June 28 2020 Daily check-in

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June 28 2020 Daily check-in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

I’m starting the daily check in a bit early. 😉

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Re: June 28 2020 Daily check-in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

I am sooo tired!! A good tired though. I slept fairly well last night, weeded in the garden this AM, watered it thoroughly, then we went up the mountain to find a spot for my girls to fish & my boys to ride bikes (ie ds15’s motorbike & 4-wheeler). I read a bunch in my book, and dd7 caught the only fish (about 4-5 inches long so we released back into the water).

This past week has been quite the wrangle of getting my scans (CT and bone) Pre-authorized, BUT as of Friday morning at 11am, they ARE!! Good thing as I have them scheduled on Tuesday morning.

I also get to have a COVID test on Wednesday, so I’ll probably go in the morning. Then I have my therapy appt on Thursday afternoon.

Next week sometime, I also need to mix up A Lot of GF flour, organize some easyish meals, plant my onions, weed my garden thoroughly, and some other stuff that I currently cannot recall.

Now I keep dozing off, so I’m posting & hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

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Re: June 28 2020 Daily check-in

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Gayle and all,

Good to hear from you Gayle. Glad you are feeling positive and doing some enjoyable things.

Today is supposed to be another hot day in Central Florida. Record breaking heat everywhere. Temperatures reaching 100F and heat indexes of more than 110F. I have bumped the house temperature up to 84F and it feels just fine with the low house humidity and generous use of fans. Frugal savings and less load on the old ac unit and the electrical grid. Reducing the use heat generating appliances as much as possible. Cooking meals outside on the open porch. Turning off lights and turning off the coffee pot after it finishes dripping. I am surprised, but pleased that we haven't had rolling brown/black outs yet.

Yesterday, I started taking concrete blocks out of the truck. I built the concrete block stand for the secondary rain barrel on the sw side of the house and put the rain barrel on the stand. Also staged some more blocks for the rain barrel on the nw side of the house. Also moved some landscape timbers.

Today, I will start mowing and move some more concrete blocks. How much I do outside will be determined by the heat. Normal frugal activities. Stay at home, no shopping day.

Today, I am grateful for a good night's sleep. Have a good day all.

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Re: June 28 2020 Daily check-in

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

Just logged into work. I am doing monitoring, so I expect it to be quiet.

DS2 mentioned he'd like me to put together some of the recipes I have in a book of just desserts. A lot of them I have never made, a lot are off the internet, but I will put them together.

I'll have to text Mom later that I am working and will not sho up to their place until this evening. Otherwise she'll be texting me. No paper this morning. They had been doing so much better.

Have a great day,

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Re: June 28 2020 Daily check-in

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning

What an evening we had in our rural county

They put us under a 72 hour stay at home advisory. Try to stay home except for essential things. People went a little nuts

And then a friend called that their elderly cousin died Saturday from the virus and his daughter is on a ventilator

So it is getting serious. And there are other cases around. Need contact tracing


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Re: June 28 2020 Daily check-in

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

We actually made it to 100F yesterday and the feel like heat was even higher. Today, however, the skies are cloudy and we are getting a lovely cooling rain (well at least it makes it feel 10 degrees cooler than our high of yesterday) and there is a lovely breeze. Just perfect for heading outside for coffee. Not while it is raining though.

I have a couple of small get ready for next month chores to do today and I need to get the weeks daily to do lists completed. I had thought I had sent our weekly scan in last week and turns out I hadn't. Dang lost points that way. This time around if and when I get a goodly number of them (points that is) I plan on using them to buy or get Christmas gifts that the boys really need. Probably household appliances or perhaps storage solutions (noticed a few of those awhile back).

With this lovely rain we are getting I will not be walking outside so this will be my kind of off day and I will only get the number of steps from walking in the house. Silly me tried a bit of jogging around the house last evening and it seemed to go okay. I may do a couple more "jogs" today as well. You must remember that my jog is probably not much faster than a power walkers speed walk. I just think it might boost the weight loss a tiny bit.

So after making my various lists today I plan on getting some more masks made, helping Hubby slice up the bacon slabs, knitting, and starting my Birthday and Christmas lists. Heck if I get very energetic and pull out my recipe I may even make those lotion bars (I believe it is a recipe that Gayle provided) at some point today. They have been on my goals lists for a couple of months now. I had wanted to use silicone molds for the job and have been unable to find any so I guess I will use regular muffin pans and just line them with paper cups.

Mass will be starting online in about an hour and I will watch from the comfort of my home and in my pj's.

Supper tonight is going to be a roast chicken. I am going to use my electric roaster for the job, but will have to do a quick defrost of the chicken this morning. There should be enough leftovers to have a couple of meals next week.

Joy today is in knowing that those who call others names or try and hide behind an attitude are really the ones who are lonely and scared.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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