Daily Check in Feb 24, 2020

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 24, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

Slept in just bit, even tho I was exhausted from yesterdays move of DD's stuff from my garage to dads house ( tomorrow it's mine) I still had to take 1/2 an OTC sleep aid last night.
Today the painting will be finished, Son in Law coming to do it while I play gopher for him.

I have both of my vehicles in my garage! I still have stuff to take to the Emmaus center but will take a load when I go into town for other errands. I also need to deep clean the garage when the weather is warmer.

I have sausage thawing, supper will be breakfast food. sausage, biscuits and eggs.

Sometime next week, I m deep cleaning my curio cabinet and prepping for moms angel collection, I don't want the cabinet it's in at dads house, oldest grand wants it...and I am glad for her to have it.

Off to paint prep. have a good day all,
I miss Rinty also, I have a tendency to worry...hope all is well.


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Re: Daily Check in Feb 24, 2020

Post by itspennyc »

I spoke with my sister, last night she is a RN. I sent her a list of all the labs they did on Thursday.

Some I know what they are some I had to look up.

I will copy and paste to her when I get the results.

Yesterday I went with my daughter to Walmart. I bought my new shredder, I need to pitch my old one along with the bin I used to hold the shredding when I used it.

I have a bunch of fabric in the washer to shrink it. 100% cotton fabric.

I have one piece of black I bought for the feet of the Sunbonnet doll. That one I will wash by it self or with some other dark fabric.


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Re: Daily Check in Feb 24, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Good mornng all

A little overcast, not cold at all. Slept okay. Wish I could have stayed in bed but have to get out and about.

Wah - have to take care of some things for the house closing. Its like having a darn job! I hate being on a deadline -wah again.

I'm such a whiner. Pages and pages of things to read. :shock:

Will be going over to the siblings house so they can review also.

have a great day

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 24, 2020

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning,
Well I am working today. Two people out at one of my schools. I tell ya we are getting hit hard with this flu epidemic in spite of flu shots. The job listings have tons of positions open. Accepting an assignment means my phone will be quiet today. The other day while working at my other school I went in the office for something and the nurse's office was wall to wall sick kids. And none we had sent from the playground.
So I am focusing on eating as many superfoods as possible and having my medicinal smoothies twice a day. Since I will have to be in the cafeteria part of the time I must remember to wash my hands frequently. When I come home I plan to treat myself to an afternoon of Netflix and Prime TV. I hope you are all staying healthy. Have a good one!


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Re: Daily Check in Feb 24, 2020

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon everyone,

It's well above freezing point here and the snow is melting like crazy! I will need to dig out my rain boots soon to go on my walk. I'm walking to a nearby pharmacy to pick up my thyroid prescription. Aside from that it will be a no drive, no spend day. Most of the prescription is covered by our extended health care plan anyway.

This morning I managed to get the upstairs thoroughly vacuumed and the dusting done. Also did a lot of decluttering and snipped off the backing from our box spring that the cat had been playing with. Now it's no longer dangling underneath our bed. I made a huge bowl of salad for dh and I with what we had on hand. I will need to go grocery shopping tomorrow as we're really low on fresh produce. Hopefully the selection will be better than it was last week. Jackie, are you finding the blockades are having an effect on your grocery selection? Last week my garlic was a product of Spain. The only Chinese garlic available was a huge amount, but being sold very inexpensively. But I know that has nothing much to do with the blockade. No doubt we will see fewer and fewer products made in China. To be honest I'm glad the police are finally intervening.

Have a wonderful day! And add me to the list of people who miss Rinty.

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 24, 2020

Post by rinty »

Hello Creative ( wry smile )

I am not " back " but just wanted to explain my few little posts recently. I had seen that poor Jackie was up to her eyes and I was very troubled at the "political " posts , which aren't actual "political " posts............ as that would imply intelligent debate, more silly diatribes designed to cause offence to the reader. I'm also concerned that poor DianeNurse, a recent widow and very nice, sensitive soul might be leaving us and wanted her to know that she is lovely and we need her.

My own situation has simply worsened. Its just " punch in the gut " sad. this last weekend, Ds was barely conscious, He is now taking 11 meds per day and has been prescribed a further PRN med, ( basically a knock out drop /chemical cosh ) as he is in such pain he lashes out , and this Challenging Behaviour has meant he is basically a prisoner in his own home. he cannot be taken out because of his violent unpredictability.

As I drove somewhere yesterday and I was alone ( at last !) I could give vent to it all and just cry and cry. It is so wearing when it is your baby and you can do nothing. Last week was hospital appointments at the psychiatric hospital......the consultant there is at the top of his game and has been seeing DS for 4 years.He will try and move DS care on re his pain. It took two carers to take DS there. Also social worker has been put fully into the picture..........she is being given tasks and they are being done.Everything takes an age. As I posted before I truly cannot bear it ...........I am in a mental blank state. In a kind of " dead zone "..........nothing seems to matter.

Anyway, do know I hold this place and its posters in great affection. Please look after Jackie x

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