Daily Check-In January 23, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-In January 23, 2020

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Good afternoon all,

Logics, i too will pray for you and your family.

I have been busy this morning, apple crisp made and 2 types of cookies mixed and chilling. Chicken and rice in the cooker. This pantry challenge that i put to myself has been interesting LOL. I am going to have quite a grocery list when i am done.

I thought i was going to be making pumpkin bread and muffins but thawed apples by mistake...mis-marked container. Oh well, my #1 son in law loves apple crisp.

I have a load of laundry going, all of the dish towels and cooking stuff, because yes i am messy. i try not to be but it just happens.

It is very dreary looking and we are to get rain and slushy snow.
Floors have been dusted and next up is some hit and miss dusting with Endust and a cloth. I really hate dusting.

Salad and chicken and rice for supper. from the freezer taco soup for lunches.
Off to read and bake off cookies.
Have a good day all, Happy Birthday Janet.

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Re: Daily Check-In January 23, 2020

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alliesmama4 wrote:
Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:26 am
Good morning.. We had ice earlier and my computer satellite was iced over and I could not get on line. Then around 9:00 AM it warmed up a few degrees and was able to get on line. Now we have lovely big fluffy snow flakes. I love watching snow fall!

Today I turned 75! That is three quarters of century! Whoa..lol. Considering my medical history I am doing amazingly well for any age.

I saw my new ophthalmologist yesterday. I like her a lot. My eye Drs office has changed hands so many times and I did not like the last Dr I had. Anyway she is going to be my new and permanent eye Dr. I do have cataracts, which I was aware of, and they need to be removed some time in the near future. So I will be seeing a cataract surgeon next week. From what I hear from friends and family the surgery is a breeze compared to back in the olden days so lets get this over with as soon as possible.

Yesterday after the eye Dr appointment my aide and I stopped at a local family restaurant to celebrate our birthdays. We always go Dutch Treat but it is nice to go out and enjoy a meal and causal conversation. Then we stopped at Ruler which was just down the road. I needed some fresh food items and bird food. Then home to unload things, rest for a while, and then after she left I went back in to town. I went to the bank and Petco. Teddi would run out of his fresh dog food during the coming week-end and I did not want to have to mush in to town to get him more. We are expecting a repeat of this weather tomorrow in to Saturday. After Petco swung by Big Lots to see if they had any rice wine vinegar. They did so great. Also looked around and found some other food items that I will need for my leaky gut diet ie coconut water and jasmine rice to name a few things. Then I decided to be bad and went by KFC to buy some chicken for my dinner last night and have leftovers for lunch today. I figured the lunch I had was not gluten free so may as well eat KFC and endure the same symptom's all at one time. Also sort of a last meal that has gluten. I do not have celiac disease like Gayle and Sandi but I do react to gluten by sever itching and muscle pain which I medicate with generic benadryl and tylenol.

Came home and found a package in my mailbox from my nephew in Tennessee. He had sent me some books for my birthday. Last year one of the books was the first in the series of Game of Thrones and this year it was the second book in the series. Also a book about Elizabeth the I of England by Allison Weir. A favorite subject of mine written by one of my favorite authors. We have always related well on our love of history and fact or fiction enjoy reading about them. When he lived here we use to trade our books back and forth. Then to top things off my niece in Arizona called to wish me an early happy birthday. She would be unable to talk to me today due to her schedule. We talked for hours like we always do. We consider each other BFF. I am just 13 years older than she is and we are actually closer than my DS and I ever were.

So today home alone but happy and content. I did open a birthday card from my brother and DSIL this morning. He had given it to me in Dec at Christmas time but it had "Do No Open Until January 23rd." There was an extremely generous cash gift inside. I had told them no more presents but cash is good...lol. He had anticipated being in Mexico for my birthday but due to his DD needing him here he is not going to Mexico this year.
Happy Birthday and may you celebrate many more.

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Re: Daily Check-In January 23, 2020

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Happy birthday, Janet! You are a little dynamo for 75 and having your form of ALS. May you have many more happy years! *HUGS*

I have been "jobbing" away at my tiny desk here at home. It's like hunting for the white whale, but I keep plugging away. I put the dogs' beds around my desk so that they could visit with me while I worked. It cuts down on the fussing and whining that way.

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Re: Daily Check-In January 23, 2020

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Everyone seems in a pretty chipper mood this afternoon even with all the messy weather and other issues. Logics, I am keeping your sister and BIL in my prayers. My goodness they have had the problems that none of us want to have. They are making a grave mistake by not having wills and POA's. I am hoping that you can persuade her to take action on this. She doesn't have to do anything fancy and here in Tennessee as long as your wishes are down on a piece of paper and it's notarized by 2 adult witnesses it's good to go. Any hospital has the forms for them to do a Living Will right there in the hospital. POA's are done the same way, and there is all kinds of information on line, which I am sure you have probably already looked at. You can pay for forms, but it's not necessary. There are good instructions on doing the POA on this website.https://info.legalzoom.com/write-durable-power-attorney-20291.html

It's gloomy, cold and miserable in my part of Tennessee. Rain is suppose to be coming in, and I believe it for there isn't a ray of sunshine to be seen. I am going to paint my closets this afternoon. Handyman finally got here to do the work I needed done and I want all of this done before I start putting clothes back in there. He put in Rubbermaid closet organizers and I think I am going to really enjoy this. I put them in both closets in the Master Bedroom and in my guest bedroom. I left the office closet the way it was as I like to store documents in there and really don't need this kind of set-up.

I did a nice stir fry for my lunch and have enough left over for dinner. I added diced chicken to my frozen stir-fry vegetables and it was very easy to put together. I took a small chicken breast out of the freezer this morning and cut while it was still icy. I don't like large pieces of chicken in my stews, soups or stir-fries. I had a friend that made me some Chicken & Noodles when I was in the hospital in April last year and she put huge pieces of chicken in it. I wasn't real fond of it for that reason, so finally I took the chicken out and cut into small bite size pieces with a sharp knife. Don't ask me why I'm like that, just a hang=up. I am going to split the chicken breast, bread and fry it for chicken sandwiches for lunches the next couple of days. I pound it like a minute steak for I like those thin like a hamburger patty.

Janet, Happy Birthday to you and I hope your day is as awesome as you are. I am a few years older than you (79) but with the health problems I have feel pretty darn good too.

That is about all I give both my children and their families for occasions is money. I am not to lazy to shop, it's just that the great grand kids grow so fast and I never know their sizes to buy clothes. My own children have everything and they like the money too. In the cards I encourage them to use it for something fun for themselves, but there are probably times when they were having financial problems that they used it to pay a bill. I know when DH and I first got married, birthday money was sometimes used to buy groceries, we were getting so low. I never will forget Mother & Daddy sending me $5.00 we lost it. After looking everywhere my DH said lets look in the trash, our son who was 3 at time had "been helping clean up" and he threw the card with the money inside into the trash can. Thank goodness, we hadn't take that bag off yet. We needed milk and bread and that's what we spent it on. $5.00 would buy a lot in 1964.

Washing and chores are finished for the day and I am pleased with my new schedule for housework. Love you all and have a wonderful rest of the day.

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Re: Daily Check-In January 23, 2020

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Happy Birthday, Janet. May your day be as happy & bright as you are! I often think of you as the Mayor of our little, frugal village!

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Re: Daily Check-In January 23, 2020

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Happy Birthday Janet!

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