May 26, 2020 Daily Check-in

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Re: May 26, 2020 Daily Check-in

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MackerelCat wrote:
Tue May 26, 2020 2:23 pm
Jackie, little cats always leave a big empty place in the house. (((HUGS)))

My day sort of got derailed. Homeless Buddy is getting very few hours at his job and so we fired up the job search machine for him this morning and put in applications at six places. I have my hopes up about one as the cook at a grocery store deli. I think he could manage that well and it's close to where I will be working.

Then we had the hot water control knob stop controlling in the hallway bathroom's tub and had to make an emergency call to the plumber. This is the fifth time in two months we've had to use our home warranty, which we are grateful to have but I bet the cost goes out of sight next year.

I had heard that Goodwill had reopened and is accepting donations, which turned out to be the case, so Homeless Buddy and I took the huge bag of stuff from my closet to donate it. Turns out there was no one at the ramp to accept donations, and we had to wait until a woman not wearing a mask finished unloading and drove away. I think she had half a house crammed into her car!

We also did our quick trip to Food Lion, and I was pleased to see that it has plenty of meats and appears to be sufficiently stocked again with pretty much everything. I was afraid for awhile it would go out of business because it had such severe supply problems.
I have heard people say that thrifting is going to be a gold mine because people have decluttered so much stuff while staying at home.

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Re: May 26, 2020 Daily Check-in

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Good afternoon

Sunny but very humid right now. Had to put the AC on last night.

Went out to work in the garden after I finished work for the day. Got the main things done, but will leave the next bit until tomorrow. The lettuce is already coming up!

Mackie, I think Murphy has overstayed his welcome at your house. Though I don't need him at mine. We have to call someone to fix the gutter, which has pulled away from the house. Our handyman won't do second-story work, and I'd rather not pay the roofer's prices ...

A few more chores to do today. DH is planning on grilling burgers tonight ... provided we don't get hit with rain I have corn on the cob and perhaps some baked beans ... or maybe I'll just go with potato salad again.

Jackie, (((HUGS))).

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Re: May 26, 2020 Daily Check-in

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I am starting to think there is a curse on our house. And we thought things were improving when the Uber Redneck family across the street finally moved out and everyone's property values went up! :-D

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Re: May 26, 2020 Daily Check-in

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Thank you all for your sympathy and hugs. I keep looking for her and find myself thinking that it is time to feed her.

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Re: May 26, 2020 Daily Check-in

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I have managed to get a bit done today, but as I feel depressed nothing seems to get me out of this funk. Hopefully as each day passes I will begin to remember Shania with a bit less sorrow.

To make things worse a co worker from my time working as youth minister passed away on Sunday. He had put up a very strong battle against cancer.

Off to see what trouble I can get into before we get a call saying the tires are changed.

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Re: May 26, 2020 Daily Check-in

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Good Afternoon Friends,

Jackie, I am sorry for your loss - I know you will miss her so much!

I am trying to help my daughter with her unemployment claim from across the miles - I want to tear my hair out!!

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