Daily check in March 25, 2020

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Re: Daily check in March 25, 2020

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon!
The sun is finally out here after a very foggy morning. Still chilly though, but still may open a couple of windows for a bit to air things out.

Made a quick run to Sav-a-Lot to get the chicken that's on sale. (One of the few things I'm low on) The place was close to empty, which was fine by me. So took precautions, even wheeled my stuff out to the car and bagged it there using my own bags.

(DH is not in the best frame of mind right now. I'm going to suggest (again) that he limit his time on the internet. Reading the constant stream of virus news doesn't help with stress levels.)

Have chores to do today ... might consider washing a few windows if I'm going to open them. Supper will be pasta and salad ... am stretching out the leftover sauce with a bit of jarred sauce.

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Re: Daily check in March 25, 2020

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning!
Yesterday I moved and stacked my 1/2 cord of firewood since rain was in the forecast I worked as quickly as possible. I didn't rain! I may or may not be able to burn a little bit more throughout the week and then things will warm up. The spring type weather will mean I can do some work outdoors. I realized yesterday while getting exercise from moving the firewood how much I miss my yard duty job. It may come back once school starts up again. In the meantime I will start spending more time outdoors. Hopefully with the weather warming up the allergens will abate also.

I will spend the day looking for my mojo. I thought I had found it yesterday and did for awhile but it seems to be disappearing again. So much to do and so little motivation.

Enough stress and boredom eating for me. I am tired of tortilla chips. Today I am back to my healthy diet and starting the day with my healthy smoothie.

Off to go hunting. Have a great day!


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Re: Daily check in March 25, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

LWolfT, your husband must be exhausted and, reading the news, he wonders how long this will continue. I hope that the grocery stores will be able to hire additional employees soon.

I remember Lin a bit but do not really know her. As I recall, she lives in the Philly area and has a debilitating neurological disease. How terrible to lose a loved one during this stressful time.

We are in a weak Lockdown as of noon Thursday. People are only supposed to go out for essential activities such as groceries, medical, exercise and essential work. But, and this is a big but, non-essential businesses can stay open as long as they comply with CDC guidelines. What’s up with that? If we are supposed to stay home, who will frequent these non-essential businesses? They say it is to help small businesses.

Still, I’m glad I went to mom’s house this morning. I watered everything really well on the side and even unwound the hose almost the whole length so I could reach much of the very back near the fence.

There was less traffic on the roads compared to Monday. I drove into the Walmart parking lot to see the pickup spaces. Found them and there was no one there, surprisingly. Maybe everyone in that time slot had already picked up their groceries. The main Walmart lot on the other hand was one-third to one-half full. No way would I go into the store with so many people.

Friend with the cracked tooth got an e-mail today from her dentist. No appointments until at least May 11. Luckily her tooth isn’t bothering her.

I received a CDC postcard today. Some of you who also receive it might be able to tell why it pissed me off. Sigh.

I’m starting on my book about Mary Todd Lincoln and her dressmaker.

Stay safe.

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Re: Daily check in March 25, 2020

Post by Mrscreative »

Update: Rinty your Dh isn’t the only nutcase who wanted to clean the oven. Dh decided after lunch that he would clean the oven. Never done it before, pressed the self clean button but it wouldn’t start. Neither one of us could deactivate the previous program he set - perhaps delay start? I suggested we try unplugging the stove. Said stove is wedged in very tightly with two separate cabinets beside. Whole stove was pulled out from wall and hadn’t been pulled out for some time. Sides of stove and floor underneath were disgusting! Took at least half an hour to clean this up. Glad it’s done and currently can smell the putrid self cleaning odour. Kitchen window open a crack to allow for fresh air and ventilation.

On a very positive note- my dentist called and said he would provide me with 6 surgical masks. Wow! It made my day as I’ll feel better going in for my procedure tomorrow. I had called the office on Monday. The dental office is closed except for dental emergencies. I tried on a whim, having been a loyal patient for 40 years at that office. The original dentist sadly passed away shortly after Christmas, and retired at the age of 75! He personally selected the new dentist to take over his practice on the condition he retain his hygienist, receptionist and dental assistant. I have known the receptionist for years and she certainly came through for me.

So my to-do list and no drive plans went out the window. But happy with the way my day panned out!


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Re: Daily check in March 25, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Just a little update:
OMG the sun has just been awesome!!! I have been outside almost all afternoon, had to come in and rest and start supper. I had to take a tylenol because ...I got my chainsaw out and cut up ALL of the too long pieces of wood!!!! All winter when I would come across one that was too long I would stack it in a separate area...today they are all cut to the proper length!
This will make my clean up plan go better.
Then because it was just so glorious outside I cleaned off the brick patio...had a lot of leaves to get blown off and just a really good time to do it.

My home made hamburger helper is cooking and it smells so good, either that or I am just hungry LOL. Too early to eat, will settle for a cup of tea and sweetroll.

Need to throw together a salad, cantaloupe for a sweet. A taste of summer and better days!


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Re: Daily check in March 25, 2020

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Evening,

Went into the office this afternoon. It was nice to be there. I will be going in for the full day next Wednesday and every Wednesday after - yayyyyy!!!

I got to see a couple team members I haven't seen in what seems like forever but for the most part, the place was deserted.

It is cold and gloomy outside. I am tucked into my bed with the dogs snoozing by my side. Supper was some leftover homemade lentil soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - I was very hungry!! I want a yummy, steaming hot mug of tea but I'm too lazy to get up and make it.

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