Daily check in March 29, 2020

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Re: Daily check in March 29, 2020

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mbrudnic wrote:
Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:58 pm
Hi everyone,

I got up and hit the grocery store. I wanted to go to Meijer, but they did not open until 8. But the nearby Kroger opened at 7, so I went there. I thought last weekend it was the opposite with the opening times.

FLCatlover, Thanks for encouraging me to buy the iPad mini. Nice to be able to FaceTime. Also, while I am not sure, I think my newspaper i printed and then mechanically pushed into the plastic sleeve. They are always so perfect. So I carefully pick it up, dump the newspaper onto a "clean" place, throw away the plastic sleeve and then wash my hands before picking the newspaper back up. I only get the Sunday paper addition (when I comes. They frequently miss the delivery). I do similarly with my mail, open in up, dumping envelope contents onto a clean spot, throw away the outer envelopes. Then wash my hands well. I just read something today about handling groceries. It said to have a clean side of your counter and a "dirty side". But I am not overly concerned about contaminated packages. But I do a good handwashing and disinfect my counter when I am done. I also put a contained of Lysol wipes in my car. When I got done at the grocery, I used a wipe on my hands, on the bottom and sides of my purse as well as my debit card. The I wiped my steering wheel, gear shift and where I pulled the door closed. Once home I wiped down the door handles I touched.

So After I came home, I took a carton of eggs and a few containers of the shelf-stable milk in 8 oz portions over. My SIL brings them fresh groceries once a week and Mom was about half-way to being stocked up in anticipation of her back surgery when this all hit. I visited, sitting at one end of the Living room while they sat at the other.

Anyways, it is pretty out, but windy, in the 60's. Nice to look at.

Have a great day,
Maggie, I’m glad that you are enjoying the iPad mini. Just this afternoon one of my friends emailed all in our little 4-person group and we are going to try doing a group FaceTime one day next week.

I did read a tweet (for what it is worth) this afternoon saying that newspapers are safe. Normally I would save the plastic bag for litter. Last Sunday I saved the bag but it is still “decontaminating” in my laundry room. Wednesday I threw the whole paper with bag away. So we’ll see.

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Re: Daily check in March 29, 2020

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MackerelCat wrote:
Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:08 pm
Bunnies need a lot of fiber and there's none in lettuce to speak of. A wild bunny might like turnip greens, collards or kale put in a sturdy vase to stay fresh.

It's a glorious day and I have been out pulling weeds from the oregano bed. I wish DH would just take up all the landscaping rocks and sow grass there because the rock garden is a weedy diaster running wild with honeysuckle.

Did make a quick trip to Food Lion, which I fear will go out of business after this is over because it is not restocking any nonperishables and is low on many perishables. The store did have almond milk and ham, a few whole chickens and a lot of fresh produce, but many other items were absent or badly picked over.

I hope to be able to avoid the grocery store for a week or so after this trip.

Everybody stay snug and well.
I’ll have to think about the bunny food. I know they love carrots but have read too many carrots aren’t good for them. I do still have raisins on hand that Janet mentioned and will put out a few tonight.

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Re: Daily check in March 29, 2020

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I slept like a baby after I got to sleep this morning around 6:00 AM. We had a bad storm come through last night about 9:00 and with the wind, lightening & thunder I was afraid to go to sleep and then when it dissipated a little, my mind wouldn't shut down. I haven't been up very long and enjoyed a stack of pancakes made from scratch ( I can't eat ones made from premix). I had some buttermilk mix (Frugal Aaron's suggestion) and substituted that instead of 2% milk and they were delicious. I like them thin, a little crisp around the edges and this batch was that. Add some warm sugar-free syrup and slathered in butter. I have enough batter left over for another meal. I love breakfast for dinner, so that will probably be one of my meals this coming week. I will fry a couple of sausage's to compliment it.

While I am on food, I can't tell you how delicious my rib-eye steak was last night. I had halved the steaks when I bought them, but I think I could have done thirds and it would have been a good portion. I couldn't eat it all, so took the left-overs and cut into bite size pieces that I am going to use tonight to make a rice dish. I would call it Quick Refried Rice, but I have discovered a frozen combination of peas, carrots and rice made by Birdseye that I love. I will brown the rice a little in my wok, add some green onions to the bag of rice and veggies, then put my eggs in and the steak bits. This will make a great little meal for me when I finish it off with my low-sodium soy sauce. I have some shrimp in the freezer that I plan to do the same thing with at a later date.

We now have 11 cases of the virus in our county. Last week only had 3 and it jumped to 8 in the last 2 days, no reported deaths so far. I am praying that all of these people can be treated successfully. I wish they would tell us what age group they are in, but so far the paper just gives us whether it's a child or not. I am using this quarantined time to make an inventory of my food and planning out my menus so I can use the food I have on hand more efficiently. I am so glad that I got a good start on my decluttering in January for Goodwill isn't taking anything right now and I hate for things to sit around in my bedrooms or garage waiting to be taken there or to the garbage dump. I really am not minding staying away from the stores at all because I have never been a shopper. I am going to be under budget this month, even on food.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday and relaxing. That's what I am going to do. I am keeping a journal of my thoughts from the day that panic hit our town. I haven't been inside a store since March 14th. I wish that I didn't have to go to the hospital on Thursday, but that must be done so all of you pray that I am safe. I know they will take every precaution and I will too.

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Re: Daily check in March 29, 2020

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floridacatlover wrote:
Sun Mar 29, 2020 10:48 am
I had a bunny on my patio last night. The poor thing was going after birdseed dropped from the feeder. I added baby carrots to my Walmart order for tomorrow. I will try giving some lettuce (when I get it) but bunnies on my patio in the past have ignored it. Pippi had a great time watching the bunny through the glass door.
Bunnies LOVE beet greens. Preferably those still attached to growing beets :lol:

Don't ask DH the gardener how we know that ;)

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Re: Daily check in March 29, 2020

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alliesmama4 wrote:
Sun Mar 29, 2020 10:44 am
Good morning. We have sun and mild temp going up to about 64 F but we have have strong wind too so feels much cooler. I think the sustained wind is 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.

I am going to make a meatloaf with instant mashed potatoes for dinner. Also I am going to roast some hostas. This is my first time trying them. They say you can treat them like you would asparagus. I will coat them in olive oil with salt and pepper and then add balsamic vinegar when I eat them. I hope they are as tasty as they claim. A baked apple with cinnamon will make for a nice dessert.

Jackie keeping your DS in my thoughts and prayers for his safety.

Gayle keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for all of your problems..((hug)) You deserve better.

Also keeping everyone in my prayers for your various concerns.

Take care everyone.
Hostas? Like the decorative yard plant?

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Re: Daily check in March 29, 2020

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I gave my mom a call early this afternoon. I text a riddle to my dad every day but I know my mom prefers a phone call - so I set aside an hour for that. We had a good chat.

I went around my property with a trash bag and picked up some garbage that somehow winter left behind. Even though we didn't have a rough winter, my property is a hot mess - limbs down, trash here and there, etc. I got a lot of it cleaned up and swept my front porch. I feel better from all of it.

Left the nice sign for the mail carrier where it will be seen and stay nice and dry and secure. Evicted cats from the front porch and the garage - there is plenty of shelter UNDER the porch (which goes down into my cellar) and out in the shed behind the garage. No need for "cats everywhere".

Walked both dogs, although Lucy was content to stay in the back lawn with me. I kept her leash on her but let go of it while I picked up trash and she stayed right with me. While I was walking Hope, the Dog Catcher stopped and asked me if I had seen any other dogs running about. I had not. He said the police had just called him and reported two.

It is not legal for people to let their dogs run and I don't know why they do it. (Yes, I just said I had Lucy free in the back yard but she stays by my side - and if she did run off I would be right after her - these people let their dogs run on purpose and it is very stressful when walking one's dog, to be confronted by a loose dog - very frightening)!

While outside, I discovered a "long lost flower bed" at the very end of my property where it meets my neighbor's property (not the awful neighbor, the other one). His family used to own MY house - he grew up in it actually. He was out, so I asked him if perhaps his mom used to have a flower bed back there - he said he thinks she did. I pointed out to him the tulips and crocuses coming up in what is now more of a "wooded area" that nobody can really see. He said I should dig them up and move them to where I can enjoy them - and I may just do so.

Heating up the oven to make roasted vegetables. I'm not hungry just yet - will have a cup of tea while those cook. Started to rain a bit ago just before I came into the house. I am not minding the rain today. Have a peaceful Sunday evening friends.

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