What is Your Hobby or Craft of Talent?

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What is Your Hobby or Craft of Talent?

Post by HappyDaze »

What type of hobby or crafting do you do? Do you sew, knit, make jewelry? How do you keep it "frugal"?

What don't you do that you would like to learn?

I do a bit of knitting and I make wreaths out of all sorts of found things. I do some drawing and sketching just for my own enjoyment - I'm not especially good at it. I go to some craft classes at our local library and we have made some paper boxes and books and things.

I would like to learn macrame and make my own macrame wall hanging and some plant hangers. Time to check out some YouTube videos.

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Re: What is Your Hobby or Craft of Talent?

Post by SandiSAHM »

I make old, beat up, ugly furniture pretty again. Sometimes I use it, most of the time I sell it.

It was my 'hobby' before my part-time job came back around. Just sold a desk (it was a lovely dove-white antiqued finish with oil-rubbed bronze hardware) that started life about 25 years ago as a nice lightly stained pine piece with brass hardware, saw a LOT of abuse. All it cost was elbow grease, sandpaper and TSP, some left over paint, glaze, and polyacrylic; I cleared $175. :lol:

It'll be my last for a while, work takes up so much time that it took 4x the usual time to get that desk done and it cluttered up part of the garage in front of the storm shelter.

I'd rather refurbish good pieces than buy laminated particle board.

I wish I could sew, crochet, knit... but I'm physically inept with anything delicate.* I can 'see' the mechanics of what's supposed to happen, I just can't make my fingers do it. My Mom can do all those things, and embroider, paint (art, not furniture), but... DD can, so I guess it skips a generation.

*I may have inadvertently made it sound like I have thick fingers or something - I'm normal sized with normal sized hands (not 'man hands' - thanks, Seinfeld), they just don't do much with any kind of needle other than sew buttons on.
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Re: What is Your Hobby or Craft of Talent?

Post by Jackielou »

I knit, sew, do embroidery, counted cross stitch, and I have started to make cards as well.

I use up every bit of what ever I am doing to keep things as frugal as possible. When I have sewn costumes I have been known to use old curtains as my fabric. Old sheets become the backing for quilts.

I would love to learn how to crochet, spin and weave.

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Re: What is Your Hobby or Craft of Talent?

Post by colonialgirl »

Embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, quilting, crocheting, refinishing furniture, tole painting, trying to learn wood carving with a Dremel and if I ever get that down, I want to make 18th century style Queen Anne dolls.
I love almost all crafts but embroidery and cross stitch are my passions. As I get older and feel the narrowing of my time more and more, I pretty much stick with what I love the best.

My most frugal tip is getting supplies from Ebay or garage sales. It is amazing what you can find out there but you have to look pretty regularly. There is a sampler verse I love that I can't quite recall - but it is something to the effect that blessed is the woman who can find contentment in her own mind. Think that is pretty much this whole group.

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Re: What is Your Hobby or Craft of Talent?

Post by Quilter51 »

That question is singular............I have many. I sew, I quilt, I knit, I am starting to weave. I paint, I make jewery. I am experimenting with ancestor. I can read a book a day on a lazy day.........off the top of my head.

Quilting is a not a frugal hobby, now is knitting as such because i like al the fancy fibers and fabrics. Having said that, I plan to start sewing to sell again, making all up cycled or replacements for boght things, like fabric makeup remover pads, cloth wipes, snack bags and the like.

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Re: What is Your Hobby or Craft of Talent?

Post by LogicsHere »

I did crochet (and sew) at one point in my life (70s) but also lost interest in it a long time ago. Now with my muscle damage I'd be lucky if I could even pull the sewing machine out of my closet.

I did keep 1 or 2 counted cross stitch kits, but I doubt that I'll ever find the patience any longer to work on them. I also can't see the holes any more . . . they are just too micro for me (14, 18 and 22 never in a million years). I'd be lucky to see size 11 any more.

If I were to define my interests as a "hobby" as I don't believe all qualify as such, I would have to say it's my web page and graphics designing. The cost is minimal actually because I already have my computers and most of the software. I wasn't going to buy an upgrade for Paint Shop Pro because I already have versions 7, 8, 9 and 11 I think, but none of these work on Windows 10. I have XP on a refurbished computer I recently bought but going back and forth between 2 rooms is too time consuming as well as inconvenient so I probably will spend the money and buy the latest version of PSP.

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