Daily check in May 23, 2020

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Re: Daily check in May 23, 2020

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Just learned of another death in our county. Town just down the road that has all the big shopping stores.

he was active in his church and probably contracted it from another person there. That person survived.

The wife and son also have it. He worked at a low cost clinic - :shock:

Many people will have to be checked out!!

Oh they also went to visit family and spread it to them a couple of weeks ago. That was 120 miles away.

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Re: Daily check in May 23, 2020

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Its a thriving church in this area and one of the primary ones. My church has 600 families and four services. A large percentage are former catholic, now known as Cathic lite. We will not open buildings until all who want to attend can. There will be no drawing of names and leaving some st home.

We have virtual church every day plus Synday, virtual youth group twice a week, virtual Bible study and we have now started virtual coffee hour (meaning even if I'm doing church sitting in bed, I have to be presentable). We just had a capital campaign and raised an astounding money for our local church groups.

I love that you do a guest envelope when you are there. While rpiscopal and Anglican churches are supposed to be self supporting it may well be that the diocese is paying the priest salary so that said church can remain open.

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Re: Daily check in May 23, 2020

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The Ohio Bishops have decided that public Masses will start Monday. I have not heard about my Parish's plans, but the one that hosts my support group is starting with 2 Masses, One Sat evening and one Sun. Attendees have to go online and reserve a spot.

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Re: Daily check in May 23, 2020

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Jackielou wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 11:59 am
The Episcopal (Anglican as it is called here in Canada) church here in my city is opening for two services on Sundays. One at 8 am and one at 10 am. They have a very small congregation with probably 10 people attending both services. I sometimes wonder how on earth they manage to pay the priest and all the upkeep on the building. I know they do a great deal of fund raising, but that has been curtailed due to the virus.

When we do our exchanges (our readers go there and their readers go to our church) I always use a guest envelope.
Several of our Episcopal churches in my area have lost congregations over the year. There are two churches, one in a village and one in a bigger town, and they share the same priest for both churches. The one in the city is actually now classified as a mission church. I grew up going to that one but little by little the young people left the city and the parish so it eventually was just older people. We too do the visitation between the Catholic and Episcopal churches although I converted to being a Catholic back when I was in my late 20's.
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Re: Daily check in May 23, 2020

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Good afternoon. We have sun and warmer temps on the way.. Yippee!!

Had a rough night, Maybe only slept 2 hours on the couch while watching TV. Then after breakfast Teddi jumped up in my lap and we both took a nap. Feeling a lot better right now.

Nothing planned other than cooking. I am going to make a gluten free yeast free pizza crust and make a pepperoni pizza. I am just not up to making a yeast dough. Will make this a pizza and movie night. I taped a lot of movies off of the movie channel when Dish was giving us free movies when the pandemic started. Also will make a pitcher of limeade using True lime packets and stevia. Life here is simple but good.

Have great Saturday everyone.
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Re: Daily check in May 23, 2020

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Finally, a day without rain, I sent it to Mackie in East Tennessee. :oops: Sorry Mackie! My yardman came this morning, way to early to mow my grass and trim the shrubs. If it didn't look so beautiful I could be mad at him when I was sleeping so good when that mower started. I sent him a text to tell him how nice the yard looked. I leave him a check hidden outside and that way he doesn't have to disturb me if I am still sleeping.

Anyhow, I am going to wash windows at the rental just as soon as I check in with you all. Our governor issued another order today that now there can be 50 people assembled for eating, meetings and etc. That is great news for our restaurants and they are still encouraging safe distances. Our churches aren't opened, we will do Zoom again this week-end, but if this has happened I can see us going back to church next week or at least by June 1st.

My son-in-law came this morning around 10:00 and switched out TV's between my office and guest bedroom. The one in the guest bedroom I couldn't get a ROKU hooked up and the middle of June a friend from high school is coming to visit for a week and I wanted a working TV in her room if she decides she wants to watch TV after going to bed at night.
I have got a little time, and I am so in hopes that I can get my new carpet installed in my bedroom. It's fine if I don't, but I don't know how far behind the carpet places are with not being able to go into homes the past couple of months. My handyman says he will come and move all my furniture out of the bedroom for me and take up my old carpet and haul it away. I think he feels bad because he has been so slow in helping me get this rental ready. He promises and promises, but bless his heart he just can't keep the promises of when he will be there to do something.

Had a great week as far as my treatments went, successful everyday in the needle sticking and got word yesterday that I get another 30 minutes cut from treatments. I don't think they go below 3, but to get 3 hours back a week is very exciting for me. I've really worked on my numbers with my restricted diet and it's paid off, for that was my goal.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week-end and stay safe. I don't believe this virus is over by a long-shot. I will continue to do what I am doing for I know that I could be the next one to get it if I don't. I am a little nervous about Mr. B and my friend coming, but they are both high risk and haven't been in contact with anyone either. Who knows maybe we will know more in another 3 weeks.

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