Are You Rationing Anything?

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Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by HappyDaze »

Is there anything that you're rationing or monitoring use of so you don't have to go to any stores? I'm not so much rationing anything as I am keeping a very close watch on how much is left - so I can order in advance because it takes awhile to get things. No stores here deliver unless you have a medical need or are very elderly - so I order from Amazon Pantry. You have to plan ahead.

Also rationing cat food just a little bit. I am suddenly down to just one 20 lb. bag. I ordered another on Amazon but it is temporarily out of stock - and they will let me know when it is available again - and ship it. So feeding just a bit less and any that they may leave behind I am dumping into an empty coffee can to save - don't want the birds or squirrels to have it.

I am keeping a running list of what I will need to order next. Currently on the list - tea and dish soap. I dislike not going to the stores and scouting out my "best possible deal" - but not worth the health risk, no way, no how.

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by Dgflorida »

I agree with you. I miss going to the store and finding deals. But safety first. I was rationing fresh eggs. Hubs needed them more than I did. Now that I can get them through the drug pick up window at Walgreens with no contact with store employees, I feel like I will be good. So I will eat eggs for breakfast again.

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by Jackielou »

Hmmm, not really rationing, but I am being very mindful of how much of anything I use. I am also cutting back on the amount of meat we use in recipes.

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by floridacatlover »

Like Jackie, I’m being mindful of what I’m using. Even with oatmeal, I’m eating a bit smaller serving than my usual. With meat, I’m rethinking what I need even though I’m not a big meat eater. I think Kitty said she could feed six people with one chicken thigh - with a stir fry I imagine. This made me think because in the past I could easily eat a thigh myself for one meal.

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by clemencia2us »

Paper towels!

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by SandiSAHM »

Milk (they're all alternative milks). I live with 2 teenagers, one of them a 15-yr old boy who is rapidly approaching the 6' mark - I mean rapidly approaching :lol: - and who seems to think that a 'snack' is a big bowl of cereal with milk and that a snack is something you have 3x a day. He weighs all of 138, and I think most of that is cereal.

Which normally wouldn't be that big a deal but milk takes up a lot of fridge space and I don't want to make my usual runs to the only store that carries that brand, so he's having to rethink his snacking. PB&J is taking up some of the slack.

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