Daily Check In March 27th

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon ...
Been raining all day here, so it's pretty much dark and gloomy.

DH called, says he has to work OT, neither of us is thrilled about this.

Anyway, have been puttering, dishes, paperwork. Probably should do another load of laundry, and have been eyeing one of the furnace return vents that needs to be cleaned. May give it another go with the vacuum, since I'm not keen on hauling up the ladder.

Jackie, safe travels (glad your kitty is feeling a little better).

Gayle ... (((Hugs))). Does your therapist have any practical suggestions on how to safely diffuse those outbursts, or a safe place you can go?

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by jckitty »


I know I said I was going to work in the house but....walked my dog, looked at the garage and thought " at least start cleaning". So I did and I am happy to report I did alot more than just start on it, I just about have it whipped!
Called a cousin, they collect for the poor and gave them the loveseat and 2 end tables that i had saved for the Emmaus center. They have already collected them and now I have some room to work. I still have boxes of stuff to donate to Emmaus when they open back up.

Found 3 dead mice, I keep poison out for them year round...I hate them.

Ate a late lunch, now I really am going to do some housework....it is raining again so can't go out. Probably a blessing in disguise as it needs done and if the sun was shining I won't do it I would be outside ;)

I may take a nap today, cause I can....
Gayle, I have to say... I would be putting "a beat down " on your husband. He is being a terrible example to his kids.


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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by Quilter51 »

Now I may need to pull out the Last Waltz, it's been awhile (I also have the full soundtrack).

cloudy day here. Son is off to work. His restaurant seems to be doing okay with takeout orders as they seem busy daily. he has a history of childhood asthma but he is using gloves, and washing constantly although probably not six feet away always from others in the kitchen (no contact with customers). He is stripping down and washing hands when he comes home, I may start having him shower as well (for his benefit), not washing the work clothes daily but keeping them in a spot in his room per cdc guidelinees.

sister 65 wavers between wanting to stay home and go to the grocery store because of boredom bless her heart.

gayle, I am of the kick him in the wherever. I take it he will not go to therapy with you? Can you designate a place for his yelling and screaming and tell him that from ow on you will walk away and go into 'blank" room?

today we are having leftover,s, I knit this morning and may sew this afternoon and have a new book in my seires. I walked fifteen minutes areond the house and need to do that two more times.

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by BevMoore »

Bev if housekeeping causes you pain, that is likely your body's way of saying you shouldn't be doing it. If we lived close to one another and we weren't in the midst of a pandemic, I would do it for you for free (well, for a cup of coffee and your good company, lol). Take care my friend.

Awwwww thank you Sheila. Somedays I am able to do more than others. Right now, like today I have some fatigue. It's a problem I have always had especially when we have spring time allergies. Even when I take my allergy meds it's so hard to get going on those days. I think in a bit I will go finish reading the paper and then perhaps watch some TV.

Thank you for caring <3 <3 <3


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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by gaylejackson2 »


Have done my errands. Been to library, walmart, 2 banks-ds15 took girls to dollar tree while i haggled with my bank they refused to refund more than 5 charges so I’m just sunk now. Yippee😐☹️

Can Not find my property tax statement from last year so am off to see if county offices are open & if they will work with me. Dh refused to help me look for it, so yeah I’m totally on my own here—cuz you know, Gayle screwed up the damned heloc.

It has snowed here 3x today (none of it stuck to ground), and I can't see the mountains so i know its snowing hard up there. Fine by me. Reservoir needs filling. Cold here too, high to be 40°F which I haven't seen yet.

Bought myself a new cheapie bluetooth earbud at walmart $14. Old one died a month ago and I miss it desperately, but it lasted 6-7 years. Hopefully this one lasts long enough for me to get something much better in a couple of years.

Just got dd9 from piano & dropped ds12 off. Best run to town now.
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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by HappyDaze »

My office mate and I traded days in the office for next week - so I'm in on Monday for the whole day --- yayyyyy!!!

Wednesday (the day I would have gone to the office) we are going to our local fair grounds in the morning to pack food boxes for the food bank. People will drive up, open their trunk and we'll place a box of food inside. My office mate has a long commute so she wondered if I would trade days with her so she can go in after our shift at the fair grounds - so I said "no problem".

My work day is over. I have had beans cooking in the slow cooker all day - with an onion cut in half for flavor - first on "high" and now on "low". I have rice cooking to put with them and will add a can of stewed tomatoes, some garlic powder and other goodies. I will save the cooked onion and use it for something over the next few days.

I walked both dogs - after clocking out from work of course - I'm being paid a full day even though I didn't have a full day of work to do - but I still have to show documentation of when I worked and when I didn't. Got all the outside cats fed and got the mail. Never got my sign made for the mail carrier - perhaps tomorrow.

My Lucy's nails are getting way too long. The Vet can't get her in until April 6. I watched some online videos and determined that NO, I IN FACT CAN NOT CUT HER NAILS MYSELF. The groomer is closed - so the Vet it is on the 6th. She will have to hang in there until then. She can still walk fine and doesn't appear in pain but WOW are those nails LONG. I feel like a terrible dog mom.

It is warm enough outside for me to grab a blanket to wrap up in and sit out - so I am going to do that and soak up some of that free Vitamin D. Hope is out there now doing just that and Lucy is back to sleep on my bed - tired from her walk.

Catch you sometime over the weekend friends - please take care and stay safe and healthy!

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