Daily Check In February 8, 2020

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Re: Daily Check In February 8, 2020

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning, frugal friends. We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland of fluffy snowfall. There's at least two inches on the roads and everything is beautiful. This being the deep South and it having sneaked past the weather prediction, roads are closed and the police are advising no travel. It should melt off when the temp goes up and rain comes in.

We are having fun sitting by the fire and watching our neighbors' pair of brother cats, the former Adventure Kittens now grown up, playing in the snow. Those two are hilarious! Our dogs being half dachshund and low to the ground, well, they are not enthused about having cold tummies. :-D

Today I may make a pot roast and will definitely do some laundry. That's about it for excitement around here, as we old folks are not up to snowball fights.

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Re: Daily Check In February 8, 2020

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning! Sunny today - very bright and nice - cold though - high temp will be 25. We got our blizzard - about 8" of beautiful snow! It is tough going when walking - but I have read before that walking through deep snow is a good cardio workout - I will not argue that point!

It might be a spend day - I plan to go to the thrift store later on to look for a "new" outfit for work.

I am in the midst of completing a VERY LONG survey and needed a break so thought I would say "good morning" here. Back to it. :-)

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Re: Daily Check In February 8, 2020

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning...
Think we had some more snow overnight. Right now, it's cold, cloudy and generally gloomy.

Slow start this morning. I turned the alarm off and slept in a bit (DH had already left for work.) I'm thinking a pot of soup today, along with some cornbread. I'm also thinking muffins, but I may continue to think on that for a while, LOL!

A college friend of DH's will arrive in town tomorrow for business, so we'll take him out for dinner. (DH is working tomorrow, and likely won't get out on time. Friend is much more likely to get an edible meal if we go out.)

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Re: Daily Check In February 8, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello all.

I slept well last night.

Priority this a.m. was to color my hair. Got that done. I’ll do a few cleaning chores around the house this afternoon and practice French with the Duolingo app. I’ve been pretty consistent for the past month or two. I had one year of French in college so a lot is coming back to me.

Concert this evening is at 8 but I’ll get there at 7 or before. It gets dark here 6:30-6:45. Friend gave me two additional guest vouchers for concerts in the late spring. I’ve already sent in the voucher for a “coffee concert” in May and think I’ll pick another coffee concert in April. I can get free, on-street parking pass from friend who lives in nearby condo. One concert that sounds like one I’d like is in the evening at another concert hall. But I’ve decided I won’t feel comfortable driving there (unfamiliar area) at night.

I’m watching an interesting but violent 8-episode series on Netflix. Giri/Haji is set in Tokyo and London and is about half in English and half in Japanese so there are subtitles.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check In February 8, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

Slight dusting of snow last night, grey and gloomy looking now. I have turned all of the twinkle lights on and opened curtains but not a lot of help.

I brought in wood and fed the chickens, trying to spend some time outside but the cold sucks.
I will be making corn muffins this afternoon for our evening get together.
Just read online that the local Spanish hot dog stand is open for the season.....a sure sign of spring around here LOL. The frozen custard stand will open the 13th...another big deal even in cold weather. It will be crowded and insane for the first 2 weeks.

Going to get some minor household chores done and then watch Schitts Creek until time to go.
Off to do some thing???

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Re: Daily Check In February 8, 2020

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

We woke yesterday morning to a beautiful snow covering our grass. I was very surprised as I had no idea they were predicting snow. As Mackie said, "us Southerners don't get snow often". I have to laugh because living in South Dakota for 10 years nothing closed down except for maybe a blizzard. When I say "maybe' it had to be one where it snowed for two or three days without stopping. Here, when our powers that be see the first snowflake the schools are closed, every church in town cancel their activities and I'm surprised the banks don't close too. I am not crazy about driving in it, but I sure do love to sit by the fire and watch it. We just aren't prepared for a heavy snow in our part of the country.

I have a wonderful smelling Chili simmering. I am planning on making a pan of cornbread to go with it when I get finished here. There is nothing that I love more than a pot of soup or chili on a cold winter day to warm the tummy. My recipe is very simple and it goes together in just a few minutes, let it simmer for at least an hour in my Ninja and I have some good eats.

Have had a good week, lots accomplished and most of all got a good report yesterday from blood work that was done on Wednesday. All my numbers were in line with where I need to be and my Kidney Dr. was very pleased. He says if they stay good for 3 months then I can go to 3 hours sessions instead of 4. I would love that. Went to my optometrist on Thursday for my yearly checkup and glasses didn't even need changing and no sign of glaucoma or other issues. Can't ask for anything more.

Only a little bit of work left to do in one of the closets. Handyman brought his paint to do the painting, but forgot the baseboards he was to put down. Duh!
He did get the new closet organizers put together and he went ahead and installed. He wasn't here when I got home, but the dummy will have to un-assemble some of the unit to put down the baseboards and put the carpet back in place. I don't know about their thinking process sometimes. I think he did that so it would look more finished and I wouldn't bug him about the baseboards. He promises he will be back Monday morning to finish, I hope he will keep his word.

I have been a de-cluttering fool this week and have taken 2 large 30 gallon trash bags and 2 shopping bags filled with clothes and shoes to Goodwill. I still need to do a little more, but I am very pleased. I am ashamed of myself for having so much stuff, it was organized clutter and until I made myself start getting rid of something if I bought something new I had lost control. I am not even going to tell ya'll how many empty plastic clothes hangers that I will be disposing of as well. I am going to replace all of them with the black velvet ones for they look good and clothes don't slip off and fall on the floor. I probably own 48 of them now and I love them.

I need to do a load of laundry and I brought 4 cabinet doors home with me from my rental house to sand and paint. My handyman will paint the kitchen cabinets for me. I can have these done in a few minutes. It will take me more time to remove the hardware (replacing that) than it will to paint. I cleaned them last night.

Sounds like all of your are doing well and I pray for those of you that don't feel good, can't sleep or caring for a member of your family. All of you have a great day and an even better Sunday.

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