What Are You Stockpiling And How Are You Keeping Track

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What Are You Stockpiling And How Are You Keeping Track

Post by Jackielou »

I would love to know what people are stockpiling and how you are keeping track of your stockpile.

How much of each item makes you feel safe and is there anything you could do without?

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Re: What Are You Stockpiling And How Are You Keeping Track

Post by littlemiss63 »

I am stockpiling dried beans,rice, canned fruit, canned vegetables, evaporated milk, powdered milk, powdered buttermilk, butter, 4 dozen eggs ( I eat a lot of eggs-advice of nutritionist) flour, meal, sugar, oatmeal, grits, bread crumbs,beef, chicken, fish, and tuna fish. I feel comfortable right now with 12 cans of fruits & vegetables,but if I hear any news of things being in short supply I will increase that number. I buy fresh vegetables and fruits weekly for my diet. I have made myself a spreadsheet, very simple of what foods I am stocked with, I have 3 columns ON HAND, NEED ON HAND & NEED TO BUY. I have put the math formula's in place and if I need to use something it will alert me in NEED TO BUY and I can add to my grocery order. I have two area's that I'm storing in now and I have a plastic sheet on each door that I can keep up with what I've used daily. I have two of other things, pickles, mustard, ketchup, jelly, orange juice, creamers, dried fruits,salsa. Many of the things ya'll have in your pantries, I want have in mine due to restrictions on this Kidney Diet. I have a jar of peanut butter, but I can't eat it. However, it's a good protein and if I can't get meat then before I'd starve I'd eat it and dried beans as well.

I am working on a 30 day menu plan. I will repeat this menu monthly so if I stockpile those items that I am using to make those 30 days of meals I want have unnecessary items that I don't use taking up space. I have never had much luck with growing herbs, but I am buying me some plants this next week to see if I can have any luck. I have plenty of dried ones, but I love the fresh ones'.

It's just to hot here to stock-pile potatoes so I will be buying more Idahoan instant potatoes. Sandy just posted that she puts them in the freezer, had never thought of storing them there before. If any of you like potatoes I too think they are the best out there and at a $1.00 a package you can't beat the price. The last time I purchased at Dollar Tree. Another thing that I got at Dollar Tree was applesauce and I love their brand. I will post the brand later this week as my daughter is going to pick up me some groceries there.

My cleaning supplies, dishwashing detergent, dishwashing tabs, laundry detergent,and toilet paper I am storing in my garage, heat want hurt that stuff. I use coupons for those items so I've always kept a good supply of those on hand. I feel like I'm on the fringe of being a hoarder on toilet paper, but I didn't run out and clean the shelves out when panic set in. I had plenty and I've accumulated it over a period of time. Same way with garbage bags for my kitchen and large trash can outside. I buy a years supply so I'm not having to pick up weekly. I have found my Rural King to be the best place in the world for those items.

These are just a few of the things that I am doing, and I am looking forward to seeing what others are doing and stocking.

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Re: What Are You Stockpiling And How Are You Keeping Track

Post by MackerelCat »

I have started the "add an extra package when shopping" approach to stockpiling, as our budget is very tight. So right now I have extra TP and paper towels stashed in the bedroom closet. I bought an extra bag of lentils too.

We are in decent shape for pasta, rice, canned tomato products, vegetables, beans, jelly, canned fish, flour and corn meal. I have some frozen fruit and vegetables too. Not a lot of meat, but we do stretch it well.

I want to buy more canned fruits and canned milk, which is good in coffee, cereal and in cooking. Also want to build up more tea, coffee and juice, and get ahead on pet food. But it is difficult due to the budget. If I have to, I can cook for the dogs so that they have food safe for the one with so many allergies. There is nothing at the grocery store she can have except bacon flavored Beggin' Strips, and that's not real food.

Keeping track is pretty easy. Once a week I wash out the inside of the fridge, and I check the pantry, which is small, before making a grocery list. Also check the over fridge freezer and our tiny chest freezer before making a list. It helps that we are light eaters. Homeless Buddy would be a hearty eater if he could eat like a normal person, but he has to eat lightly and carefully.

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Re: What Are You Stockpiling And How Are You Keeping Track

Post by Quilter51 »

like Mackie I an just adding the extra package and just buying a couple of the meat on loss leader sale at this point. And not buying things we don't eat. My goal.is to have a backup of large items and two backups of canned goods for the future. And not buy much of anything we don't normally eat.

I AM trying to maker a master list of what we replace weekly, monthly and so on. But that's more to fulfill my shopping avoidance plan so I can shop monthly except for produce (butter bread eggs and milk come from the dairy and its worth every penny.)..

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Re: What Are You Stockpiling And How Are You Keeping Track

Post by clemencia2us »

Toilet paper! Honestly - sort of yes. We do have enough for the rest of the year

As for food

Rice and beans for sure. Pasta, pouches of tuna, cans of soup, packages of instant mashed potatoes, cans of green beans and corn.

Still have at least ten skillet meals from schwans. Frozen chicken and hamburgers.

Gee - I guess not a whole lot.

Eggs - at least three dozen eggs at a time. Corn tortillas. A huge pack.

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Re: What Are You Stockpiling And How Are You Keeping Track

Post by jckitty »

I am using the "list method" , I write down how much I think I need to keep on hand and then as i use it i will hopefully replace it. Going into spring and summer i won't use many canned goods, mainly fresh as i live on salads mainly.

Storage for me could become an issue. I can't store in the garage, gets way too hot in there, I suppose i can put cleaning and laundry product in the garage. I do have a cabinet in the garage that closes tight and is supposed to be "varmint proof".

I haven't used under the bed storage for quite awhile but....I guess I will go back to storing case goods and toilet paper in the guest room. I also have a space in the utility room above the water softener that could easily hold a shelf and it would make good storage.

I feel like a spoiled brat but i really don't like putting stuff under beds because I can reach under there with my duster and clean it so easy. Waa Waa, better to use it to stockpile than to kvetch that I don't have room.
I do store extra pet food in what I call my cool closet...pet food can get rancid and I don't want that to happen. Extra kitty litter can go into the garage in closed buckets.
I wish I had one of those cold cellars like you see in old time pictures all lined up with canned goods.

I am going to buy case lots or at least buy the max until I have a case .


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