Daily Check-in January 25, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-in January 25, 2020

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LogicsHere wrote:
Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:59 am
Hello all.

Cloudy here today with rain expected. Won't complain because there is no threat of the white stuff again for at least a week.

Things with my sister are so hard right now. I thought seriously about going down, but since we are on the phone so many times a day, I thought it best to hold onto the money to use as a day-to-day expense arises that she might have a problem paying, i.e. car insurance, cable, etc.

She is so depressed and overwhelmed. She went to see him yesterday and said he looks so bad. They have him drugged because something was also triggered where he was pinching people and even accidentally kicked someone in the head. They also have his hands tied as they are afraid he'll rip out the IV. I feel so bad for her and sorry for myself because there really isn't much I can say or do to make her feel better because it isn't going to change the situation. When I planned for my budget back in December, I took the two hospitalizations as a sign of trouble and put in the added expense to help cover her for a while. It's not that I'm truly happy about it because her financial position was created by themselves, but I can't let her find herself homeless.

Other than that, I'm doing OK, but could be better. Wish I could feel a little happier but her situation has been draining me emotionally as well because I have no one to talk to and want to scream after listening to her for the umpteenth time complaining about the same things over and over. And as I said, if I'm home and see that it is her calling I can't not pick up the phone. I can't do that to her.

Finally, between phone calls, got to work a bit on one of my web sites. It felt really good. Would also like to find the time to pull out my accordion and start "learning" it again. Learning to read the "bass notes" of the music is the more difficult part. That's not to say that I still can't play some of it, because I can. I think it would be fun.

I didn't feel like eating much last night after listening to my sister all day so I had a bowl of cereal with a banana. Hopefully today I will find myself in the mood to make some spaghetti with meatballs or one of my mini meatloafs which is basically 1 very large meatball LOL.

Well, going to go for now. Have a wonderful day.

Logics, talk to us. ((((hugs )))) This is incredibly draining for you, you are acting in the mother role not the sister. She is very lucky to have you ( and not just for cash ) but for the emotional support you are offering.

Very dull, cold and grey here. We have DS so BOOYAH on that score. He arrived with an open sore on his back which is no good for my blood pressure.

As an aside BEFORE having a disabled child I never used foul language ( just thought I would drop that one in ;) )

Bad news re his referral at hospital. A longer wait time than I feel is reasonable. It also brought back memories of the GAME of " prove you need X THEN we'll help " of days of yore. Sometimes I do not have the energy. I do , but I also have The Rage so he will be seen sooner but I am BLOODY ANNOYED. For the record being in pain at the level he is means his challenging behaviour is at an extremely high level, meaning his entire LIFE is being curtailed as he cannot go out as his behaviours are so erratic.


Lost nearly 10 pounds so hurrah for sensible eating. I made one gym trip. I am not paying £40 a month to sweat. I can go one a week as a FREE guest with someone else so I'll do that. And walk the dog more.

Work is ridiculous. We were told we weren't understaffed , in fact I would say we were CHIDED that we weren't uerstaffed. Yesterday several fights broke out........

For seasonal décor I spent a huge £1.40 on some pots of tete a tete mini daffodils and repotted them into four vintage china tea-cups, I saw the suggestion on a blog. The dresser has been redone , its pretty, lots of cut glass and vintage china in pastels and some 1930s pottery in soft greens .

Saw 1917. Its okay, wait til its on TV.

The new look forum has MORE pop ups and screen bouncing around so no improvement IMO.

Housework and laundry done. DH has spent the day in the garden cutting back stuff and emptying the greenhouse.

Frustrated trying to hand our charity shop bags to an actual charity shop. This is good stuff BTW that they could actually sell. I 'll try one more time then I will dump it all, I just want it gone.

No exciting menus. We do both like to cook and fiddle in the kitchen so we are eating well, never eaten so much fruit and veg ;) Today we are having our first "diet " dessert.......simple enough to make and will USE IT UP that low fat custard I bought for trifles.

Janet sorry for your hassle x

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Re: Daily Check-in January 25, 2020

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I've seen some of y'all mention pop ups etc.

I don't see any. What do y'all mean? Do they appear right on the dialog block and makes it hard to post - covers it up or smething.

I see ads on the right side and bottom and yeah - I guess since they change up - are "pop-ups?"

But not distracting. I do use a desktop with a large screen.

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Re: Daily Check-in January 25, 2020

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alliesmama4 wrote:
Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:40 am
Good morning and I use that term loosely. I woke this morning and realized my furnace was not working. I changed the batteries in the thermostat but it did not change anything. Fortunately I received a refund check yesterday so I will make a mad dash in to town to deposit it as soon as the bank opens. Hopefully with that and what I have in my account it will cover a service charge. I do not have a credit card. It is times like this when I think I should get a credit card for emergency repairs. I do have a nice heater in my bedroom and it is currently warming up the master bedroom and bathroom. If the need arises I still have some Duraflame logs and some firewood in my garage but neither will warm the great room up that much. My house is lovely but at the same time not efficient for heating with the room areas being too open with vaulted ceilings and half walls. One of my goals this year is to buy a fireplace insert. This furnace failure makes me more inspired to to that before Fall. Thankfully the temp is around 34 and will stay around mid 30's today. When I come home I will call the furnace company.

Today I plan on making a spinach lasagna using up some leftover cream spinach and some Italian sausage from my recent meat bundle purchase. Also a loaf of my yummy gluten free whole grain bread.

Have a good day and for those of you in the cold zones stay warm.
Janet, I think it would be a very good idea for you to have one credit card just for emergencies.

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Re: Daily Check-in January 25, 2020

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Jackielou wrote:
Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:05 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

Does the forum look a bit different to anyone else? I have a feeling work was being done on it over night. I even had to sign in once again, which is something I don't usually do.

Any way, slept a bit better last night, but that could be because I stayed up later than usual. My body is stiff and sore though, probably due to that horrible bed. I am still pretty exhausted, but when I thought I would lay on the couch and catch a few more minutes of sleep, Shania decided it was time she got sick. After cleaning up cat mess, I lost the urge to rest.

Hubby has finished painting the bedroom and now will fix some areas of the laminate flooring and start to put the room back together a bit. I would really like to be in there once again, but I have a feeling one more night of the too soft mattress will need to be suffered.

I am actually almost done switching around the sewing/craft room. I could use more space (who could ever say they have enough room for all their crafts), but I am slowly but surely containing things and organizing. Most items are stored away off the floor, and my work area is once again cleaned up. Today I try out the knitting machine (think scrap yarn and very simple objects) and I plan on making a few cards on my Cricut (need to get that hooked up yet). I may even sew a few seams on the dress I have out to sew.

Frugally speaking I will not be spending any cash today, I will continue working on the menus for next month in order to use what we have on hand, walking for exercise both inside and outside (weather is supposed to be fantastic), knitting on the prayer shawl (getting very close to being done) and reading when I can.

I plan on taking the dusty curtains from our bedroom down stairs and washing them at some point today. Pretty sure unlike some in this house I can throw them in the dryer for a bit. This would mean that the entire bedroom (well other than closets) have had their spring cleaning for this year.

The corners of the fridge need to be checked out today. Who knows what has been pushed back and needs freeing from the darkness. I just hope that I don't have to toss anything.

We have been looking at our blinds that are, well to say the least aged and in some disrepair. I am going to measure the windows again and keep my eyes open for some new ones. I will search the second hand stores first (usually they are almost as costly as brand new) and watch for sales. Sprucing up our home is always a good idea. You never know what is going to occur down the road.

Supper tonight will not be leftover Chinese food. I think I am pretty much filled up on that for the next year. I will be pulling some ground meat out of the freezer and making meatloaf. Serving it with mashed potatoes, peas and a tossed salad.

Today I am grateful for the wonderful sunshine we have been getting over the past few days. Sure hope it continues.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Jackie, I also had to sign in today.

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Re: Daily Check-in January 25, 2020

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I've noticed there aren't ads on the bottom of the page and I am glad of that. Makes things easier to read. I am not bothered by the other ads. I just wish this platform could be fixed so we don't lose our posts. Very frustrating. Also if two people post at the same time why can't the second post just follow after the first one?

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Re: Daily Check-in January 25, 2020

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Morning all -
Forum is different for me and I love, love love it. Much easier to read - I can see a whole post at a time. I updated to the new operating system on my Mac last night and I thought that caused the change. But whatever it is, it is a big improvement for me.

Tonight we are down to have dinner with our friends. It is a Robert Burns birthday party themed dinner. About the best I can manage for dressing for it is wearing a green top. WE are having Scottish food - hope it is something I can eat. I am not a seafood fan and of course I already said no haggis for me.

Logics - so sorry the drama continues. Janet - is this a new furnace? I remember you talked about replacing one, but can't recall if you did. Message me if you need me. And I do think you should get an emergency credit card. Even with emergency funds in the bank, one might need money the the bank is closed.

Hubs got a light case of food poisoning from the snack bar at the golf place yesterday. He is still asleep. He was sick as a monkey last night.

All my news - have a good day all.

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