Daily Check In April 8th

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Daily Check In April 8th

Post by rinty »


The dog is feeling poorly at the moment. He was quite sick when we woke up and it looked nasty. He is an old dog too :( . DH has taken him out but it won't be a long one, just see how he goes. Its early so no one is about .

Todays menu is rinse and repeat ;) We want to , it will make easter dinner more special KWIM. The Dds have nice plans for the DGKs and everyone in the family is fine.

Busy work around the house, it looks a bit grey outside. Job for the day is rearranging the pantry.

It was a lovely moon outside last night.

Lots of text messages flying around so its good to touch base. Today I will write a nice Easter card and popit in the post for my elderly aunt. we lost my uncle last year, he had very severe dementia and she finds it hard on her own x She isn't local.

DH says his job today is bagging up and chopping up the trimmings from the garden. We take it to the HUGE compost pile area in our allotment. No green waste collections here, the priority is normal waste.

We are struck with how little there is, its a fortnightly collection apart from the tiny food waste bin, which has bugger all in it this week.

The DDS are doing easter baking, one will be doing decorated sugar cookies ( she is very skilled so they are always works of art ) and the other will do something yummy. She was planning an easter rocky road decoarated with mini malteser bunnies. DROOL. I will virtually share them, so good for the waistline x

ANYWAY, keep thinking of Boris and look after yourselves.

I will dig out a cross stitch ( a different design , this one an EID card for a friend ) as I doubt we'll meet before May.

It IS grey out there, so maybe save the treat of washing the bedding til I can hang it on the line. I find myself rationing jobs !

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Re: Daily Check In April 8th

Post by HappyDaze »

G'mornin everybody. Rinty, hope your dog is okay.

I'm off to the office today - with mask. It's not yet daylight but the birds are giving a lovely concert. Hope has been out and is back to bed. Lucy won't get up until I make her get up before I leave for work.

I'm not used to packing a lunch anymore so I'd best get off my backside and do that. Take care friends and have a very good day.

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Re: Daily Check In April 8th

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

I have passed the 2 day restricted activity period after the eye injection on Monday and I can get back to serious puttering in the yard. I ventured out to the local grocery store yesterday and got most of the things on my list. I had hoped it would not be crowded, but it was. Some people were observing social distancing. Some were not. Some shelves were still bare. I don't miss shopping. I was surprised about that.

Today, I will repot the hydrangea. I will keep them in pots until they tell me they like the location I picked out. If they don't like it, they will be easy to move in the pots. I am also pulling pots and garden stuff out of the shed in my search for nice starter pots and trays. I collected a lot of water in various containers from our Sunday rain. I am using it to water my many potted plants. My rain barrels are full as well. I am sure the well pump appreciates the rest from my daily irrigation.

The parade of new gardeners joining the various FB gardening groups I belong to seems to be accelerating. Almost all want to grow all their own food. The ones who seem sincere and ask questions are rewarded with the advice of the many wise gardeners across Florida. I hope they will continue to treasure gardening even after Covid-19 goes away.

My Iranian neighbor has asked me to pot up a surinam cherry bush for her. She eats the cherries on my neighborhood food fence and really likes them. So that is on my agenda for today. She also wants some tomatoes.

The temperatures here are marvelous. No need for heat or ac. Frugal savings. My potted celery from a celery base is growing nicely and I have moved it into the dappled shade because the sun is getting hot. I am still waiting to see if the green onions base produce green onions. I always plant the base of my big onions and they almost always produce an excellent crop of green onions. I love double duty plants. The green onion raised garden is a big, old toy box that a neighbor was throwing away. A frugal find. I put a chain link fence gate that another neighbor was replacing at the back of the big toy box to plant some summer pole beans on. It should be an interesting experiment. Since Covid-19, the free street pickings have become slim.

Today, I am grateful that another eye injection is done and I can become active again. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In April 8th

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

I've been absent a few days, no good reason, but I'll have to catch up.

So I figure over the weekend I made about 25 masks. I will be making more. I still have interfacing to put between 2 layers of quilting cotton. IT is funny, I have much more fabric appropriate for a female than a male. Most of the more masculine prints will be Ohio State. And I want to give each person more than 1 so they can be washing one and wearing one.

Yesterday I went and gave blood. It was nice and easy and I will be sure to do it again. One of the ladies at the blood bank complimented my mask and threatened to steal it since it matched her top. LOL! They took my temperature in the lobby. Everyone there was wearing a mask.

DS1 FaceTimed me the other night. DDIL is working on creating a big garden and asked if there was something I wanted her to plant. For me it is tomatoes. I have never gotten a bumper crop of tomatoes. DGS6 is very excited.

I had a sinus headache. I think I am eating too much pasta, bread and pretzels. Not to mention a weather front coming through. I have noticed that I have a sensitivity to flour. When I eat it in 3 meals a day for several days, I get a headache. So I need to find other thing to eat. It is hard.

Ok, off to pay attention to work.
Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In April 8th

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. We are having nice weather with temps going up to around(85 F) (29.4 C)today. However possibility of a severe thunderstorm later on early evening or a bit later.

Teddi was sick again yesterday so took up a lot of time taking care of him throwing up and going in and out to potty and in my spare time baked some chicken for him for when he felt better. Thankfully I had rice in 1 c portions in the freezer. I will have to make more rice today and I will keep several bags of cooked rice in the freezer for back up. Need to bake more chicken today.Thankfully I was able to pick up a couple of bags of chicken breast when this pandemic started and I had already decided to designate all of the chicken thighs in the freezer as food for Teddi for if and when he might run out of his fresh dog food.

I am dealing with a sinus infection but hopefully the herbal supplement I ordered from Amazon, which arrives sometime today, will help. I have a steroid nose spray which my pulmonary Dr has ordered to have on hand at all times due to my c-pap but it does not seem to be helping.

A friend called yesterday seeking sanctuary. She said starting today her SO has to start to work from home. He has commandeered her sewing room as his office. She said she knows she can only take about a week of him being home 24/7 before she will need to take a break for a few days or longer. I told her she could come here and stay as long as she needs to. She is the one that always steps up to the plate when I have a medical appointment that requires someone to accompany the patient so it is my turn to help her. We spent 3 weeks in Mexico together and got along great so it will be nice to have her here if it comes down to the wire of her needing a break.

Hope everyone is doing well? I was only able to get through half of yesterday's Daily before I had to stop due to my throbbing head and fatigue. Stay safe everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check In April 8th

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

Rinty, I hope that your dog is better today.

Maggie, good for you for giving blood. My one blood donation was a disaster and I ended up in the hospital so never again for me, sadly.

I slept pretty well and I’m waking up later at a more normal time for me.

Yesterday after reading Randa’s post I cleaned out my car and vacuumed it. It needed it. I had a good catch up with three friends on FaceTime. One friend has been trying to apply for the small business loan/grant program for her church.

My friends and I talked so long that I didn’t get to mom’s house until 5 pm. I didn’t want to start working in the yard in case Walmart sent the email about my groceries early as they did last time. Walmart did send the email at 5:45. I got everything I needed for quite awhile except Lysol wipes. My friend with the son who works for Walgreens in the Midwest said that when the store receives Lysol wipes, they send them to the hospital instead of putting them on the shelf for customers. That may be the case with other stores, too.

This afternoon is part 2 of the OLLI Zoom class on Queen Victoria and Albert. That will be at least 90 minutes. I’ll go for my walk early evening because it is quite warm during the day now.

I can’t say I’ve been bored so far. The days go by quickly. I do mourn the fact that life will not likely be the same for a long time or ever. Without any close family, I miss my friends. I will never be fooled by the disinformation campaign afoot about the virus response but I think many are not as smart.

Stay safe.

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