Turkey prices 2015

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Re: Turkey prices 2015

Post by LogicsHere »

Acme just took over a number of the A&P stores this week. Their advertisement showed frozen turkeys at .59/lb or if you spend $100 in one transaction, you get a free turkey.

With mom in NH, I still may buy one as the meal they will serve at the facility will not include legs and wings etc which is what she and I basically eat.

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Re: Turkey prices 2015

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

I am hoping to go shopping next week. I usually buy a turkey breast and that is a little bit more per pound. will let you all know what kinda deal I come up with. cj

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Re: Turkey prices 2015

Post by Dgflorida »

I bought a frozen turkey for 59c/lb here in Florida. My neighbor says that is about as good as it gets. Not much selection, so I bought a large one and will cut it up and freeze it for reasonable meals for the next 6 weeks. I figure 6-8 meals.

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Re: Turkey prices 2015

Post by floridacatlover »

I bought a turkey today at Publix, 59 cents/lb. All of the turkeys in the freezer were fairly large but we asked and got an 11 lb. one. I really thought that prices would be higher this year but it was less than the 69 cents/lb. I paid last year.

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Re: Turkey prices 2015

Post by Sandy »

My local store has its brand of turkeys $1.29 a pound this week (and it's usually a two week ad this time of year so I don't foresee any cheaper price). However, this year I'm roasting a 5-6 pound chicken rather than a turkey (it will be just four of us since my leg isn't yet up to cooking for the 18-20 or so that usually come for Thanksgiving and I, myself, don't really care for turkey anyway).

I *have* taken advantage of the $5.99 a pound sale for New York Strips. Ribeyes used to be my favorite but my local grocer has THE best Strips! They grill to nearly fork tender and I just love them!

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Re: Turkey prices 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

I paid $.59 a lb for a store brand turkey at Meijer yesterday.

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