches & a cold too.

Sun was out when we got home, so after settling dd9, I went for a walk—about 6 blocks, which is 2-3 blocks further than usual but the air felt lovely.

Felt exhausted when I got home, fell asleep in recliner & woke to ds15’s pups licking my toes, and dd9 & ds15 giggling—guess I was making weird faces in my sleep. 😂

A friend is bringing dinner tonight. Rinty, both she & her dh are Ministerers for our family. Since I was added to her list in early Dec, they have consistently brought 2-4 meals per each of my Chemo Infusions (and when I had pneumonia)—I am awed & humbled by her continual insistence on doing this, as she surpasses what the RS President now feels is necessary.

Dd9 asked that we watch “Big families cooking together,” that we saw on Netflix. I thought it would be Southern, but it is British. I need to re-watch the first episode as I’ve slept through it today. Very interesting. I’m learning lots from these cooking shows.

I need to have one of teenagers help help me get into my heavy yarn totes; have been tracking temps for a temperature blanket, and am now feeling good enough to start it, but I need to see what colors I have. I think black for edging.

Have a package to open, have felt so tired & ill that haven't wanted to do it yet. This from a former neighbor who now lives two states away in Washington.

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Re: Daily Check In January 22, 2019

Post by HappyDaze »

Greetings Friends. It was a frigid walk to work this morning - it was 13 degrees! I wore a wool sweater under my coat and used my blanket scarf.

There was supposed to be an art class at the library tonight but it got cancelled - I decided to come over anyway and pass the evening. Stopped home from work first to take the dogs out and had a bite to eat - veggie fried rice and an apple.

I should not be tired - I sleep and SLEEP every night - sometimes 9 or 10 hours -- but still tired. It is the weather I know - plus I think maybe I'm not getting the quality of sleep that I think I am - the dogs are with me and I'm sure they must disrupt my sleep even if I don't remember it.

Off to browse the forum. Take care friends.

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Re: Daily Check In January 22, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Good evening all,

I have cleaned and de fragged this laptop as much as I know how. It let me back in to forum....don't know how I did it but oh well.

I have had very little motivation today, don't know why but sometimes I just get this way. I know it is the weather but this is the weather we have so I need to deal with it.

I have been doing pretty good with using stuff up, but have hit a small glitch....leftover chili dog sauce...what to use it in that is not chili.
Tomorrow I am going to make chicken and rice and will share with DD. I am starting to get to the bottom 3rd of the chest freezer, the one I am giving to DD1.

I need to make something in the way of cookies...leaning towards oatmeal raisin , and some plain as not many in the family like raisins.

We have a girls trip planned for Saturday...we are going thrift shopping in a larger town about 45 minutes away, I am looking forward to it very much. I don't "need" anything but am looking for some specific items , mostly replacement sweaters.
Off to read and catch up,

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Re: Daily Check In January 22, 2019

Post by ChristmasTrees »

mbrudnic wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:16 am
Good Morning,

I ended up with a mini van as a rental. It's only been 3 years since I drove one on a regular basis, so no big deal.

Went to yoga again last night and it was good. But this room has mirrors. Yuck! LOL. Maybe tonight I will take a walk at the Mall.

I got my time off approved to go to FL for a week. Mom and Dad have a house for all of Feb in Cocoa Beach. Dad said he had an email about discounted tickets to Harry Potter world (all three areas) at Universal. So at 53, my parents are going to take me to Universal. LOL! Should be fun. They have been there before and gush about it.

Have a great day,
How awesome is it that at 53 your parents are taking you to Universal!!!!!!

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