Daily check in July 6, 2020

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Re: Daily check in July 6, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Okay thought it might be good to share some info on blackout tuesday and what it means.


Then this in fact gets mixed up with this movement


Which is what I in fact got mixed up with blackout Tuesday.

Goggle is a wonderful thing, lots there explaining the whole movement and helping us to learn and understand.

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Re: Daily check in July 6, 2020

Post by chocolite »

Good morning all. I'm jumping on for just a few minutes before I take DH to get his colonoscopy. I decided to post first and read later. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was quiet (well, except for the neighborhood fireworks).

I told DH we could go eat after his procedure since I know he'll be starved. He will pick the place. I have a sneaky suspicion he'll choose Perkins - because it's one of his favorite places and it will be right on the way home. I'm good with that. I like Perkins - the food is good and it's reasonably priced. That will make two times we've eaten out in a week! Very unusual for us, but that's okay.

My stim is still doing great. I have very little pain. I do dread having it removed Thursday. I think the return of back and hip pain will be even harder than it was, because now I know I can live such a better life. I woke up this morning thinking of a brilliant short story we read in high school - Flowers for Algernon. I guess I see some parallels with that story, although to a much lesser degree of course.

I think I won't need to worry about supper tonight, depending on how late we get out of the doctor's office. I did not get my walk in this morning, so that means I have to do it later in the day...which I hate. My preference is to walk in the morning, the earlier the better. It's just easier for me as I'm a morning person. I did my outside watering early.

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Re: Daily check in July 6, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

I am getting my little tasks done!

The COD did cut into my time by making me help him switch out an exterior lightbulb. Had to take out the extension ladder. I hate doing stuff like this cuz frankly I think it is time for him to just call someone to do this. :shock:

I'm mopping and dusting. Will start dinner soon. It has to simmer for a couple of hours.

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Re: Daily check in July 6, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

OK - I hate housework

Started all hyped up and now blah

Why can't i just lounge around, reading and watching TV and things like that??? :mrgreen:

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Re: Daily check in July 6, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

Patti, I took my DD for her colonoscopy last year...she was so hungry afterwards that she covered the tabletop with her order LOL. We brought 3/4 of it home as she wasn't able to eat it all and got so sleepy.

I had a lovely 4th of July camping in DD1's campground and swimming in the creek with the youngest grand.She was waiting at my camper ,as she wanted to go swimming as soon as I got there.

We had a huge fireworks display, 40 acre campground and several campers...social distancing was no problem. We had a great breeze all day but it was HOT!!!! Pig roast with the fixings and everyone had a great time.

Today after 5PM the fiance is delivering my new to me shed (red barn) it is 10x12 and I am super excited.
I am going to organize all of my totes of decor on racks in it ...after they are sorted and girls have picked what they want. I am finally going to be able to get my garage the way I really want it!!!
The fiance found the shed for me it is used but in great shape...he calls it a "smoking deal". That man is a great finder...he can find just about anything you want/need.

My house is clean, laundry done and because it is so hot meals are super simple and easy, mostly salads, fruit and boiled eggs, tuna and etc. Cold plate season. Last of frozen fruit salad was turned into a smoothie this AM..
I watered the gardens early this morning will have to water again this evening...


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Re: Daily check in July 6, 2020

Post by mbrudnic »

Good afternooon everyone,

It is hot here, low 90's. Pop up thunderstorms for the evening. I probably will not get out to walk.

But I am trying to do better about eating more vegetables again. I roasted an entire 12 oz bag of Frozen broccoli for lunch. I just had 2 sticks of celery sticks for a snack.

My team got shredded by the customer again. I have stopped dialing into the meetings to avoid the stress.

Otherwise, not much else new here. Have a great day,

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