Daily check in May 7, 2020

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Daily check in May 7, 2020

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning friends,

I have a beautiful sunrise outside my window. I hope you day is starting well.

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Re: Daily check in May 7, 2020

Post by mbrudnic »

Alright, just double checked to make sure a thread was not already started.

Almost time to log into work. Then I have an appointment with the podiatrist.

Ohio is supposed to announce plans for reopening restaurants, bars, beauty salons, barbershops, etc. Had an interesting chat with my co-worker who's wife is on maternity leave and is a dental hygienist. He is grateful that she will have 4 or 5 weeks of leave to see how her co-workers do.

If anything exciting happens, I will update tonight.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily check in May 7, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning

Well I'm up and almost dressed to go walking.

Not sure how i feel today. Think I got decent sleep. Did get up a 3 to use the bathroom.

I'm thinking if i don't remember if I slept or not, I probably did?

Hope today is a nice restful day.

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Re: Daily check in May 7, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello friends.

Maggie, I’m glad your mom’s surgery went well and that she’ll be home sooner than the original schedule.

This morning I’m going on a socially distant walk with my friend. I’ll text her when I get to her condo so won’t have to go inside. It’s a nice morning and less humid I think. (I haven’t yet been outside.)

Yesterday I spent most of my time at mom’s house raking leaves from under and near the hedge. It took more time than I thought so didn’t get to the back yard. I saw my neighbor and he said he’ll blow the leaves off mom’s roof. It isn’t bad but I thanked him. He often does this. He’s a retired fireman so has no fear of roofs. So later today I’ll go over there to put out the big can and two bags for tomorrow.

I cacelled my flight to Copenhagen yesterday and ran into a glitch when the ecredits didn’t post to my account. I left a callback message for Delta (three hour wait if I had stayed on the line) and got it straightened out. Whenever I speak with someone who is working, I tell them to stay safe and for their family to stay safe. They appreciate it.

I put the spring wreath that I had hanging on my front door ($1 from rummage sale) on mom’s front door. I have a “summer” sign to hang aside of my door and the two don’t go together so I figured I’d add a little color at mom’s house. The other way around I found a black pot in mom’s yard, cleaned it up and will use it on my patio. I thought of buying a new garden flag for my entry but decided instead to hang an almost-new regular-sized decorative flag with geraniums (Jackie, I like geraniums 🙂) at the end of my carport and put the garden flag holder away. So I’ll iron the big flag later today.

Have a good and safe day.

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Re: Daily check in May 7, 2020

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

A mild, partly cloudy day so at least there will be some sun more than yesterday.

Nothing special planned; same old stuff. What an interesting life I'm leading right now . . . LOL.

Dinner tonight is hot dogs, potatoes and a vegetable.

May 7th, the first Thursday in the month of May, in compliance with a law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1988, commemorates a National Day of Prayer.

The first National Day of Prayer was declared hundreds of years earlier. Religious roots in this country go back to its formation when the Continental Congress set aside a time for prayer back in 1755. In proclaiming the very first National Day of Prayer, the Founding Fathers asked the colonists to pray for our fledgling country. Many immigrants to America, came here in search of religious freedom. Our God fearing forefathers felt so strongly about religious liberty, that they wrote the First Amendment to the Constitution, specifically to protect the right to religious freedom.

So today feel free to say a prayer for your loved ones, the brave men and women in the military, healthcare industry and/or your country to name a few.

My first prayer today is for all of you; may you and your loved ones stay safe in these uncertain times.

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Re: Daily check in May 7, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

Logics, Thank you for the info and all of your prayers! I pray daily for all on the forum. It makes me feel like I am doing something.

I went to bed early as I was just so tired, I was finally able to get to sleep and was able to get some good sleep. Tele call woke me at 7:30 AM , my chimney guy....calling to line up a time to re-do the chimney. He will be here tomorrow afternoon to look it over. It is triple wall and because of it's age is degrading. I want it changed to be super safe. It does mean I have to empty the closet in the library :? Wow, now that will be a job.... :D

It is chilly this AM, but the sun is shining...I wonder if we are going to have what my dad called a "cold summer" I vaguely recall having a couple growing up. In 1975 on July 10th, a family birthday...parents had to turn the furnace on as it was cold ....weird. I remember too that summer was almost too cool to go swimming.

DD let me know last night that the son in law has my camper tabletop done and is working on the 2 drawer fronts that needed help....getting there!

Today I hope to get camper curtains made and installed. I keep putting it off and part of the problem is just getting started measuring and cutting fabric. I keep thinking "what if I screw up?"

Off to get started on the day,

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