Daily check in June 23, 2020

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Re: Daily check in June 23, 2020

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Good morning friends.

Logics, good luck with planning to live with your sister if that comes to pass. I’ve lived alone so long that it would be a hard adjustment for me.

I’m happy with what I accomplished at mom’s house yesterday. Trimmed the small ixora on the side and also the hibiscus and cleaned up a small garden. Then weeded the garden under the back bedroom window. This area is usually in direct sun when I’m there but since the sun was going in and out it worked out well. Finally I trimmed the allamanda and crepe myrtle against the side of the utility building. A crepe myrtle branch was hanging over the utility building reaching for the sun and I was able to cut it (barely) using the loppers standing on the ground. Go me!

The crepe myrtle should have a better trimming (probably by a professional) but they are supposed to be cut back after there’s no chance of new growth. We’ve had such warm winters the past few years that it is hard to know the best time. Probably it should be done in February even if it is still warm.

I finished my mouse puzzle. I was convinced there were missing pieces but it was complete. I’m going to hold off doing my last puzzle for now.

I plan to stay home today. Not sure what’s on the agenda. I’m pretty caught up with cleaning and laundry and paperwork. So I’ll probably read and I’ve put a few more old movies on my watchlist.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily check in June 23, 2020

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Good morning beautiful people,

I am already back from the hospital so got a bit of walking done at the same time - walking with a purpose :D :D I am now drinking my medicinal cup of green tea. I hate it but do so to oblige dh as it has preventive factors for cancers in general. I will be heading out to the garden shortly.

Aside from having two pick up orders today (Walmart and M. and M.) there is nothing much else on the agenda. I will play catch up on cleaning the bathrooms and may possibly pick some more rhubarb. Tomorrow I will be going on a distanced walk with a neighbourhood friend - looking forward to some in-person socialization.

Thanks for reminding us to be kind to widows Logics. I have an online friend who is younger than me who recently became widowed. I will send her a little message today. We had met on our cruise and had some excursions together.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Re: Daily check in June 23, 2020

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I have been researching how to convert 2 of my Vera Bradley bags to wear more easily around my waist. I am also looking for patterns to make my own bags. I have several ideas.

My appointment this morning has been rescheduled to tomorrow morning.

I am relieved as it is pouring so heavily that I can't see off my balcony through the window.


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Re: Daily check in June 23, 2020

Post by LogicsHere »

floridacatlover wrote:
Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:28 am
Good morning friends.

Logics, good luck with planning to live with your sister if that comes to pass. I’ve lived alone so long that it would be a hard adjustment for me.
If she could cut her rent by $200 by moving into senior living, not have the $300 car payment and need only a basic homeowners insurance policy for $100/yr instead of $600 a year, she could do it and still have almost $250/mo. discretionary. She'd also still have her food stamps. Plus she would have the money from the sale of her mobile home, which of course won't be tens of thousands, but it could be manageable for her to stay on her own and she wouldn't have to work.

I would still be in a position able to help her a little bit if she needed it, but I could not continue to put out the amounts I've done since the loss of her husband, the pandemic and her daughter being temporarily out of work.

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Re: Daily check in June 23, 2020

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

I feel so good today, finally a decent night of sleep. I think the hot bathes are helping as much as anything to relax me. When I worked I always took a bath at night, but had gone to mornings after retiring. Anyway, I will make any changes in my routine if it will help me get back to a good nights sleep.

The sun is shining beautifully this morning after a night of rain. The positive thing I have to say about that is that the yards are just lush. I was thinking about my neighbor who is putting in the swimming pool, that she's probably got a hole full of water today. I don't know much about putting one in, but I read that the cost will normally run anywhere from $45,000 - $85,000. To me that is a lot of money to spend for something you only use in the summer. I have plenty of room to put one in, but have never had a desire to have one. I have a friend that has one and I know she's always talking about how expensive the upkeep is. When you get old you have to hire someone to help you open it, then close it and whatever comes in between.

I have a pretty busy day planned. My son-in-law wants to try ribs from a new place instead of cooking steaks tonight and that is fine with me. This is his Father's Day celebration and he gets to choose. The ribs will fit in just fine with the sides I had planned. We are having corn on the cob, tossed salad, creamed potatoes, hot rolls and peach cobbler/with vanilla ice cream. I made my peach cobbler filling last night and will do the crust an hour or so before they arrive. I will be making my dough for the rolls as soon as I finish this post. It was all I could do to not get me a bowl of the peaches and eat alone last night, but I needed them to make the size of cobbler I wanted. I always bake my fresh peaches before making a cobbler and the nutmeg and cinnamon along with those fresh peaches made my kitchen smell so good. I was able to also freeze 24 of them and will put out the remaining ones from the crisper today so I can finish doing the rest of them tomorrow.

Jackie, on these new cars you will be reading that manual for months and never find out everything. I had a very nice salesman who sat in the car the day I bought mine and went over what each button was for. However, I got the jest of it and was able to drive it off the lot. LOL There are so many wonderful features until I don't know which one is my favorite. I think I would have to say, probably being able to start it from inside the house so that it's warm or cool before I ever step outside the door. That was just a marvel to me. Being able to open/close my garage door from a button on my mirror and talk on my phone from my steering wheel would be next. GPS rates in there too. I would never own another car without a GPS.

I have to share a cute story. I have a delightful friend who was a first grade school teacher for 50 years. She bought a new car with all the gadgets and one day her phone system wouldn't work. She got in the car, wanted to make a call and the darn thing wouldn't work. She took it to the car dealership and told her salesman, "something is wrong with the phone system it's not letting me make a call". He said, "Mrs G give me your phone and let me see what I can do to fix this". She said, "my phone is at home, I don't have it with me". He tried to keep a straight face, but he told her, "the phone system want work unless you have the actual phone in the car that hooks up electronically with bluetooth." She said, she had never been so embarrassed in her life. She went home, got her phone, placed it her purse and hasn't had any problem since. She thought that once he programmed her phone into the system that was it. Us old ones, live and learn.

Ok, I'm off to get everything ready for this evening. Just praying it want rain so we can enjoy eating on the patio. It can be a little cool so we can have a fire in the firepit, ok if we can't lite one up, but would be nice. I love it when all my backyard neighbors have theirs going and in the darkness you can see them burning. There are four of us who's property joins and we have large open lawns, so it's very enjoyable to watch those glow along with yours. Being alone, I enjoy the sounds of their laughter as it drifts over to me.

Everyone, have a wonderful safe day.

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Re: Daily check in June 23, 2020

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It looks like it will be a slug day around here

We had some heavy rain. It was dark and looked like winter. Temps plunged down to 75! Downright chilly

Everyone is napping. Slugs!

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