Daily Check-in February 13, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-in February 13, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

It is a beautiful sunny chilly day. I am still in my pjs. I woke up early at 7 and after trying to stay up, went back to bed. I slept for another hour. I feel so much better. Needed that extra hour

Now to do laundry today. At least it is not raining.

Hope all have a great day

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Re: Daily Check-in February 13, 2020

Post by littlemiss63 »

Hi Everyone,

Another cold, raining and dreary day in my part of Tennessee. The Cumberland Rive is about to come out of it's bank. There will be severe flooding in the lower areas if that happens. The weather has become a mystery to me. We've had a mild winter, but lots of rain. We expect that in the Spring, but not this early in the year.

I hope everyone is doing well and Jackie I am so sorry to hear about your son. I may have missed it, but what did he injure when he fell? We old people are terrified of falling, but it happens to our young ones too. My sister-in-law is the housekeeper for a couple in Memphis. He's in his late 50's, he fell and broke his hip. Things went from that to kidney failure so she says he's really having a time now.

Thank the Lord things are going better for me. I've had two surgeries since October to get this permanent access (fistula) into my arm so I can get the port out of my shoulder. It has been in there since August and I have been so afraid that it would stop working and another new one have to be put in before the fistula was ready to use. There is always a chance of a staph infection with my immune system low, I've had to stay out of crowds for that reason. We are all carriers and we can give it to others if the situation is right. Monday was my first day with one needle and yesterday was when they used the second, didn't use the port at all for assistance. They want to use it two more weeks to make sure it's working perfect and then I will go in to have the port removed by the surgeon who operated on the arm twice. It was almost painless, didn't hurt any worse than an IV being put in. No discomfort at all during the treatment.

I have been a busy busy girl and today is no exception. I have errands to run and have a yearly check up with my regular doctor at 2:15. I am so sick of going to doctors, but what can you do:

My son will get in on Sunday or Monday to spend a week with me. He's in Oklahoma this week in training for his job. I don't know if he's planning on driving here or flying. If he's flying his sister will have to pick him up if he comes in on Monday. I have the house in pretty good shape and all it will need this week-end is a little touch-up. I have done some extra cooking so we will only have to grill the meat we want for eating here and there are a couple of new restaurants that I want to take him to that weren't here when he was living here in the late 80's. He said he would let me know as soon as he had finalized his plans. I'm sure a lot of it depends when they get out of school.

I am missing Rinty already, but I understand when you need a break from everything to see if you can get your mind clear and back on track. Rinty, if you read this don't stay away to long. I don't know how you deal as well as you do with Tom's situation.

Logics, I'm so glad that you are there with your sister to give her the emotional help that she needs and financial as well. I love my sister with all my heart and I know that it would be hard for me to say no to her if she needed your help.

Mackie, glad to hear about your homeless friend. You are an angel right here on earth.

Everyone else stay warm and Spring will come.

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Re: Daily Check-in February 13, 2020

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon everyone,

I've had problems logging in since the new format so am a little out of the loop. First Jackie I want to send you good wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery of your son. He is lucky to have you and your dh as a source of support. I am sure his cat appreciates you too!

I was sorry to hear that Rinty has decided to take a break from the forum but totally understand. It needs to happen from time to time when outside circumstances and real life situations demand more of our attention.

This morning dh and I went to the gym. I ran two miles on the treadmill before joining my friends at the same facility for walking club. It was fun to catch up and socialize with them. Today has been bright and sunny but bone chillingly cold! Around -33 degrees C this morning with the windchill or -27.4 F. It's warmed up a tiny bit but not substantially. Our teachers are picketing today to protest the cuts Ford has made to Ontario education and I do feel for them having to walk the picket line for 7 hours today.

After getting home I had a bath as I had a mammogram scheduled for this afternoon. It's been quite a while since I have indulged in a bath and I find it's easier to rid oneself of unwanted hair in the tub, especially the legs. Afterwards I went to a nearby grocery to pick up salad greens, rice and black pepper. Glad I didn't allow myself to get distracted and pick up anything else not immediately required.

Tonight dh and dd will be excited to have some prime rib roast for dinner, along with roasted potatoes and oven baked zucchini strips. I have a roasted cauliflower-lentil curry dish from the vegan blog "Pick Up Limes" and will serve that over some leftover brown rice. I heard some rave reviews of their recipes so decided to try some out. I had the curry dish yesterday and must admit it is very good!

It's been a quiet, laid back and relaxing day. I hope it warms up slightly tomorrow so I can go snowshoeing through our 55 Plus Centre.


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Re: Daily Check-in February 13, 2020

Post by MackerelCat »

Jackie, I hope things are okay with your son and your demon grandcat isn't giving you a hard time.

I have been tending to home and hearth today. Went to the bread outlet this morning to buy sandwich bread and a few treats, and to Family Dollar for sundries. The rest of my exciting day included laundry, descaling the inside of the coffee maker, washing out the inside of the fridge, and organizing things in there.

I also found a couple of old computer tablets that we stopped using and am figuring out what's wrong with them to see if they can be fixed inexpensively and sold.

For once this week it's not raining, but it is windy and cold. That does have the benefit of drying things out some, though, and that's good.

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Re: Daily Check-in February 13, 2020

Post by LWolfT »

Good evening ...
Like Janet, we're headed to the deep freeze (well, for us). I think Kitty may have gotten more snow. We may have had 3 inches total.
Went out to run errands this afternoon. Otherwise also tending to house and hearth. Am slowly continuing my decluttering efforts ... and did get rid of a few things on eBay.
Jackie, good thoughts going out for your DS and for you and your DH.

Mackie, any word on a job for your friend?

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Re: Daily Check-in February 13, 2020

Post by MackerelCat »

LWolfT, he has an interview with Chili's next Wednesday for a dishwasher/prep position. Although he was an executive chef for years, he knows he would not be able to keep up now as a line cook, so he has deliberately been seeking out jobs like that one.

My little single mother friend was supposed to have her first day with the cleaning company today. I have not heard from her yet. Her baby got strep throat, but he was treated in time to be okay for daycare today.

I am really hoping everything works out for everybody.

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