Daily Check In March 26th

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon,
Sunny and warm, though rain is supposed to come in early this evening. Would have been great weather for Opening Day ... sigh ...

DH is off today and is out doing some yard work. I'm doing laundry, did the daily wipedown of everything.

The grocery ads are taunting me. Lots of fresh veggies on sale that I normally would buy and blanch for the freezer. Though we have a decent supply of frozen, and DH brought home some yellow sticker fresh veggies. I'll see where we are at the beginning of the week ...

Dinner will be burgers and squash on the grill — hopefully before the rain hits. (Otherwise, they may be broiled burgers.)

Jackie, hoping you can get your kitty in to see the vet ... ((HUGS)).
Thinking of Creative today, too ...

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by jckitty »

I just got back into the house!!! It was soooo warm and sunny i threw on some work clothes and went out.I blew leaves in the whole yard....that i could reach with my electric blower and a 100" cord, started the sump pump in the pond to get it emptied and cleaned, hauled countless wheel barrows full of leaves, sticks and wood mess to the burn ring.
Stacked the wood i cut yesterday and just did general yard clean up.
It was glorious!!!! I would still be out there but the temps dipped and it started raining..even heard some thunder.
So now I am in and will do housework...after the shower i need to take LOL right now I am just taking a break and will eat some leftover pizza.

I hope to be able to clean out the pond either tomorrow or Sat ,I only need a window of about 2 hours to "suit Up" and get er done.... refilling it will be a combo of the hose and rainfall.
I really need the pond cleaned because i heard the tree peeper frogs singing last night, a sure sign they will be breeding and spawning. I can't make myself clean out the pond if i see any spawn.

Looking at my list of house chores...better get started.

Hope we hear from Creative soon and that all is well.


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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon everyone,

Thanks everyone for your good thoughts. The procedure went well and I am back from the hospital. Dh made me vegetarian pizza for my late lunch and I’ve just been relaxing. He told me to ask him to do anything and doesn’t want me to over do. The staff and radiology physician were so kind and caring. Now it will just be a waiting game.

I decided not to watch the news either and have my iPad so plan on some YouTube videos or Apple TV/Books.

I am so relieved dd1 got her belongings moved yesterday as Denver is now under lockdown. She is going to leave the unpacking for 48 hours to allow everything to “degerm”.

Jackie I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Shania. Sending you some hugs 🤗.

Take very special care everyone,

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by MackerelCat »

Hi, everyone. Jackie, I am sorry to hear that your sweet kitty is poorly. (((HUGS)))

The weather today is glorious: sunny, breezy, warm. I have the back doors and the window beside the filing cabinet open. Our old kitty sleeps on top of the filing cabinet in a little flannel bed I made him, and he loves to have "his" window open. The sound of lawn mowers can be heard throughout the neighborhood.

This morning I took Homeless Buddy to the clinic to get most of his meds refilled. He goes two different clinics, one for physical needs and one for his anxiety and depression, and today was the physical clinic. They had protocols in place to keep from exposing those getting refills to those who were sick, and he had his fabric mask and had the hand sanitzer kit I made him.

I gathered up all the empty wet wipe containers around the house and made homemade refills today with a cut-down roll of good paper towels, Golden Grain clear alcohol (95 percent alcohol), distilled water, lemon extract and a couple of tablespoons of Palmolive hand dishwashing detergent. It works really well and the lemon extract makes it smell not like cheap booze.

Hope everyone is managing well.

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by AuntBridget »

Let's see if I remember how to do this......

Greetings from Iowa !

Kind of a late check in......like 2 years late :)

Hope everyone is doing well.
We are all fine here. DS and I are out of school until at least April 12th. He of course is happy to not have to go. I am trying my best to use the time wisely.
Hubby is still going to work. He is still in the ER at the VA hospital.

Going to go do some reading of the form, and try to see what all I've missed.
As I said I'm trying to use my time wisely, so will do my best to visit regularly while I have the time.
Aunt Bridget

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Re: Daily Check In March 26th

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Jackielou wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:38 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

Shania was pretty sick yesterday, and even this morning is staying in her tent. She did eat a bit overnight though. Hubby thinks it is time as she was meowing so piteously yesterday. Must see if there is any way of taking her to a vet today (some are open for emergencies).

I am catching a cold, just knew that was going to happen. Sinuses are plugged and I have coughed a bit this morning. dang allergies to all the yuck left by melting snow and ice. I suppose that the up and down temperatures we had before this nice stretch hasn't helped. No temperature, I have been monitoring that closely.

I was the last one to enter the churches doors yesterday. I went to fax the papers to youngest DS's doctor. Hand sanitizer used both going in and going out. They have now put a notice out that you are to leave any packages, papers or such on the table and leave. Glad I got there when I did.

Today, I will take my morning walk after getting some laundry started, try and phone the vets, perhaps make some cinnamon buns (trying with regular flour and not bread flour this time), and sew a couple more masks (this time trying a new pattern). Then tonight and perhaps this afternoon I will get some packing done, and finish off the third dishcloth I am making.

I think I just might have loved this social distancing thing if the DS's were still young enough to be home with us. Homeschooling might not have gone well, but we could have watched old movies together, taken nature walks around the block, read stories, and most of all I would be able to see them. Now it is, we will make a quick trip up to visit youngest (and do a few tasks) then home, perhaps a phone call to the oldest while we are there. I wonder if youngest can fix something up so we can all see each other. I need to see that he is doing fine.

We got a dusting of snow last night and by dusting I mean just that. Still the temperature this morning is the lowest it has been in a few days. Still a walk in the quiet of the morning is what sets me up for the day.

Supper this evening is going to be the leftover pork hash from Tuesday and leftover salad from last night. Cinnamon buns for dessert of course.

The joy of watching the sunrise over the top of the valley each and every morning brings me a sense of peace and an all will be well with the world feeling.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Jackie, see if your DS can set you up with Zoom....then you and both sons can see each other.
I am so sorry Shania is doing so poorly.

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