Daily Check In March 28th

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Daily Check In March 28th

Post by rinty »

Watching the dawn again, it is lovely.

I don't do the early morning dog walk ( cos its cold and DH is happy to roll out of bed and do it ) I ain't going anywhere immediately after rolling out of bed. The world has enough problems without seeing me like that ;)

Roast chicken dinner ( like a Sunday roast ) was perfect. Real morale boosting food. I didn't make the banana bread , saving that for today !

Todays meal will be Chicken stew and dumplings, om nom nom. I will take a pot of it over to DD and leave it on the doorstep, shes working from home and " homeschooling " and a warm stew and dumplings is as good as a hug, surely ;)

Best thing ever yesterday.

Opened the large AMAZON parcel that had arrived that we had waited to open.

it contained (DRUMROLL) the big bag of NAPPIES, that we had resigned ourselves to not having til MAY as a delivery date :D AMEN, people, AMEN !!! Couldn't have been more delighted , just couldn't. Anything that LOWERS DS anxiety levels is a VERY GOOD THING XXXXXXX

Today I am phoning a good friend on my wavelength and we may well have a little cry and scream with each other behind closed doors and Do Us Both Good ;)

Cos sometimes that is what we need.

The garden is beautiful so some time spent out there, a trip to the allotment as we can take all the leaf trimming etc there to pile up and its Safe Distancing. Everyones plots looking immaculate as people have had more time to do them.

Inside, all that needs doing is the hovering, I need to go through and create a few more Jobs to Do as we seem to be knocking them off the list at a rate of knots.

Christmas cross stitched cards are being done / internet OFF and TV off , just checking the Daily Briefing.

Poor old Boris x

One thing, has anyone else noticed the news anchors homes ? Over here, the BBC has a lot of either self isolaters or people who aren't travelling for work and they broadcast from their houses. Man, some people have a LOT OF MONEY, some homes are palatial ! We've been commenting to each other , " Look at that ! This is their KITCHEN ! can you believe that, etc etc "

Yesterday , cracked up at our Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who like Boris is at home with coronavirus, he was broadcasting from what I presume is his study at home. It was like a teenagers bedroom.............not MESSY but cluttered with loads of books, framed football shirts, it was magic ! Now, that's a normal person ;)

Love to you all x

Jamie Oliver was brilliant last night, making curry ( another British STAPLE food ) and a very hearty minestrone soup, all the while chatting away in a reassuring way. BIg Cheryl thanks for pointing out you could access his recipes etc on his Facebook account, I don't Facebook so it didn't occur to me .

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning Everyone, Hello Rinty - enjoyed your "catch up" tremendously. Still dark here - listening to the cheerfulness of the birds and enjoying a cup of coffee before my dogs wake up. Heard the neighbor's dogs out barking - that means he tethered them like we are supposed to by law - about time. Maybe a good screaming at is what had to happen for him to comply. Anyway, enough waste of thought on that.

I hope to get outdoors today, my garage needs a bit of cleaning - there has been a cat living in there (it can get outside) and it is about to be evicted - there is plenty of other shelter on this property. I need to sweep the garage floor and get some recycling out of there and out to the curb for pickup on Monday.

Today's breakfast will be warm rice pudding with sliced (canned) peaches. I had extra rice from the beans & rice I made yesterday - which turned out to be very good - I added a diced chipolata pepper and some other stuff and oh YUM - might be the best beans & rice I've ever made. Made enough for 4 meals - one went into the freezer. Lunch will be whatever I can grab, perhaps a serving of the beans & rice, and supper will be oven roasted potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts.

I hope to bake some muffins today. I have a lot of juice from canned fruits in the freezer and it goes good in homemade muffins just substitute it for whatever liquid you would normally use. To replace the egg, I use a tablespoon of flax meal mixed with 2 tablespoons of water. I'm thinking some blueberry muffins using pineapple juice for the liquid will be quite tasty. And goodness knows, having the oven on will provide a much needed warm up to this house - it is warmer OUTSIDE - so windows open.

I don't imagine I'll be checking back in the whole weekend - I need to UNPLUG - the working from home has me chained to this laptop - plus my personal stuff, plus my phone - I can't take it! Enjoy your day friends and be safe and well and blessed.

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

A lovely, but warm day is expected here in Florida. I was still a tad pink skinned yesterday, so I stayed inside or under the porch cover during the sunny part of the day. It was difficult since the yard called to me. But I spent the time sweeping the porches and such. I finally got outside as the sun drifted into a beautiful red sunset. I spent the last hour of the day digging out the ditch culvert which had accumulated some dirt and wheeling it to the back yard to fill a low spot.

Today, I am brown, so I can play in the yard again. I have plants to plant in the ground and of course, everything to water. Work on the leaves as usual. And move concrete blocks and pavers. I hope to finish and fill my new expanded northwest corner garden. It is supposed to be in the 90's today, so I will need more rest breaks.

I over cooked the beans yesterday. They weren't ready at 4 pm, so we had stir fry for dinner instead and they remained in the crockpot cooking. I got started on the ditches and didn't check them until almost 8 pm. Well, beans are kind to forgetful cooks. So we can still eat them tonight. I did get the last whole turkey(free with gift card) into the refrigerator to thaw. Cooler weather is promised Wednesday next week. Turkey time. Yum, yum. Of course, food is prepared outside on the porch in the crockpot when possible to reduce kitchen heating. So far, we have not needed the ac. Frugal win. House windows and whole house fan is on to catch the pre-dawn coolness.

Today, I am grateful for everything I have. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Updating you all from the recliner in DS's place after a night of what I would call very little if any sleep. If Hubby dare says he got no sleep I am going to pinch him. I have listened to him snoring most of the night.

I will be trying to brew myself some coffee shortly and get started cleaning the bathroom. Thinking after that it will be the kitchen. I don't want to wake anyone too early.

The streets are pretty much deserted here and the mall parking lot across from the apartment complex is empty except by the grocery store. I saw something interesting when I came back from tossing trash yesterday. A group of three cars parked in a kind of circle. The teenagers that drove said vehicles were sitting on the trunks and visiting. All were at least 6 feet apart.

Off to get my day started. Today I will be finding joy in one or two cups of coffee.

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,
I woke sometime after 4:30, sat up for about 30 minutes and crawled back to bed for about 2 hours.

I got my ankle brace. I like it, except for the part where it barely fits into my athletic shoes. I think I will look online for some slippers to wear over it around the house. At the clinic they sent me back to a room (where there were 3 dispensers of hand sanitizer) where I waited for the tech. Then the business manager came to me to gain signatures & take my payment. I appreciated that.

I FaceTimed with DS1 & DGS-birthday boy. They were at his in-laws. Sigh. I also had DB - with the anxious wife call to check up on me. He was at the shopping center across he street from me picking up pizza. He said his 21 yr old son asked about me. Makes me feel good.

I am trying to pick out material for DS2's quilt backing online. I don't want white. Picking out fabric is my favorite part. I jsut want to run into JoAnn's rather than using pickup. Sigh.

Sun is shining for now. But the forecast calls for thunderstorms this afternoon. I need to get a walk in now.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

A rainy day in store, but Christmas again on Hallmark . . . yeah.

Finally got a delivery slot at the grocery store so am putting together my list. Still some things are unobtainable but I will make a trip to the store quickly during the week. I might change it to a pickup though or wait till the next time. Now I think I know the trick to getting a slot so I'll make sure I make a note of it.

Already had a call from my sister, at least it was different from the 10 or so I got from her yesterday. After listening to her complain for the last 30+ years and her complaints about her daughter's roommate 10 or 15 times a day the last 4, it is REALLY old now. I also got the courage to tell her (you have to walk on eggs with her when you talk to her) I said that there is usually more than 1 way to handle things but that doesn't mean either is wrong, although it could be. She came back with but you're not down here to know what is going on, and I said but that's EXACTLY what I tell you BEFORE I say that I would have or might have handled a situation differently. She accuses me of not listening but it's she who doesn't listen. But I do believe her problem with the daughter's friend could have been handled far better if she had listened to me years ago as I don't think they would be at each other's throats . . . oh well. She doesn't realize it but she and her daughter are a lot alike as well . . . my sister is first and always right. She said she wasn't going to call as much and I said there was no reason to call so often, once or twice a day to check in is fine. We'll see.

I've got Hallmark on right now, although the movie they are showing now is not exactly a favorite of mine or one that I would be happy to watch more than once, but it is a "cheerful" one. I'm getting ready to pull out my colored pencils to work on a drawing that features a young woman holding a fox in her arms. I want to get in some practice on coloring
hair and fur.

Dinner tonight will be a Banquet Turkey dinner, nothing fancy.

Today is "Something on a Stick" Day. How many things can you think of that can be put on a stick?

Have a good day.

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