Daily Check In March 31st

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Re: Daily Check In March 31st

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

Bridget, I had to look at the site to remember it's Tuesday LOL....oye vey!

Got mulch delivered and spread today, DD1 and oldest grand work for the nursery/greenhouse and they did the work. They will be doing more at another time....it looks so NICE!!!! I had decided that I was paying someone to do it this year and I am very happy with my decision.

Floridacat, hopefully you will have no troubles checking on your momma's house. I am so thankful that DD2 is living in dads house.

Back later, DD is here.


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Re: Daily Check In March 31st

Post by clemencia2us »

This getting up early is weird.

Barely noon and i am done with what i had to do..... :shock:

We were going to have spaghetti last night but we gorged on guacamole instead. Beautiful big avocados that had to be used up. That stuff is a complete meal! They used to call avocados the poor man's butter. I could eat them daily.

So made spaghetti for lunch. It was good, but the craving is over for now. It will be months before i want it again.

Bills are paid. Tomato plants watered. Pets exercised and back to sleep.

What to do, what to do.....

I guess i could clean - lol

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Re: Daily Check In March 31st

Post by Quilter51 »

Sixty here today. With a high of 67. As we speak I am trying food delivery through an app called dumpling. Its costing me a fifteen dollar shopping fee and a twenty dollar tip on a large order but I don't care. He is sending me pics everytime something is out and we need to make a substitution and I am impressed.

We are supposed to peak here Easter day. Son and sister are settling in for two weeks and then will go back after said peak. The yard will be all cleaned up. Son has asthma and pneumonia history and smokes so I'm glad he took time off even if unpaid.

Today I plan to knit outside on the swing, have son take my sheets down to the washer and do the fly lady thing in my bedroom for a bit. I need to order more yarn. I also ordered a couple floor length lounger type things so I can look nice and still be comfy outside if the neighbors see.

I did pull out ALL my non junky clothes and put them on hangers. Trying to create a year round capsule wardrobe and a list of needs and wants. Like I need another pair of SAS sandals.

I'm consistently amazed and the number of people ignoring the social.distancing, no more than two non family members gathering, and other rules in place. Not a political statement just an observation of general idiocy in my community.

I've decided to do healthy eating and take my supplements and exercise but not get emotional.anout the weight thing or the growing hair. In the other hand I'm a handicapped woman who cannot reach her own toes to trim them...

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Re: Daily Check In March 31st

Post by MackerelCat »

It feels like it ought to be Wednesday! :-D

We are having drizzly rain, but it's not cold and dark like it was for so many weeks on end. I hope it washes the pollen away. Right now I can see Goldie Dog's body and head imprint where she likes to lean on the back screen door. She's worn off the yellow dust.

I have done all the fun, easy chores and am beginning to feel vaguely bored (a dreadful sin in the eyes of my workaholic dad, God rest his soul) and thus feel slightly guilty about being bored. However, this morning I did mend the corner of my black suede handbag where some of the plastic piping that gives the bag shape had worn through a corner. That was fun to figure out.

I am making a grocery list and trying to figure out how to stretch things as far as possible. We are about to run out of dishwasher tabs (all the cooking equals lots of dishes) but I think we can go another couple of days.

The Apartment Therapy website, which is usually all about shopping, has three really good articles on what to do if you run out if laundry detergent, dish detergent, and toilet paper. I was surprised at how well done and serious they were. Hope I do not have to put that knowledge to use soon!

May everyone have a safe and peaceful day.

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Re: Daily Check In March 31st

Post by jckitty »

I'm back.... sorry but if someone shows up I am not staying on the computer LOL

DD had a low blood sugar attack at work so they sent her home...she is in my guestroom laying down...will keep an eye on her as I know from experience they will wear you out in a hurry.

I really wanted to take the youngest grand out to pot some pansies but it is way too cold so will do it Thursday.

So it looks like an inside day... :( I will do floors later this afternoon...they will defiantly need it.

It is grey and gloomy outside, might be a good evening for soup....potato soup and ham and cheese crackers.

Sorry no frugal tip today...discombobulated because of DD and the grand but it's okay, I love having my family around.
Stay safe, stay calm, be positive.


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Re: Daily Check In March 31st

Post by Jackielou »


Finished entering budget items and filing papers. While not the best month (over budget, especially in the grocery line) it still was not as bad as it could have been. Probably because we were underbudget in a number of areas.

Loving the smell of the turkey stock. Hubby says he can smell it all the way downstairs.

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