The Happy Thread!

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The Happy Thread!

Post by ohjodi »

Post something that lately has made you happy, made you laugh, something you're doing/watching/reading that you find pleasure in.

Old TV shows are a great way to take your mind off things!

Last night I was watching old episodes of "Cheers" (the Boston bar show from the 80's). I laughed so hard I cried at this, and that felt great!

Coach is wanting to ask a much younger woman out on a date. Diane is trying to encourage him.

"You know, Coach....I think you should ask her out on a date" she says.

"Ask her out? I haven't asked a girl out in years! I don't even know if my old lines would work."

"Well, what was the last one you used?" she asks.

"How would you like a pair of nylons.....Fräulein.."



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Re: The Happy Thread!

Post by BevMoore »

What i did today was something overdue. I started moving and stacking the firewood I bought yesterday. I didn't get a whole lot done but enough to get the heart rate, etc. going, and clear my mind. It feels good! Not sure if i can finish today since rain is in the forecast.


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Re: The Happy Thread!

Post by HappyDaze »

I have been enjoying and appreciating soft, relaxing music on youtube while working here at home. I used to think music while working was distracting - but this is nice.

Also - before it all hit the fan, a coworker who knows I don't have television service loaned me - wait for it - FIFTEEN DVD movies that I have not yet seen. I watched one last night and might take in another one tonight.

I saw my "first Robin of Spring" on March 18th. It was in my driveway.

I'm texting a "riddle a day" to my dad. He then shares it with my mom and they try to figure out the answer. After about 15 minutes and a couple of guesses, I send them the answer.

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Re: The Happy Thread!

Post by floridacatlover »

Number one source of happiness is my Pippi. At 17 she still has so much energy and is my entertainer.

Number two is sentimental sap. At mom’s house the past few times I have felt that two + years later she is still providing for me. There are so many household gadgets, supplies, whatever from her house that I saved that I’m using now during this crisis. Yesterday it was Tupperware, her old Ecko can opener and some hand towels.

Related to mom’s house. Neighbor across the street has called me several times. He is 85 and in poor health. I’ve known him a large part of my life. We always say we love each other when we end our call. Before this all, we always ended our in-person chats with a hug.

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue from his home on YouTube.

I sound like a broken record but I’m loving Mad Men.

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Re: The Happy Thread!

Post by rinty »

FCL I love sentimental sap (((hugs)))

Jodi, this is a great idea, when I am perkier I'll come up with something.

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Re: The Happy Thread!

Post by jckitty »

I am like FloridaCat, so thankful for all of the stuff at dads house and my own, If I don't have it I can find one there.

My texting thread with my family brings me great joy, I think being mama bear gives them and myself great comfort.

I am burning all of my "good candles" and using my good dishes and stemware...even with the grand. Now is as good a time as ever to enjoy things.

great thread


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