Daily Check In March 28th

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

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So good to see you posting AuntBridget!
Made some cookies this morning. Rainy day here, very dark.
I can not even begin to tell you all how good it is to "see" you every day. Truly lifts my spirits.

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

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Hello friends,

Was cold this morning at 26F but is much warmer now at 44F, but best of all the SUN IS SHINING!!

I'm feeling happier today, and I slept for 8-1/2 solid hours. I did a small grocery shop this AM with my gloves & mask on--got lots of scared looks from people.

Last night I serged the edge of LOTS of pieces of fabric, most of them were fat quarters, and tossed them all in the washer on a hot water wash--with 3 of those color catcher pieces (I cut each full sheet into 3). Dried them this morning, now I need to go iron them then start cutting them.

Thanks to my new bluetooth earbud, I'm once again enjoying listening to my favorite audio.

Dinner will be either leftover stew or tamale pie, probably the tamale pie. I might try to make a pumpkin pie too. I also have bananas that need using too.

I had forgotten how joyful i feel when working with fabric (though its been awhile so I was sneezing from the dust).

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

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Jackielou wrote:
Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:58 am

The streets are pretty much deserted here and the mall parking lot across from the apartment complex is empty except by the grocery store. I saw something interesting when I came back from tossing trash yesterday. A group of three cars parked in a kind of circle. The teenagers that drove said vehicles were sitting on the trunks and visiting. All were at least 6 feet apart.
Aww... I'm glad they are able to visit their friends... Kids don't do stuff like that anymore very often.

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

Post by rinty »

Gayle, I know you can't fast in your medical state and don't be tempted to TRY but just wanted to mention the Worldwide Fast that the LDS church has called for tomorrow, Sunday 28th.

DH and I were talking about this and wanted to make it a day we abstain from social media as well as one to concentrate on Fasting and Praying for Coronavirus.

Stay Safe x

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

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Well my son told his both that he thought he should stay home for two weeks to protect his own health and me and theirs since someone in our immediate area has been I'll and died and he smokes, has a history of asthma and pneumonia. It's what I wanted but I left it to him. His boss says hell be off the schedule until further notice but did not fire him. A double edged sword I tell ya. In the one hand I'm happy for his health on the other hand this economy...

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Re: Daily Check In March 28th

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Got some painting done, but it started raining outside and paint just doesn't dry well in damp weather so I stopped and came home to really enjoy the rest of the day and evening.

I bought some very nice ribeye steaks when Mr. B and I went to the commissary at Fort Campbell, Ky a couple of weeks ago. I was saving them for a special treat and I figure getting the news about my port coming out next week qualifies. LOL I put it in Dale's marinade before I left and will have it with a baked potato, loaded with cream cheese and butter, texas toast and lima beans. Even have a small sliver of cheese cake. I will build me a fire as it's still chilly enough and end the evening with a nice glass of white wine. I had brought some wood into the garage earlier in the week, so it's nice and dry. Hope the rest of you have had a wonderful day. Enjoy your evening and count your blessings, that's what I am going to do.

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