Daily Check In April 9th

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Daily Check In April 9th

Post by rinty »

Hi Guys,

Date Night was great. We were joking about all the " low level " enjoyment we have going on.Walking the dog is on a par with a weekend trip to Wales ;)

Yesterday I bought a chicken as I knew we'd get a lot of meals out of it. I had thought just to roast it but DH has found a crockpot meal he'd prefer so we'll do that.

Friday is Good Friday and we'll fast re our church and its a traditional fast day anyway for Catholics so a lot of world wide prayers x

On Saturday I will bake our special occasion cake, a Cherry Almond Bundt I got the recipe from a blog called Kellis house about 12 years ago. It is insanely rich, made with cream cheese ( which I have ) and it is a family favourite. Just wish they were all here to eat it.

Its very sunny with a breeze so perfect bedding washing weather so that's on the line as we speak. I want to be out in the garden as much as poosible today.

Yesterday found out one of our neighbours has Covid. They have a notice on the front door. It was quite creepy, like a plague notice............this si a neighbour who is elderly and who DH and I OFTEN go over to help , she does have a proactive family but she is fraila nd querulous and when she thinks she needs anything she needs it NOW, KWIM ? I told DH. I am not having him expose himself.

Also speaking to a sweet friend whose daughter was a medical student, she is now working with an A and E in a big hospital dealing specifically with Covid patients. I could tell my friend was proud but oh, the fear.

Need to get on, plenty to do, scrubbing those bathrooms for one..............and even the boring day to day paperwork which I emptied out deciding to try a NEW filing system ( ugh, what was I thinking ????)

Stay Safe xx

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Re: Daily Check In April 9th

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning Everyone,

Rinty, I know you will miss your Dear Ones for Easter - we all will. I got a lovely Easter card in the mail from my parents yesterday - reminding me to make the best of the day and "keep the memories of last Easter in your heart" - that I will!

It's a bit of a rainy morning but the birds are at it again - my goodness they SING!! It doesn't feel as cold in here as some mornings - I left a lot of windows open overnight and I think that helps - I don't feel the need to put the "little electric fireplace" on this morning.

I had a good day in the office yesterday, in spite of the NASTIEST paper cut that I obtained from a big hanging file folder - it is deep and - just awful - but in the big picture it's a minor thing. Per my boss's orders, I brought home some first aid supplies so I wouldn't have to go into a store.

I have a good bit of work today so the "work day" should go by fairly quickly - then off tomorrow for Good Friday. I am not lacking for things to do around here - rain or shine!! For now I'm off to get some breakfast. Be well my friends.

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Re: Daily Check In April 9th

Post by Dgflorida »

Good Thursday morning all,

Up early this morning. Heard hubs stir and I was awake, so I suggested we just start our day. The summer humidity hit last night and the house feels sticky this morning. The delightfully cool nights was replaced with a warm, humid night. Yuk. AC is possible this afternoon. Definitely cooking outside when possible to reduce house heat. Save money.

Got the hydrangea transplanted. They were ready for the move. Also planted and transplanted. Planted the dragon fruit starts my neighbor insisted I take. Tomatoes producing a bucket a day. Sharing with more neighbors. Tomatoes rich with vitamins is good for everyone in the neighborhood.

By going into Walmart market yesterday rather than the pick up, I got exactly what I wanted. It looks like their list of available food for pickup is not complete. Store was almost completely empty. Hubs now has his favorite cheese and eggs and I have my fresh broccoli and lettuce. Wore mask. Used self checkout.

Today, they pick up the leaves and I can begin refilling the trash cans. Part of me hates throwing away good leaves, but the other part realizes it is just more than I can use. Conflicting feelings.

Today will be more gardening. The water I collected in buckets is almost all used up. Transplanting and planting requires a lot of water. I haven't tapped the rain barrels yet, so the well pump will continue to get a bit of a rest.

Today, I will tackle some dishes in the outside sink. I have to avoid water the first couple of days after an eye injection, so the housework suffers. I like washing dishes in the outside sink. The dishwasher is for hubs and it makes him feel productive. But there isn't enough room for all the plasticware we use, so I still get to wash dishes.

Tonight will be chicken cooked in the tasty turkey juice I saved off the recent turkey breast. Probably with fresh steamed broccoli. All prepared in my outside porch kitchen. I am glad I built it.

Today, I am grateful for all the flowers and butterflies around my house. I am glad that I raise butterflies. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive.

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Re: Daily Check In April 9th

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Brrr, the temperature is well below freezing once again. I really do wish that Mother Nature would smarten up. Heck this is almost making those jokes about weather in Canada seem true. I am just glad that my winter coat has not been put into storage as of yet. I would end up pulling it in and out.

Really though I am just happy that we don't get the snow we used to get around this time of year. My sister-in-law posted pictures from 1980 of the town where the family lived receiving 16" of snow at the beginning of April. I really think that was the year we had snow hiding in the hedges behind our trailer in June almost lasted until July.

I will be heading out shopping early this morning. I want it done and dusted while I still have the energy and the inclination to do it. I find myself beginning the quarantine blues right now. I hope this improves a bit after we go to youngest DS's, even just doing the cleaning of the apartment, taking him groceries, and pulling out the garbage will cheer me up. Pretty sure he can set something up via computer and TV so we can see and talk to oldest DS as well. I could more than likely do so on our TV or laptop, but this way youngest can get in on the conversation as well.

I asked youngest to give me a list via text of what he needed in the way of groceries. My goodness, his list is longer than mine!!! Mind you I believe he is stocking up a bit in case we can no longer get up to see him due to restrictions (hoping that never occurs). This will not be an in and out trip that is for sure. I will take my rubber glove (I disinfected it after the last shopping trip) and mask. Will follow the lines and manage to get through the ordeal once again.

Packing lists are made and from the looks of them one would think we are moving out for good. I am very surprised at how much stuff I will need to take with us (along with DS's groceries). Still Hubby likes his own pillows, and I want the foam from the futon downstairs. I discovered that there is no earthly way I can sleep on the recliner, so foam and floor it is.

After the shopping trip I plan on finishing up the hemming, re-threading my sewing machine for the next project, reading the directions for the next sewing project as it is a brand new pattern, getting the last two projects out and ready to be sewn. The few household tasks that I have listed will be done before I head out the door this morning. My walk will take place later in the day after it hopefully warms up a tiny bit.

Supper tonight is one of cleaning out the fridge. Lots of leftovers to be used up.

Joy is hearing the honking of geese flying overhead.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In April 9th

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

Rinty, I know you really miss having your family all around you. This weekend will be hard for many people. I’m glad that Boris is doing better. I think that the Chancellor (don’t know his name) should be the temporary PM. I saw the end of yesterday’s briefing and he seems a strong leader.

Today I’ll go to mom’s house and work in the yard. I’m not sure this is technically allowed but it is my “home” also. Really I want to go because I’m going a bit stir crazy here even though I’m not bored and the days go by quickly.

My neighbor who cares for Pippi called last night to say I should go outside to see the pink moon. I did go out and walked halfway up the street (wearing my slippers) but could not find the moon with all the trees. She lives on a lake so probably had a better view.

Victoria and Albert class #2 on Zoom was good. Now I want to see the movie “Mrs. Brown” made years ago. I did see the film about Victoria and the Indian Munchi (teacher) made a year or two ago.

Stay safe.

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Re: Daily Check In April 9th

Post by mbrudnic »

Good morning,

It was stormy last night. I was trying to fall asleep to the radio on a station out of Cincinnati. They had tornado warnings and my support group friends were texting back
City and forth.

My workday went long due to a weekly all hands meeting. So I did not sew any masks. I want to deliver a bunch to DS1 family. DNS’s birthday falls on Easter. I ordered some work pants for him and they were delivered to him yesterday. I think I will bake a batch of cookies and run a package down to them this weekend. Maintaining distance from the little boys will be hard. I am making them each 2 masks. Don’t know if they will wear them.

Have a great day,

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