Do you think life in the USA will change after this?

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Re: Do you think life in the USA will change after this?

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I honestly think my only "Yipee! We can spend again!" splurge will be a trip to the liquor store to replace the bottle of nice rye whiskey that is now sadly gone. :-D

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Re: Do you think life in the USA will change after this?

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nbeaver wrote:
Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:55 am
I keep hoping people will save more, prepare more. While I know there are people for whom it is just not possible, I truly believe that about 80% of people, with some self-discipline, could actually save up a couple months' worth of necessary expenses and could think ahead and have a small pantry of necessary non-perishable food and supplies. Think how much better things would be if 80 % of Americans had been in that position at the beginning of this.
Man, I TOTALLY agree with you!! My husband and I were having this very conversation the other night. I KNOW what it's like to live on a very tight income. There was a time when I was single, and even when Kevin and I first got together, we struggled mightily. I get that it's tough to eek out a few dollars here and there. BUT, I think that so many people have traded 'wants' for needs, that it's difficult for them to see the difference. I'm not trying to be flip, but I've seen it - first hand. I'm sure we all have. It's making difficult choices, for example: I 'want' coffee, but I need to build up my pantry so that I'm able to take care of myself - so I buy a bag or two of beans and/or rice, and a few extra cans of veggies or fruit. Maybe next week I splurge on the coffee. I just have the sense that so many people won't take care of themselves in that way because, hey, if push comes to shove, someone (the government, mom and dad, the church, a charitable organization, whatever) will come in and take care of me. I think I've always had that 'I need to make sure I have enough to cover me' gene - whether it's food, or putting some money away in savings, or choosing the job that offers insurance - whatever the case may be. Conversely, there are those that put off preparing and taking care of themselves until it's too late. Years back my brother in law came over to our house for dinner. He's famous for his wise@$$ remarks and he's a bulls__tter - something I just cannot stand. As such, we have a difficult relationship. (Go figure.) Anyway, so he's over for dinner and, who knows why, opens the freezer we have in the garage. He comes out and says to me "It looks like a cow threw up in your freezer." It was stocked with meat, vegetables, fruit, bread -- all stuff we use on a regular basis. He asked why I had all of that 'sh_t'; I told him we like to be prepared and keep things on hand. I buy things when they're on sale and we rotate our food supply. He just shook his head and muttered something about it being 'stupid'. Flash forward to present day: he's married - to a woman who refuses to work, he barely works himself, choosing a sales job for an unnecessary luxury item, and they have 3 kids. They can barely keep a roof over their heads, in fact couldn't for a while and moved in with a member of the family for 6 months. These days he's complaining that he's on unemployment and doesn't have enough money to provide for his family. All those years he made poor choices and now HE's the victim. It's so aggravating. Yes, it would be nice to be 'taken care of', but for most of us, that's just not going to happen. You have to do whatever it takes to take care of yourself, people!

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