Daily check in February 16, 2020

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Re: Daily check in February 16, 2020

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi everyone,

Been to Mass, stopped by Mom and Dad's to water plants and make sure all is well there. Will be going to DS1's to see the gang. It's been a log time, with me being out of town for a week and them being gone.

I did spring for breakfast from McD's between Church and Mom and Dad's. I usually get coffee at the grocery store after Mass, so a little extra spent than usual.

I did get my taxes complete. I did Federal via an online program and then opted to do state via the state's website. The state is free, HR Block wanted to charge me $36. Uh, I can do a little typing for that price.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily check in February 16, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,
The sun is shining and it feels warmer this morning. The chickens are out and all seems well in their world.
I have all of the curtains open and the solar heat is awesome.

Today is going to just be a day of "what ever", I need to go pick up a prescription but may wait till tomorrow as i also need to go sign some papers at the lawyers office. It would appear we are getting to the end of the estate process. As much as i want it over with it is also so upsetting to me, so final and real.

I think next weekend things are going to get moved to dads house, DD's stuff from my garage. I am ready, it is time... i need to start getting my space back.
I have laundry going, bed sheets and comforter, next up is running the floor duster.
Have a good day all,

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Re: Daily check in February 16, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Jackielou wrote:
Sun Feb 16, 2020 7:52 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

It will be another day of getting things done in order to head back to the city tomorrow. I actually managed to get quite a bit accomplished yesterday before petering out and watching television (as well as knitting).

Laundry is started, I plan on taking the library books back today, making 2 apple crisps (one for here and one to take with), gathering together the items we need to take up to DS's to make his life a bit easier, and gathering together what I myself need to keep from going stir crazy (books, knitting, perhaps even some hand sewing things so I can fix buttons or hems), I need to vacuum the house, get the bills sorted to be paid first thing Monday morning, and a myriad of other small chores. Things will be accomplished and I may even get a walk or two in to wear off the nervous energy and get a good nights sleep once again.

DS sent us a text last night. He gave himself a sponge bath (seems he found out it was harder than he thought it would be, tired him right out) and suffered just a slight upswing in his pain level. He said thanks for picking up the grabber thing for him as he would have been butt naked without it..... I guess it is coming in very handy.

He also said thanks for moving the cat dishes to where I moved them as it makes it much easier to feed Eiko now. I also filled a water bottle and his coffee thermos so he would be set for most of yesterday and just have to do the same for today and Monday morning.

His vacuum is broken (he has ordered one on Amazon but it won't be there until sometime Thursday) so I am taking ours up to use. It is very light so will not be a problem.

Also I am taking up a wooden tv tray kind of thing. DS has minimal furniture (finally got a futon just this year) and just one very small end table. No place to put anything within a comfortable reach.

Supper tonight is going to be roast pork, roasted broccoli, roasted celery, and frozen corn. I am not sure if I will add a potato and onion to the roasted veggies or not. We shall see.

Today, being able to help DS brings me joy, and him actually wanting me there brings even more joy.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Your son is so lucky to have you. And I understand your joy in helping him. There was nothing that gave me more pleasure in life than when something I did or bought for mom worked out well and helped her. Safe travels to the city tomorrow.

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Re: Daily check in February 16, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Good afternoon all

Started out as a gloomy day. We had a fog advisory. I didn't have to go do my volunteer thing at the church until almost noon, so I relaxed at home and had several cups of coffee.

I had lots of weird dreams. I felt so good after my 5K thing that I thought i would start walking again. And I will, but darn if I didnt' come down hard from that natural high. Started getting all worried about all sorts of things. Sheesh. It was weird.

I'm feeling better now. The sun came out and it is warm out there. Nice and cool in the house though.

Went to the grocery store to get some general stuff - eggs, milk, bread, hot dogs - :mrgreen:

The washing machine finally died and the COD finally installed the other one that he had fixed. I can wash at home now, but I like the laundramat. Am I weird? He still did his clothes here. I just hated the noise it made. I might still do the pet stuff at the laundramat. It gets done so fast. I am in and out in an hour. Everything washed, dried and folded!

Have a good evening.

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Re: Daily check in February 16, 2020

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

We just finished a delicious dinner of Elk Roasts with potatoes, onions, & mushrooms, gravy & green beans, and dessert just came out of the oven, Carmelized Apple-Raisin cake--which we'll eat about 7-7:30pm with ice cream.

I also just reloaded my teens' tracfone iPhones, as usual ds17 has no data left, and ds15 has almost 5GB--plus whatever will be loaded on tonight.

I need to get dh to print one more paper for me for our taxes; I also need to print my travel log for cancer Dr visits. I was supposed to have gotten a list from the billing lady at our hospital in January showing all our visits to Drs in 2019--never came, so I need to figure out what to do about that instead, anyone want to offer suggestions?

I recorded my morning temp, but will wait to knit on my temperature blanket until Tuesday after the kids return to school.

Dh brought ds17 home last night about 10pm, from the two day State Wrestling Championships. Ds17 Did Not place in the top 6 in his weight class, but he seems in good spirits anyhow.

My monthly knitting/spinning group was yesterday, so much fun, and I learned something new from one of the ladies there. Speaking of spinning, I think that I'll pull out my drop spindle & work on my misc. green fiber.

Speaking of green, I have decided to redye my green wool, yes I know you are sick of reading about this, but the Rit dye I bought to use turned out to be for synthetic fibers only so I returned those bottles to Walmart. I still have 2 bottles of dark green all purpose Rit Dye. Plus my friend sold me a bunch of tie-dyeing kits and a bottle of golden yellow all purpose Rit dye. I'm going to check walmart.com for all-purpose rit dye, then one of these warmer days, I'm going to be dyeing happy. :D

We were supposed to get snow today, and while the mtns might have gotten some, no snow or rain fell down here in the valley. Hopefully all of you east of me won't get doused either. I honestly would love to get another foot of snow (if can ALL fall here) at my house--we'll have a Really Dry spring & summer otherwise.

Happy Sunday everyone. I miss you, Rinty.

Today I am thankful for my cold seeming to be leaving.
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Re: Daily check in February 16, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello all.

It’s been a lost day for me.

Instead of raking leaves I stayed home with Pippi. She has not been eating well. Seems better today but we’ll see. Still very active and doesn’t act sick.

Too much thinking today, too. I’ve always been a total goody two shoes, following every rule and law, paying every bill. But times are changing so fast that I wonder if I’ll have to adapt to a more unconventional life. In Russia the country runs on bribes and unreported cash. Mom and I used to say we were suckers to follow all the rules. Seems like the ones who break all the rules are the ones who get ahead these days and never pay for their sins. I’ve never cared about money but sometimes I think I’ll need to care more to protect myself.

I did get laundry done and completely changed out Pippi’s litter box. Need to pay or write down bills in my checkbook tonight. Electric bill for my house was 51.38 even with a/c and without standing on my head to save energy. Electric for mom’s house, which has required little heat and no a/c, was a whopping 27.65. I think I’ll survive.

Finally found some black semi-dressy shoes in my small size online. Got them yesterday and they are super comfortable and seem well made. Would have been pricy but I got a 40% discount and free shipping from Nordstrom.

Have a good evening.

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