Daily check in May 27, 2020

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Re: Daily check in May 27, 2020

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Good morning beatiful people,

Last night we had quite the rain storm, which tapered off to a light drizzle in the early morning. Right now it appears to have stopped and it's predicted that we'll get some very summery weather this afternoon reaching a high of 27 C or 80.6 F. That's hot enough for me to bring on my shorts, but for right I am wearing capris. We haven't had to turn on the heat for about a week now and we don't use air conditioning so this results in considerable savings over the summer months. We just use our natural gas for our water heater right now.

I think dh will still go golfing,as the golf season here is very short and sweet. It will be hot but once the sun comes out it will dry up quickly. Today is the quadruple whammy in garbage collection. We are having regular collection of two bins, blue bag, used battery collection and garden waste in large brown paper bags collection. Dh has it all out and ready.

Dd2 bought a hybrid bike yesterday from Canadian Tire. This year there has been quite a run on bicycles and the specialty bike shops have back orders. Her bike is a very pretty rose gold colour, popular in jewellery right now (or so Dd2 told me). She didn't want a replacement bike after her largest preteen bike we had bought her years ago. So now once again we can bike as a family together. She seemed thrilled with her new purchase and plans to bike to work instead of walk. They have a covered bike shelter and encourage staff to bike.

On the agenda this morning - cleaning two bathrooms and completing two LOL's (loads of laundry). One is already done.

Well off to make dh's lunch (yes I certainly do spoil him!)


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Re: Daily check in May 27, 2020

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Dgflorida wrote:
Wed May 27, 2020 6:52 am
Good morning Maggie and all,

Yesterday, I checked with my neighbor concerning her church's food pantry. Her church's outreach actually serves one of the poorest parts of the area. Unfortunately, the Covid shut down suspended all the church activities including outreach. Tragic.
There are at least six food pantries within a few miles of you in Riverview. Just go to feedingtampabay.org and put in your zip code and it gives the contact info. There are other pantries in other parts of Hillsborough County if that is the “poor” area where you want to donate.
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Re: Daily check in May 27, 2020

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I have a Dr's appointment this morning

I did have to wait in the car. I am back they did an EKG, and took some blood. The EKG was OK, I will find the results of the labs in a couple of days. Not much else is new.


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Re: Daily check in May 27, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello friends.

Quiet day here. We were supposed to have a 50%+ chance of rain every day this week but so far not a drop in my area. I plan to go to mom’s house tomorrow to work a bit in the yard so that will probably bring on the rain 🙂.

I finished my NYT puzzle last night and put it away this morning. I’m going to start another puzzle today but not until I finish a few chores. I have my load of laundry (LOL) in the washer and I’m fixing a few hems that are partly coming down.

Today I’m hoping to get a book that I ordered from Amazon several weeks ago. It is used and I think may have come from England although it said the U.S. part of the U.K. company. It’s a “royal” book written years ago by the governess to Queen Elizabeth 2 and Princess Margaret. It was a scandal when published even though it was positive and didn’t spill secrets. It wasn’t available from any libraries in my area.

Stay safe.

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Re: Daily check in May 27, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Did our walk this morning. Since cutting back a mile, my foot is feeling so much better. It was hurting. I would limp home after we were done. We were over doing. Now letting it heal and will pick up the miles in another week

We decided to meet outdoors for breakfast tacos. We sat outside under a siblings carport. four of us - separated. We were out there for almost 4 hours!!!

I guess we had a lot to talk about. LOL

It was getting hot and we didn't want to go inside and maybe spread cooties around. Feels better being outside in the breeze - germwise.

Will do this again next week.

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Re: Daily check in May 27, 2020

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon ... rain, then sun, now it's cloudy again.

Had hope to watch the SpaceX launch today, but it's been postponed due to weather.

Did get my beans planted. Still have some more to plant, but will wait until the gutter is fixed. Won't hurt to spread the harvest out a bit.

We'd had to replace some odd things lately. First, the TV remote stopped working ... new batteries didn't help. Last night the regulator for the gas grill finally refused to seal properly. Not keen about lighting a fire with leaking propane .... DH bought a new one this afternoon during his Menard's run.

Jackie, glad to hear you're getting closer to a date for your surgery.

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