Daily Check In March 26th

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Daily Check In March 26th

Post by rinty »

Morning ! At least the weather is good !

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by littlemiss63 »

Morning Rinty.

Glad to know that the weather is nice there, the thunder woke me up this time of the morning and then I was starving. I made myself sausage and eggs and now I'm going to try and go back to bed and get some sleep. Hope a meal want keep me awake. Pouring down rain so maybe that will do the trick. Catch everyone later.

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by rinty »

Hi guys, we fell asleep very early so woke up tossing and turning at around 3 am. The mind works overtime at 3am !!!! :?

:shock: I am fretting most re DS, I don't even want to know if his ( many ) issues make him vulnerable. My mind is like hamster in a cage re him ( what if ? what if ? what if ? )

Rigid meal planning on a visable list is at least helping.

Today I am dropping " stuff " on DDs doorstep. She loves cauliflower cheese so I made up a dish for her last night. Also goodies type food for DGS ( and his Easter egg, lest the lockdown gets more fierce ) And some toys from here, so he has a change. Hard to be an only child stuck at home . At least he has a trampoline ( like yr DGD , Christmastrees :) I miss my grandbabies..............

Struck by the blogger Ilonas post today, which was a selection of tweets.....one was from a waste company saying their Food Waste collection ( I've mentioned we do a specific one here, in a small bin that is collected weekly as opposed to normal waste which is collected fortnightly ) has gone UP by a third :shock: :shock:


Apparently they think ( co sits even WRAPPED ) that this is the dumping of the food they bought in a panic and have never even needed. Honestly, how ridiculous. My food waste bin had peelings and egg shells, and we'd made veg stock out of those peeling first !

Its warm and sunny, perfect for the garden so that is where I shall be all day. The only major cooking today is another rice pudding to USE UP the milk, everything else is simple , not that rice pudding is HARD ;)

Best to keep off news til this evening daily briefing for myself ( LWolfT I sympathise with your DH ) and same with the internet.

Cross stitching Christmas cards, which is enjoyable and you need to concentrate to do , so that's VERY good. Though I did think yesterday it might be nice to cross stitch some easter motifs, I had a pattern book of a US crafter from the 80s or 90s , if I can find it in my humongous selection of cross stitch/craft mags/booklets.

Anyway, love to all, thinking especially of LIn, she must be in bits x

LittleMiss, you couldn't sleep either ? (((hugs)))

Stay safe x

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

Another lovely day in Florida. Headed to 90F though, a bit warmer than I prefer, but a nice breeze is promised. This morning is grocery store. Gotta have my lettuce! Also the staples. I thought about going earlier than usual, but yesterday, the county issued "stay at home" orders and even I felt a momentary panic. So I expect the stores will be rushed by hoarders. Generally, there is plenty of lettuce and broccoli. Other stuff, optional until later.

As soon as the order was issued, I went to Home Depot and got 8 bags of composted cow manure, the cheap stuff. It is a good mix for my new flower beds. I worked on the porch flower bed yesterday. Wrestled with about 5 or 6 concrete blocks, aligned and balanced. A tree root has left one a bit uneven. Oh well, it is the best I can do. Bicep is a bit sore.

Today is leaf pickup day. That means I can start filling the trash cans again. A good job for the afternoon and evening. Grocery store trip will take all morning. We are still without rain, so yard work is dusty work.

I told neighbor no walk this morning due to the grocery store visit. I am conflicted about walking with her. She just won't give me space. She crowds me until I am almost off the side of the road, then I stop and cross over to the other side of the road to get some space and she starts back over towards me. If she hadn't admitted that she is depressed, I would just stop walking with her. But this has turned her life upside down. She has consistently found some reason to go away from home. To take a neighbor or friend to here or there. Now no one is going anywhere. She went to the grocery early yesterday. She told me on the walk how roasts were too expensive. I asked if she needed one. No she just wanted to see if there were any. Well, I will have to decide, later.

Last night, a friend I introduced to butterfly "gardening" sent me a desperate message. She bought some new milkweed(host for Monarch butterfly) and the butterflies are dying. So I gave her advice and comforted her on her loss.

Today, I am grateful that I love gardening. Flowers, vegetables and butterflies keep the world balanced. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by mbrudnic »

Good morning,
Should have been baseball's opening day. An unofficial holiday in my neck of the woods.

Got a FaceTime call from DS2 & family. DGS6 lost another tooth, DGS2 (3- tomorrow) likes to put his finger over the camera, little turkey! Their babysitter has decided to take off until the stay at home order is lifted. DS is till going to work, but he said one of his co-workers was removed from the job site because he had a 6th degree contact with an infected person. It is kind of hard to tell because my state has an acute shortage of test kits. They are testing hospitalized persons and healthcare workers.

I am glad my Mom did not renew her nursing license last year since they are recruiting retired medical personnel. She is struggling with her back pain.

DS2 has to leave here about 11 AM and swing by a friend's to borrow a keyboard for his lessons. He is careful with his interactions. It has been nice to have him here.

Nice to see our congress agree on something last night.

I have heard a local hospital is asking for fabric face masks. So I want to make some. I have plenty of cotton quilting fabric and ribbon for ties. I have heard of several ways they are being used: Some are putting disposable filters inside. Others, in places where they are reusing the N95 masks put a fabric mask over the N95 and changing it frequently.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning DG, Rinty, Littlemiss, Maggie, everyone - lovely to read your posts. Rinty, the food waste going UP is surprising but I suspect your reason for why is right on.

I'm up and at 'em. Hope is tied outside for the FIFTH time since 6:30 - she is driving me MAD!! I need to grab some breakfast - like Littlemiss I am very hungry. I will start with cereal and fruit and if still hungry I can have toast or banana bread or a soft pretzel.

I will check in after work - must get going as my commute is about 25 feet. :-) Have a lovely day everyone.

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