Daily Check In March 27th

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by floridacatlover »

rinty wrote:
Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:54 am

It is another beautiful dawn out there. We are waking up around 5am, having a nice chat then planning out the day.

Yesterday was better in that I avoided the news totally. I did however face up to the fact that I did need to go shopping. DD is in isolation, I needed specifics for DS and DH is over 70. So we gardened and I fretted.

So I thought, I will only go in if the supermarket is doing safe practices. Drove over mid afternoon, some cars but not many. But a LINE of people shopping trolleys all spaced at least 2 metres apart. You were being let in in small groups.

Relieved, I joined the line, I hadn't brought a coat so I froze for half an hour , there were less than 30 people in front of me, so you can see they were carful how many people they let in. Got everything DD wanted though I had a silly moment ;) ( thank goodness for light relief ) Her text message shopping list had SQUASH on it and I obviously spending FAR too much time talking to you Americans as I searched the VEGETABLE aisle for a wle before it clicked........she and her little boy don't want squash , the vegetable ! They want SQUASH , the fruit concentrate all Britsih children drink. :shock: DUH !

So I got everything, got more liquid painkillers for DS. When I say EVERYTHING this was from a very detailed list of Needs, no crap got into that trolley and I didn't go near any aisle selling it. The floor of the supermarket was covered in black tape forming " lanes " which were ONE WAY and the tannoy had near constant " social distancing reminders " as well as reminders that the staff were busting a gut and could we please be mindful and POLITE.

SO in and out , DH worried as I had taken solong but happy to hear it was because of the good queuing system outside.

Drive to DDs with a selction of stuff for her and DGS and her shopping, left it outside, waving and chatting through the window X

I missed the 8pm " clap for carers " and I feel sad about that. I am texting my fav carer who is obviously wound up like a coiled spring. She is African and very religious, all her texts have something like , I will get through this by the grace of God, bless her. And it isn't just words for her either. She won't leave her boys, one is there as his mother has cancer, no chance of him being taken " home"

My school makes my heart happy too. On our website there are so many things and its not DRY like some of my DGKs school sites are. there are challenges from different teachers, messages from the class cuddly toy mascots and a social story about Coronavirus for the kids to either read or a powerpoint type cartoon for littler ones to watch. I text my teacher to say how proud I was of her x

DH went to the allotment and there were a number of allotmenters there. You can space out easily if you stay on your own ground. We have onions, shallots, garlic and potatoes there and of course there is the all the fruit bushes. He has put in more pots and onions this year , presumably with the argument for sharing amongst the family ( the other thought would be that we'd still have some if we got theft from there ) Other veg is being brought on in the greenhouse, we have cloches warming the ground before planting.

Our daily dog walking is very pleasant in this weather. You meet people who are alone at home and desparate to talk.

I felt relieved by then as I'd done all I could for family, but I was still in bed by 8.30 :shock: It gives us all a bit of space.

On here, where is GAYLE ? Babygirl , you have to check in, or we fret. Love you.

On another point, has anyone tried to see if they can access Jamie Olivers new cooking show , and I mean NEW, it was trown together for the Coronavirus shutdown. Its an utter godsend, last night the recipes looked delicious but he made a particularly nice deep pan pizza with stuff even the shopping and cooking challenged WOULD HAVE, didn't need yeast or anything from the dough and it looked FABULOUS and an utter CLONE of the type of thing the Stuck at Home who normally get takeway pizzas ect would live on. Google it, it is so worth a look and could be passed on to those you know who'd benefit.

Anyway, watched the 6am headlines then turned the TV off. Todays meal plan is a roast chicken dinner with sprouts, carrots and a very few dry roast potatoes ( I don't need to eat them, tasty as they are ) It will yield a LOT of future meals so looking forward to that. Also picked up a bag of going off bananas yesterday. Picked out the ones still good for DD and kept the others and will make banana bread ( comfort food to eat and freeze !) with the rest. Also picked up 3 punnets ( 3 was the max of anything though I didn't max anything else out ) of green grapes at 5p each. FIVE PENCE :shock: Good, as I was shopping for three households x I will count that as a blessing x

Another nice thing. When dog walking the other day I noticed people walking back from shopping and a few had bouquets of flowers. Weird, thought I cos fresh flowers wouldn't be my Go TO Purchase right now............well the supermarkets had been GIVING AWAY their unsold Mothers Day flowers...

How nice is that ? In the supermarket I was in there were banks of DEAD flowers , not a priority to clear away.

Finally, a friend is self employed and had no business. She text us to say she is now shelf stacking in TESCO. Got the job and started that same day :shock: No messing around with supermarket hiring right now. Shes relieved and says she can shop there 3 x weekly spednig £30 a time in we are desparate. We've got nice friends.

Stay safe and Gayle, please check in x
Rinty, I don’t think that Jamie Oliver’s new show is available outside the U.K., at least not yet. I thought it would be on YouTube but no. There is one video on making soda bread with the #stayathome hashtag. I started watching but it is 30+ minutes so will watch later. I’m not sure if that is part of the new series.

It looks like this show is on your Channel 4 and they prompt you to download their app but I couldn’t find anything there. Probably those videos will make it to YouTube at some point.

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by floridacatlover »

I just read that Boris Johnson has the virus!

I hope that his pregnant girlfriend doesn’t get it. I don’t think they have info that it negatively affects unborn babies but still that would be scary.

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by rinty »

Omigosh, that's sent me straight to the news, thanks FCl, hope you are keeping well, lovey ? Think how special it will be to travel when we can all do so safely again x Plan some virtual trips x (((hugs)) and look after yourself x

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

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Good Morning,

Lot of people up early this morning.

Got quiet here when DS left. But it was good to have another body around. And I got him to move his bins to a higher shelf in the garage and bring mine down a bit.

I will need to look into getting a few more hand towels. With as much as I am washing my hands thoroughly, I am trying to wash the hanging hand towel frequently and I only have 3.

We've got rain again. We are more than an inch over our usual for the month. It puts me off from going for a walk.

Today I will venture out to Hangar clinic to pick up my ankle brace. I was pleasantly surprised to not have it cancelled. I'll have to lean back and stick my foot out for the clinician to put the brace on. I will throw wipes in the car to clean up.

I measured DS2's quilt top and will order backing fabric and binding. I am not looking forward to a weekend of staying at home.

My work teammates have decided to cancel our daily check-in, coffee chat. That was a bit of a lifeline for me. We even had an email form the CEO to continue virtual coffee chats to stay connected.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by Jackielou »

floridacatlover wrote:
Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:03 am
I just read that Boris Johnson has the virus!

I hope that his pregnant girlfriend doesn’t get it. I don’t think they have info that it negatively affects unborn babies but still that would be scary.
I read the news before coming here and saw that.

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

Up early, but I went to bed early last night...early for me anyway.
Rinty, I am so glad your shopping trip went well.

Since I got the pond cleaned out yesterday, I have it refilling right now...rain expected so will only fill half way and hopefully rain will finish it.

it is dreary today but at least I can get stuff done inside. I will be making a list of stuff to pick up curbside from the nursery/greenhouse that DD1 and grand are working at. I want to help keep the place going. I will be getting some pansies and garden seeds. I have already decided that when the time comes they will be doing the mulch around the flower beds.

Yesterday was such a good day for yardwork, until it started raining...now thats all I can think about LOL.
Last night was "clean out the fridge night" for supper ...cause it needed used and I was tired!!! :shock:

Tonight will be glazed pork chops, baked potatoes and salad. probably will make either glazed carrots or squash also...the veg squash, not the drink squash LOL

Will light my candles and turn on the twinkle lights and get my day started.

Frugal tip for today: Kindness costs nothing.

Stay safe, stay calm, and be positive


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