Daily Check In March 28th

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by clemencia2us »

The beautiful chilly weather is back!

It was touch and go yesterday. Think we hit 90 or so.

Then this morning it started to get really dark. Then the wind started howling. It rained a bit.

The temp dropped about 30 degrees! The wind stopped and now the sun is out. Beautiful

I was going to go get breakfast, but i would have had to stand in line outside with 6 ft spacing. So decided might as well eat what we have. Crazy idea huh? :mrgreen:

But I like to support our local small cafes. I feel bad for them.

Take care all

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good afternoon everyone. We had several wicket storms recently both late at night or very early AM. Poor Teddi had to abandon ship and slip under the couch. We are expecting another round this afternoon. We do not need rain. We were already concerned that the rivers did not recede back in to their lower levels during winter and we are now in minor flood stage on the Mississippi river. It is going to be a long hard Spring. Usually they can put out a call for volunteers to sandbag and a huge amount of people show up. However with the self isolating thing it will not be allowed. There is so much ponding of water on my road that I cannot get to my mail box unless I drive my car.

The good news is that the temp this morning was 67 F and going up to around 76 F this afternoon. So nice to walk outside and feel the balmy weather and hear the birds singing even if the sky is overcast.

Teddi and I have been out several times with him on a long lead. I have picked up sticks but hard to do with one hand on a leash. I need to go out without him to get the debris up quicker. I noticed that I do have a lot of dandelions poking their way through the ground and wild onions also. I am going to pick some things to use in the house. Have not decided it I want to eat the leaves as a salad or cook them.

All in all we are doing well. I feel food wise for myself and Teddi we are doing well. No problems or complaints here. I do feel so sorry for those that are suffering so much with the disease or with those that have lost a loved one. Especially concerned for those on the frontlines. I am sure they are physically and emotionally drained with no light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

Libby good luck with your portal removal. Sending good thoughts and prayers that all goes well.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by jckitty »

hello all,
This is the second time I have tried to post...I hit submit on the last one and it sent me back to log in page????Whats up with that??

I had to take 1/2 of an OTC sleep med last night...my brain would not shut off...makes me groggy in the AM, ugh.

I did wake up very early to some gnarly thunderstorms and heavy rain. Rolled over and slept late. So far this AM I have cleaned and scrubbed the stove hearth and platform...it was disgusting and well, not it's not :)
I will be making a loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread...sourdough based. Supper will be bacon, french toast with maple syrup and an over easy egg.
DD2 brought what she thought was ham from the freezer to have for tomorrow....however it is a fresh ham, so more like a giant pork roast. I will cut it in half when mostly thawed and re freeze half. I will make half as a pork roast with sweet potatoes and probably some seasoned green beans. She has been severely jonesying for ham. LOL

It is gloomy and cold outside,so it looks like IF I get anything else done it will be inside. I have the coffee pot cleaning right now and next up is scrubbing the coffee cups with baking soda...I have a tendency to let them all get stained before I scrub them....bad Kitty :oops:

We have storms predicted for this evening/night. ICK!
Off to get something done...
Frugal tip for today: tightly wadded foil balls in the dryer help the clothes loosen up and dry faster, a tennis ball also work well.

Stay safe, stay calm and be positive


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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by rinty »

Hey Up as we say in Lancashire, ( I was born in Lancashire ;)

MUCH colder today. I decided my big job for the day would be washing the windows inside. My goodness, they were filthy and I'm not a slattern. Very satisfying.

Ferreted in the cupboards and found some pecans languishing .............not for long ! So I made banana bread with pecans, two loaves ( om, nom, nom, nom )

The stew in on, onions, pots, swede and carrots, smells LOVELY. Made with homemade stock from yesterdays chicken carcass. Some tomato puree for gloss. I will pop some dumplings in for the last 20 minutes cooking time. Suet dumplings ( drool)

We are taking all the shrubbery, etc to the allotment. LittleMiss, the garden does look nice. Its funny the desire to keep busy..........friends are saying they are doing home decorating. You are such a busy bee, Littlemiss, hope you do get a renter, especially as shes in healthcare.

Nice idea but I wouldn't be going out to BUY paint or wallpaper right now. :shock: One friend says shes had this wallpaper sat there for ages waiting for the right moment............which is NOW as shes a cancer sufferer so she is self isolating for the next forever.

Really nice day actually, last few days I have had a ball of anxiety in my chest I couldn't shift and didn't want to burden DH with but today is okay. All the kids reporting in happily. DGKs all liking home school and actually working.

They all like the daily PE session a British guy called Joe Wickes does each morning. Oldest DD reports a Baking day with her KitchenAid, good times x

Saw a recommendation for a NETFLIX film called The Leisure Seekers, with Helen Mirren and Elliot Gould, got good reviews. Not a barrel of laughs subject...........one has cancer, the other the beginning of dementia but they take off in their camper. Worth a watch.

We are tending to keep TV time to a special thing we want to see rather than rotting in front of DAYTIME Tv cos , my goodness, its rubbish ;)

Anyway, stay safe x

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by littlemiss63 »

jckitty wrote:
Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:15 pm

Frugal tip for today: tightly wadded foil balls in the dryer help the clothes loosen up and dry faster, a tennis ball also work well.

Stay safe, stay calm and be positive

Kitty, this may not be as frugal, but several years ago I bought two hard plastic spiked dryer balls at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 and they have held up beautifully and I never have to put fabric softer in my towel wash. These things make them soft as a "babies butt".

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by MackerelCat »

Hi, frugal ones. I was awake until 4 a.m. My brain would not shut up: chattering with worry about the state of the nation and our finances. But today DH and I took on the task of revamping the den closet so Homeless Buddy (HB) can hang up his clothes. It required him double folding his jeans before hanging, but we got two rods in that tiny closet with room below for shoes and a dirty clothes basket.

HB's clothes had been hanging the garage and I was afraid he would get a brown recluse spider in them. We sorted through all his stuff, which had still been in boxes and tubs, and he found a lot of toiletries and medication that he needed. So now the garage is tidy again and his belongings are organized and put away.

It was pretty important that DS be able to get at his tools in the garage because building little things is a nice distraction for him. He's a lot happier too.

Other than that, I am washing some bedding to put away since most of the cold weather is over here. We're collecting things to donate to the thrift shop, but none of the are open at the moment.

Hope everyone stays well and snug.

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