Will the Country Become More Sanitary in the Future??

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Re: Will the Country Become More Sanitary in the Future??

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mbrudnic wrote:
Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:39 pm
Have you seen the pictures of gloves left in parking lots and in carts at the grocery? I am afraid too many people are still going to be selfish and pollute and not care about infecting others...

AS for myself, I do think I will do a better job at washing my hands rather than sticking them under water for a few seconds and calling it good.
I don't understand that. But then hey - people leave dirty diapers in parking lots also. :shock:

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Re: Will the Country Become More Sanitary in the Future??

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I hereby predict Oklahoma, bless it, will not be a whole lot more sanitary in a month, much less in a year.

Went to walmart at the appointed time... got close, because our hour-long window was creeping up. It came; half of it passed. Email was up; WM grocery app was up - but not working. DH (he has a significantly better immune system than mine) strapped his homemade mask on and went in. The place was PACKED. It's a neighborhood market not a superstore (is that the term for the ones that have non-grocery /outdoor /automotive, etc?). But people were going in in pairs, some with kids, only about 10% with masks of any kind and social distancing was a JOKE.

I told him, if he gets sick I'm suing them. This nonsense is NOT what they're mandated to be doing right now. The little girl they had outside who was too meek, I guess, to tell people to stand 6 feet apart or NOT go in by twos or fours.... useless. Totally the wrong person for that work. There are plenty of bouncers out of work right now since the bars are closed, why not bring some of them on part-time to control the influx?

I'm soooo not happy right now.

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Re: Will the Country Become More Sanitary in the Future??

Post by rinty »

Totally agree with you, certain supermarkets here will NEVER get my custom again, never mind they have great yellow stickers deals or WHATEVER :x :x

When I last went shopping I went to several shops and chose the one which was offering the most safe option. One shop outraged me, cos , as you say, they have plenty of staff who could act as bouncers/sanitize bloody trollies and county how many people they bloody well allow in. INSANE.

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Re: Will the Country Become More Sanitary in the Future??

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If there's an effective vaccine coming out like I think there will be, I will keep on doing what I've always done.
littlemiss63 wrote:
Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:24 pm
I was waiting for my grocery pick-up at Kroger this morning and was people watching. Everyone going into the grocery store and coming out were wearing gloves or a mask and most had both, it was surreal. I don't know if all of you are clear on the ways we get the virus or prevent it. I know I'm not because the stories seem to change day to day.

My question is will we continue to wash our hands until they are almost raw, and keep a cleaner, more sanitary home? I was always taught to wash my hands before eating and after using the restroom. What will you do differently now than before? I don't think I will ever feel as safe in shaking someone's hand or giving them a hug again.

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Re: Will the Country Become More Sanitary in the Future??

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The main grocery store, Smiths, we frequent has plexiglass sheets in front of the cashiers, blue vinyl stickers on the floor every 6 feet, their loudspeaker tells you to practice social distancing (lol it annoys ds15, ds17, & dh), employees sanitize Every Cart that comes in the store, the cashiers wear gloves as they check your groceries out, and there are large “sanitization stations” near each entrance to encourage customers to clean their hands.

At the other grocery store and at Walmart, there are hand sanitizer dispensers and clorox wipe dispensers at each door—and That’s All!!

We go to Smiths!! I see more people wearing masks as they are heading in there too.

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