Are You Rationing Anything?

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by MackerelCat »

I am keeping a close eye on everything. I have not rationed anything, but have made sure nothing has been wasted. Like Rinty, our food waste has basically been peelings and egg shells.

It's basically been stepped up frugality and tight inventory control. We are still using paper towels for icky messes, but I clean everything with rags. And I am hyperconscious of how much toilet tissue I'm pulling off the roll.

We order all our pet food online and I made sure to make an order early so they would not run out. I have cut back on treats, though, and now give them only to the oldest cat to encourage him to eat. Fortunately, our dogs love salt-free canned green beans and think they are a wonderful treat. :-D

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by jckitty »

LOL, yes Floridacat...I was thinking stir fry.

I guess I am sort of rationing yeast, but I am switched over to sourdough...takes more time and effort but hey, the way I see it ....I have plenty of time right now 8-)

I could also eat a whole thigh at one seating also, alsng with mashed potatoes and gravy, a veg and salad. Those days will come back!

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Not really rationing...but being very mindful.

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by alliesmama4 »

I am just being careful with what I have. Previously I had made a mental note to reserve all chicken thighs and breasts for Teddi in case he runs out of dog food. Today his vet suggested I feed him chicken and rice due to an upset tummy. I do have other alternatives for myself but he is a picky eater even when he is not sick.

Regarding paper towels. I do have some some but rarely use them. A few years back I was really having a hard time financially so I decided to use the old telephone books that a lot of us have. I tear off a page and crumble it up to make it soft and it makes a nice "paper towel" to get the yucky whatever up then I can use a clean rag to clean the surface. I also used them for when I fried foods that needed to be drained like fried chicken, sausage or bacon. Put a couple of pages in a cookie sheet that has sides, then put in a wire rack that you would cool baked goods on, and then you can let the grease drip off of the food. I even crumbled them up to make them really soft enough to clean my oil dipstick from my car. I never used them when they had to come in direct contact with food.
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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by Carol V »

Like most of you I'm not really rationing anything but "keepiing an eye on things". I'm pretty well set for the foreseeable future but who knows how long this will go on. I have enough TP for about 8 weeks, just for me, but I also supply my tenant so i hope she goes easy too. I have several rolls of paper towels but I also have plenty of dish towels, cleaning rags and a couple towels to be cut up. We WILL survive this and be okay. I have to believe that.

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Re: Are You Rationing Anything?

Post by BevMoore »

Surprisingly DS and I both have been using a little less toilet paper so we are good there. Paper towels..I only use them for cleaning cat yack. Using up my dry foods storage. Some items I bought 3 years ago when I was also following a vegan diet. They are fine, the only thing I have to do is soak and cook them a little longer. The extra soaking and cooking means I have not had the gas of the reasons I had stopped the diet. My gut is getting used to eating tons of fiber.

I reactivated my Thrive Market membership this morning and made an on line order. Delivery time is now 2-3 weeks....used to take about three days in the past. No rush....just fill in items. I have been watching a long documentary called "Food That Cure Disease" and throughout the show the guy who got involved in changing his eating does cooking demos throughout the program. I can't wait to start playing with my food. But....first things first. Need to make sure I don't have any cooties to deal with.


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