Daily Check In April 7th

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Daily Check In April 7th

Post by rinty »


Fantastic to see Randmax post,and Jgomez and Mona too.

Nothing really to say. I need to do more " work " to justify still being paid ( to myself, they aren't pressuring us) So that will be today and , as its brain work it will be a good distraction.

Heard of a care worker in one of the homes who is " off sick " and there is just the dread KWIM.

And Boris. He has looked rough before he was ill and you could think well, he is doing too much, what with the race to be party leader, thenthe election and then this pandemic and all the huge decisions made by government since. Don't want to think of it.

Stay safe x

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Re: Daily Check In April 7th

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

Another lovely day ahead here in Florida. Yesterday, after that wonderful rain on Sunday, everything looked fresh and clean. The rain washed the dust off the trees and out of the air. Lovely day, but my eye bothered me a bit more than normal after yesterday's eye injection for macular degeneration. So I rested most of the afternoon. I do poorly with injections.

Today should be a better day, a do something kind of day. I woke up early and did my lazy exercises with the band, stretching and some yoga. I did a laundry load yesterday after the doctor visit and washed my mask. I do need to go out shopping this week. It has been quite awhile and I hear from my neighbors that the stores have finally gotten some rules in place. I plan to visit the Winn-Dixie nearby. Hubs likes their cottage cheese and yogurt. If I can, I will buy enough for several weeks. This is also the last day of their fresh salmon sale and I crave some. Normally, I would go in the morning, but I hear that is now the crowded time. So I will wait until later in the day. While the store may be cleaner in the morning and maybe more food on the shelves, I am more afraid of the hoards of people than anything else.

I will also see if I can get a slot at Walmart market for pickup this week. We will see on that count. Hubs likes their cheese. Today, I will do a bit of paperwork in the morning since it is too cool to go outside. I have a tomato delivery from my garden for Eggman. Snowbird did not pick tomatoes yesterday along our property divided garden. Her well pump went out and she was upset. I may call and see if she wants a tomato delivery and if she needs drinking water.

We are almost out of eggs. I skip morning eggs when we are low, so that hubs can have them. If I can't get a slot at the Market, I will try Walgreen's drive through. More expensive, but eggs are important. Budget is a mess this month.

Time to plant more seeds if I can find some more pots. Some seedlings need bigger pots as well. It is a good life.

Today, I am grateful for all the blessing I have in my life. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check In April 7th

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning. I feel sleepy this morning and apparently so do the dogs - it took them no time at all to get back to bed after they went outside.

It is an absolutely glorious day -- chilly right now but bright sunshine, blue sky and birds singing. I'm so thankful for that. Enjoying my coffee and getting ready to get to work. I don't feel ready for breakfast yet, which is unusual for me, so I'll have to stop working briefly to grab that when I get hungry.

Have a blessed and beautiful day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In April 7th

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

I went to bed late but slept well.

This afternoon our little group will do a FaceTime get together again. It will be nice to catch up.

I have a Walmart pickup for this evening 6-7 pm so will go to mom’s house ahead of time. Last time I was there I saw that the ixora in front could use trimming but I’ll only do it if there is some cloud cover. They are in an area with direct, blazing sun. If not, I’ll do something in the back yard. There are still leaves to rake in the shady glen area.

I spoke to the flood insurance agent. In her computer it looked like my policy premium had already been paid even though I’ve not paid it. So she called the actual insurance company. No, I should get the bill this week. Of course I had to “chat” with her about her working conditions. The agency is in North Carolina and her agency has been working from home since March 16.

I really think we are going to have a slow economic recovery. I sold some investments into the rally yesterday.

Stay safe.

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Re: Daily Check In April 7th

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

A bit overcast and below freezing this morning, still any day with no snow is a great day here on the prairies. There is an old joke about having all seasons in one day, but I am here to tell you all that really can be true.

Walking in the fresh air again for exercise. I managed to reach my goal yesterday thanks to one long walk, one medium length walk and a short walk to get the mail. As is usual there are very few people out and about and those that are usually wave or shout hello, good morning, or good afternoon from a safe distance. I am not too sure about what is a safe distance any longer. I get some conflicting reports on how far droplets can travel (these droplets associated with the virus are very small and can travel further). I will need to see more research on this.

Not too sure about quarantine in other countries, Hubby says he heard it is only 7 days in the UK. Here it is until you no longer test positive with 2 nasal swabs. So it could be much longer than even the 14 days isolation that returning Canadians have. People here seem to get isolation and quarantine confused.

After my usual Tuesday chores, I will be in the sewing room once again. I read over my pattern instructions a couple of times last night, and I have sewn the sleeveless version of this dress before. Keeping my fingers crossed that the sleeves do not cause me a problem. I usually have one go in just perfectly and then t ahe proverbial you know what hits the fan with the second. Seam ripper is always at the ready. I really would like to be able to sit and hem this dress during the evening (yes I do still hand hem, I think it gives a better finish).

Hubby is going to start the steps for youngest DS today. Really they will not take much time to build and we shall put those in the vehicle promptly (so our rather forgetful minds are not taxed to much).

Other happenings on the old homestead this fine day will be making lists of items necessary to take to DS's. I do love a good list. Starting a list for shopping and making an inventory list of what will need using up in the pantry when we return. Told you all I love lists.

Knitting and watching Prime tv will also occur. I am watching a series that Quilter recommended quite awhile ago... Not too sure about it yet, but I will finish the series and make a decision as to whether or not I will watch a new season if it appears.

Oops better fit making a loaf of bread into my day as well. Almost finished this loaf that is in the bread box.

Lunch today needs to be one of the many small leftovers in the fridge. Things seem to be collecting in there once again.

Supper tonight will be some leftover beef roast made into a stroganoff type meal, served over egg noodles. I will put the leftover salad out as well.

Joy is Shania laying on my toes, keeping them toasty warm.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In April 7th

Post by itspennyc »

I have one mask that needs top stitching and 4 masks that need ties and top stitching.

I have fabric to make a couple more so I will. One of my internet friends suggested using old Tee Shirts to make strips for ties. so I am using that. I have almost used up the fabric I have that is suggested. I am going to make some using light denim.

Yesterday was a crazy day. Everything I tried to do seem to be more difficult. Not because of me. I have used one of the plastic strips designed to clean the drain before and just pulled up hair. This time I pulled up and spattered black stuff all over my sink. I had that mess to clean up. My sink is draining better at least. I spilled coffee, I still have dishes to do from yesterday. But I need to empty the dishwasher first. At least the dishwasher does most of the dishes.

Today is garbage day I need to finish gathering and put out my garbage.


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