Daily check-in April 3rd 2020

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Daily check-in April 3rd 2020

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

Am still awake. Dh is watching a netflix tv series called ...Doyle, and its just loud enough to be distracting.

Its quite cold outside, 23F with realfeel of 17F. I hope it warms up tomorrow.

I’ve got turkey carcass in crockpot to simmer overnight, then I plan to pop it in a large stockpot tomorrow (today) to continue simmering so I can use the crockpot to cook black beans. (Have found a recipe online where you dont need to presoak the beans-done it several times now, beans turn out great each time.)

Am going to try to sleep now.

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Re: Daily check-in April 3rd 2020

Post by ownedbydogs »

Dh woke me up at 1, cant go back to sleep. He sleeps poorly some nights, because of his illness, so I have started taking naps during the day, when he naps, just to keep going. I am not been out in so long, I won’t know how to act. Lol at our age we don’t need to be out. Son in law keeps us supplied with groceries. He is the only person we see. If he gets it, I don’t know what we would do.

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Re: Daily check-in April 3rd 2020

Post by rinty »

I hope you got some sleep, Babygirl X

Last few days not so good. You cannot ( well I CANNOT ) and neither can any pharmacy here or back where the care home is based..............get hold of one of DS's drugs.

Well, you can get a tablet, but he can't take a tablet and they said you can't grind them up, they won't be efficasius ( sp ???? ) This is his PRN, knock out drop meds. Now normally I am very against this drug even existing ( hence why the prescription hadn't been filled since the psychiatrist at the hospital gave it to us again a few montsh ago )

Well. NOW............... :shock: :shock: :shock:

Anyway, Last night we Clapped for Carers at 8pm. I went out with a saucepan and wooden spoon and Gave It Large. Texted good carers DS has had x

So, just hunkering away for a little . Going to the allotment/dropping " stuff " off and eating from the Daily Menu on our kitchen chalkboard. This is good , its rigid and calming and its suits my :shock: Crazed Emoji Face tendancies :shock: which are coming to the for right now.

Was putting together the Easter chocolate /plastic eggs etc for the various children and their families and caught my breath cos how pointless it seemed, I am so worried for them all. Not like I can see them, its drop at nearest child and have other children collect from outside their homes..........sanitising and wiping like loons, passing on the chocolate not the virus. Or Not. EDITED to add, I am MY own children and grandchildren not any random chidlren

Don't no how those of you on your own are coping X Bev be careful, hope you are okay. Carol, punch that ex tenant and tell her its from me x

Off to the allotment early just in case too many people turn up x

Sheila I saw you posted about your little electric fireplace ! Memories !!! You and Trisa each got one, remember, gosh how long ago was that ?

Fretting so I am off .

Oh, Ownedbydogs, just seen your post, bless you (((HUGS)))

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Re: Daily check-in April 3rd 2020

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Up earlier than I expected but still managed 5 hours of straight sleep. I remembered to turn off my alarm clock which I had set to get up early to do a "senior hour" shopping trip at 6:00A. I spent quite some time trying to put a list together that will enable me to cut down my shopping trips to every 2 (and hopefully 3) weeks instead of every week. I'm not exactly happy about the prospect of not always having milk (fridge freezer not large enough) or having to do without my salads every week, but if going out less often helps me stay safe then that's what I'll be doing. I'm not exactly looking forward to going right now because it's raining but at least it's not a steady rain.

I was also planning on mopping my floors today but with it raining and them taking longer to dry have decided to hold off until tomorrow.

I don't know if I finally got through to my sister or not, but the last few days she's cut down on the number of phone calls and . . . wait for it . . . hasn't complained much at all. (Hope I didn't jinx it by saying that . . . LOL) I told her that I do need to talk to her during the day because outside of this forum, I have no one but her. She has her daughter, one of our "second" cousins, a friend who lives in NJ also --- and her son although she wasn't too happy with him the last time he called because he gave her a nasty response when she happened to ask him about how his cat is doing now that he's found himself a new girlfriend and not around for the pet like he has been the last 2 years. This is the one who jumped all over me as well over nothing. No great loss as I've mentioned before, he didn't speak to me the first 30 or so years of his life, so I don't need to speak with him the last 30 or so years of mine. Doesn't bother me at all.

Got a follow-up note from the organizer of the hospital Vitality Program. She is trying to arrange for us members who are by ourselves video chats or exchanging of phone numbers. She also sent us a note that one of the town recreation departments is throwing a virtual Fiesta Friday this evening on Facebook which sounds like fun. This gal is really good.

Tonight's dinner is mac and cheese with broccoli side and a nice glass of wine to make it a party.

Speaking of party, if ever you needed an excuse to have a party, today is it. Today is "WORLD Party Day". The premise behind the day is that humans have the right to joy and peace through social positivity. So whether you live with family or are alone, get out the party hats and pop the champagne cork.

Have a wonderful day all.

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Re: Daily check-in April 3rd 2020

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

Well it's 3:51 in Tennessee and it's another sleepless night for me as well. I have been upset all day as this morning I saw a picture of them putting dead people in the refrigerated trucks on the streets in New York and I lost it. It seems like this is a bad dream and I keep hoping that I wake up, but it's not. The hospital morgue apparently only holds 9 or 10 bodies and with so many dying each day they are having to put them there until the funeral homes can pick them up.

I haven't been anywhere but to the dialysis center which is not 15 minutes from my house for 2 weeks, but I felt like I was going to scream if I didn't get in my car and take a drive today. Our Mayor issued orders yesterday that it was mandatory for us to stay home, but he didn't say we'd be fined if we were driving and honestly I was to the point that I would just pay the fine if there was one. I was amazed at how few cars were on the road and the number of families that I saw walking with each other on one of our main streets. Mom, Dad and sometimes 3 kids. I have seen people running on that street, but never a family taking a nice leisurely stroll on a beautiful sunny day. That for some reason put things back into prospective for me, that life goes on. Logics and Shelia, you two be very very careful since this is happening in your state. My heart goes out to those families. I've been to New York twice and loved it. Never wanted to live there, but it's sure an exciting place to visit.

MrsCreative, I missed the post about your biopsy until tonight. I am so sorry and you are in my prayers. Sounds like you've caught this early and you have a great attitude, which I think is half the battle.

I know that I want be able to get out my back door sideways when this is all over for all I want to do is cook. My neighbors say the same thing. There are three of us without husbands and we've been talking on the phone and their story is like mine. Cook, cook, cook. I made some of the most delicious fried apple pies tonight. I bought a bag of apples and have been unable to eat them all before they go bad, so peeled them tonight and made an apple filling. Just cooked them down until they were soft and added a little sugar to my taste, tsp of vanilla and about a half tsp of cinnamon. I took a flour tortilla and spread the filling inside, using a fork to seal it when folded in half. Put a little water on the outside edge of the tortilla and that will make it easy to seal. Fry in vegetable oil until lightly brown on both sides. I drain on a paper towel and then store in a plastic container. When I want one, just heat in the microwave for about 45 seconds and they are delicious.

Last night, I was standing in my kitchen at the window and there was a herd of 8 deer in my back yard. I saw something I've never seen before. There were 6 young ones, born this year and they were playing with each like a bunch of kids. It was almost like they were playing tag. All of a sudden they all began to run and jump through the air like they were ballerinas dancing. They made about 3 passes through my back yard doing this. They stopped as soon as they had started and walked single file down my driveway. I stood there just amazed, it was like they were saying, "Ok, the show is over". There is still beauty in this world, and I think I have just taken it for granted instead of enjoying it.

I am getting sleepy finally so going to see if I can maybe get two or three hours of sleep. Love you all and please if you are a praying person, please pray for our country. I volunteered to pray at a certain time tomorrow night with members of our church for our leaders, doctors, nurses, anyone on the front lines during this terrible time. I will also be praying for the safety of all of you and your families.

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Re: Daily check-in April 3rd 2020

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

Sorry to see that so many are having difficulty sleeping. I wish you all great naps. We have had the driest March on record and no rain since April has begun. There is a possibility of a little rain later this morning. It usually dries up when it hits the coast. Nothing inland for me. But my no poison garden is now providing fresh tomatoes to 3 neighborhood families beside us. The night time temperatures have not been as cold as predicted, so the house has stayed a nice 75F. No heat required. Frugal savings. However, the well pump has been going a lot due to the drought. Even well mulched gardens get thirsty. Electric use there.

Yesterday, I worked in the dry ditches, removing more leaves. Today, I will continue that effort. The hurricane predictions are for more storms and 4 major hurricanes. Clear ditches means less flooding from tropical rains. Half my weekly allotment of leaves, cans allowed by the trash people, are filled. I figure there is still plenty of leaves in the ditches to fill the rest.

I haven't worked on building my new garden for the last 2 days. Hubs needed me to get under his desk and unplug something and when I went to get back up, he helped me and twisted my wrist. It still hurts a little and I don't want to risk additional damage by moving concrete blocks. Hope it heals quickly. I am able to transplant and plant small plants, so I can continue that at least.

The turkey breast is down to one slice and some bits and pieces, so tonight I will make something with the ground beef that is thawed in the refrigerator.

Today, I will check and make sure my eye injection for macular degeneration scheduled for Monday is still on.

Today, I am grateful that my freezer is filled and I don't have to go to the store. Have a safe day everyone.

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